Thursday, March 23, 2006

So long dear friend....

Pei went back to Indonesia already. 10 days flew by so quickly. I couldn't bear sending her to the bus stop to airport this morning, so Hiro did it instead. Her being here was more than just a visit from a friend to me. She is more than a friend, even more than a family. No one knows me better than her. Not even Hiro yet ;-)

with pei

I did really enjoy our time here. I was so happy to be able to show my son to her, after all the things she's done to us since I knew I was pregnant. I already missed talking with her, about all the gossips, what had happened to our lives, and wondering together how the future would be. Seeing her hugging Iki, playing and talking to Iki. Walking around. Taking photos. Not to mention her big help during her stay here. Also the cooking and eating together. Now I just realised how sucks it is eating alone here!!!

It really broke my heart to know that she couldn't manage to spent Iki's 100 days celebration with us, especially the family photo.
Pity also that we haven't done lots of things we have planned: eating solontang and fire chicken, go to Full house setting, trying Korean's colorful coffee house, cooking some delicious menu together (the ingredients are even still on the way here!!). But I am so happy that she got a good job with promising future. I really am. I do wish the best for her career and love life. I know that someday in the future we will be able to meet again. Because I know we want it.

Look how happy we were spending time last Sunday though we were wearing the wrong costume (though sunny, it was extremely cold with wind speed56 mph!)

dae jang geum

We went to Dae Jang Geum theme park. This Korean drama is now popular in Indonesia. I haven't watched it myself though. I saw it on TV, but no english subtitle here. I understand no words. Pei will send me the DVD instead hahaha.
At last after 4 months coming to Korea, I visited tourism place and acted as tourist (of course the photo part!)


Hungry after discovering the theme park, we had lunch at a Korean instant food stall just outside the theme park area. The bibimba was nice, and the owner was also nice (and handsome according to Pei) ==> she bought 2 take out korean instant food because of that!

pei at seoul tower

Then we went to Dongdaemun, but the market there was so dirty and the cold wind was not friendly either. We left that place soon to Myeongdong, and then looked for some souvenirs at Nandaemun. Spent a moment at Seoul tower and then rushed back to Incheon because I heard Iki cried loudly on the phone hahaha

Well, I enjoyed her companion. I always did. Really thanks to Hiro for inviting her here. I can't describe the feeling with words.

Missing you already, Pei....wish the best for the job, and looking forward to meeting you again!