Friday, November 26, 2004

Today's Mood: Horny

Really can't help it today...ouw ouw...I wished I could concentrate and be productive today, at least by writing 1 more item. But this feeling drives me crazy. The whole day!!
This evening some colleagues said that I looked happy, smiling all the time. Well guys...I am NOT!! hehehe.
I'm horny......

Any volunteers? hehehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Loving = you can't have any male friends ???
Loving = you must tell me where you want to go ???
Loving = you must tell me with whom you are going out ???
Loving = you must be free whenever I want to talk with you ???
Loving = I must know your friend list at your messengers ???
Loving = I am very busy so do not disturb me ???
Loving = I do care. See? I give you EXPENSIVE stuffs ???
Loving = If fighting I won't talk to you even for months, until I got accidents ???
Loving = you must understand me ???
Loving = I will put you into a cage and lock it, and have you only for me.
Loving = Why you don't wear the ring I gave you ???
GRRR This is my memory of you. HAPPY WITH THAT?!?!

go away....i have my new life already...

(_ _o)

Monday, November 22, 2004

m e m o r y

Memory is a treasure not to forget, but not to be remembered all the time.
You can't live in memory, wish everything remain the same than how it used to be. People change, world change!!!!!

Please just do not remind me of how I used to be in 3 years, 5 years ago. Because I am now is what I am at this moment.

Like what Nina said, "every moment has its own bite". Everything just won't be the same again. Admit it, live with it....

*tired imoet*

Sunday, November 21, 2004

End of Peace (T_T)

Today is the last holiday in Indonesia. Since yesterday it was reported by the news that lots of people are coming back to Surabaya. Phew....this afternoon as I rode my bike I can feel the crowd of Surabaya has already come back.

End of peace! end of peace. I enjoyed Surabaya's empty streets already. No smoke, no dust, no cars. I felt like I was the owner of the streets. And I want it that way!!!!

Agree to Arief. We wished there's miracle. A new sudden regulation from the government that people who left Surabaya could not come back again (except the handsome guys and potential students) wakakakakakak *devil face*

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

At last....

Yesterday was my dentist time. And guess what? I'm free from the permanent teeth bracelet already!! wakakakak....I can't help not to look at the mirrors.

Well...still have to wear removable wire, except during eating times, but now I can smile while closing my lips tight(^_______^). After almost three years in pain, now I'm free!!!! (Ummmm though some friends said that I look cuter with bracelet, DOH!)

Leaving to Singapore soon, looking forward for the comment hehehe

Which Greek's Goddess Are You?

I am Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love

Aphrodite is not the flighty fluffy thing that classical Hellenic myth appears to portray with stories like the one about Aphrodite's work ethic. You see, the Fates alotted Aphrodite one divine duty, and one only: to make love. Perhaps sex got old for her, perhaps she had a headache, who knows, but one day Athena found her at a loom. Athena immediately complained that her territory was being violated, and threatened to abandon the loom and everything that went with it. Aphrodite, not wanting to be stuck with too much to handle, apologized profusely, and never did a day of work after that. She was a dark goddess as well as a seemingly bubbly goddess of love.

Aphrodite was the first (and some say only) wife of Hephaestus, and there is a great story of how Aphrodite cheated on him with Ares, and then Hermes, Poseidon and Dionysus. She bore children to all of them except Hephaestus. She also bore Aeneas (yes, THE Aeneas) to Anchesis. To Hermes she bore was Hermaphroditus, the counterpart of Androgyne. To Poseidon she bore Rhodus (Rose) and Herophilus (Lover of Hera). To Ares she bore Phobus (Fear, Deimus (Fearful, and Harmonia, but Hephaestus thought they were his. Even though Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, her favorite lover was Ares. To Dionysus she bore Priapus - who had huge genitals given to him by Hera in disapproval for Aphrodite's promiscuity.

Mannn.....I'm soooo Aphrodite hahahahahahahahahaha

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Einsten's Puzzle

Logic is what you need to solve this puzzle!!! It's been a controversial among my friends these few days, gave us headache after Surabaya's hot weather.
C'mon guys....can YOU solve this?

This puzzle needs full logic.


There are five houses with different colors. Every house owned by different guy, with different nationality.
Each guy likes different drinks, smokes different cigarettes, and has different pet.

None of the five guys drink the same drink, smoke the same brad of cigarette, and have same pet with other guy.



An Englishman lives in a red house.

A Swedish has a dog

A Denmark likes to drink tea

The white house stands on the left side of the brown house.

The guy who lives in the white house likes to drink coffee.

The guy who smokes PallMall has a bird.

The guy whose house in the middle likes to drink milk.

The guy who lives in a yellow house smokes Dunhill.

A Norwegian lives at the first house.

The guy who smokes Marlboro stays at the house beside the guy who has a cat.

The guy who has a horse stays in a house of the guy who smokes Dunhill.

The guy who smokes Winfield likes to drink beer.

A Norwegian stays at a house beside a blue house.

A German smokes Rothmans.

A guy who smokes Marlboro stays beside the house of the guy who drinks water.

How how? got the answer? (^_____________^ )v

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Our Halloween Posted by Hello
Halloween @ excellogix - it was just a perfect time for expressing our creativities. Last Friday, all staffs have to come to the office in costume -whether scary or weird-. It was really fun when you see your friends in costumes u'd never expected to see. Hahaha........... Posted by Hello

Halloween costume party @ excellogix. IYUUUH Posted by Hello