Thursday, December 30, 2004

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

To all my friends.....

Dear all my friends from all over the world...

First of all I'd like to wish you all a warm Christmas and a promising new year. Wished the best is all you achieved throughout this year, and the better would come for the coming year.

As you may have known, on last Sunday morning , 26 December 2004, a monstrous and unimaginably giant disaster has struck mercilessly province of Aceh and Northern Sumatra, Indonesia . Tens of thousands people were picked up by death just after they woke up from a good sleep, and other tens of thousands must face the deep incurable pain loosing beloved ones. The number casualties in Aceh itself is predicted to reach 60.000.

The disaster really was too much beyond every sane person’s comprehension. What I can not understand is : What have these people done so wrong so that they had to be ended so indecently and inhumanly. One happy family on Sunday morning has ended up by being scattered tens of kilometers away from each other : body of the father was dragged by the water to the ocean. The body of the mother has lifted upward by the wave to the coconut three, 50 kilometers away from home. The body of the son is found squeezed under a heavy truck 25 kilometer away from the mother. The body of the daughter is found on the bank of the river 30 kilometers away from her brother. What kind of tears can represent this picture ?

The long lists of the victims alone are reported from big cities, including Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province. In Banda Aceh itself, around 7000 lives have been taken mercilessly. There are still thousands of people., mostly poor fishermen and farmers, living along the coastline facing directly to the center of tsunami, and still unreported. The survivors from villages, which have been wiped out massively by the tsunami, have fled by walking tens of kilometers on barefoot to Banda Aceh to search for help, but what they see in Banda Aceh is as painful and harrowing as their home villages.

These survivors are dreadfully starving, exhausted , shocked, traumatized, physically and mentally destructed. They need help to stay alive.

I don't know whether this is the right thing or not, but I want to try gathering charity from all of you, wherever you are now. I think from every little penny we could gather, we can at least give them more chance to face another day.

If you do want to help, you could transfer the donation to me. Any penny means a lot for them. I will wait until early next week, and then send the money to Aceh via Metro TV (Indonesian television station who is gathering charity now). Or buy the needed aids such as: Tents, Kitchen tools, medicine, baby foods, goods for women, clothes, and blankets; to be collected at HKY Catholic Church Surabaya - Indonesia (to be sent together to Aceh)

Please let me know if you are in, and for sure I will make a clear financial overview to be sent to all of you.

Let's do this little thing for the sake of human being.......Please support me to support them.

Saturday, December 25, 2004


I woke up quite late this morning and saw my mobile phone. 22 new messages!!!! Surprisingly I wondered….who the hell sent me sms that much? What happened?? But…HO HO HO…..all are Christmas greetings!!! By the time I realized…it’s Christmas!!!!!

First time in my 24 years living, no visit to Church on Christmas. This year I feel so ashamed to go to church L I’m little imoet with tons of sins =(

I spent my morning in my imagination, my safe world; and flashed back the memories of my life through printed photographs I found in my cupboard. Sometimes I smiled remembering the spots I almost forget, but most of all I realized: I’ve been through so many things. People come and go in my life. Each one has different bite in my heart, but they are all important. I don’t regret what I’ve been doing in my life, even though for some people I’m not a good person.

Then it’s not a lonely Christmas anymore. I took my mobile and started replying sms and send all other friends the greeting, and called my family just to let them know that I miss them a lot.

I could reach my sister’s mobile. Apparently my whole family was gathering at my grandpa’s house. I do miss the time and the place. There Christmas is the most important event of the year. I talked to my mom, my dad, my naughty bro, oma, and opa, and sent my regards to everybody there. They were preparing lunch party at that time, and I could hear the noisy sound of the business there. My sister said that the uncles are chasing the dog to be killed hahahaha……

I miss Christmas at Manado, my hometown. I miss the party with pig, dog, bat and white mice as the main menu. I miss playing cards with my cousins while drinking until all of us got drunk. And most of all I miss the small church there where I once dedicated myself as a good Catholic…loooooong long time ago.

Ehm…..I think I’ll go to church this evening (^_^)

Merry Christmas ~~~~~

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas, friends.......

[Lonely mode: ON]

Well well...
So here's Christmas coming...
First information I got was that we'll only have to work half day today, which is good and also not good for me. Good since everybody of course likes the idea of working half day. Not good that I have nowhere to go and nothing to do but going to my other office and make myself busy there.

I feel so damn lonely, and definitely this would be lonely christmas ever =((

(_ _!)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I have Linguistic Intelligence

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

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An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Toast to Ella

Congrats congrats to Ella....being proposed at the top of Eiffel?!!?!?!?!?!? *toast coca cola with pei*
Damnnnn it's the most romantic place in the world!!!! *envy*

Hmmm top of Eiffel in december? must be cold hahaha. It was already cold for me in Summer hiiiiiiiiii *mengigil bayanginnya*

Happy for you. really. We have to celebrate this next February!! Waiting forward to see you again.....

Monday, December 20, 2004

2004 in Review

Lost something important and started my big dissapointment. Meanwhile was very busy with HEF preparation and recruitment session. Big boss was in town.

My birthday. Dinner with my friends and Kazuki visited from Japan. Went to Bromo afterwards.
Busy with recruitment session. Got a nice birthday cake from Hanny ;-)

meeting deadlines, presentations and tests. Drown into my works

recruitment session. The busiest time ever!!!
Annerie went back to Holland (_ _!)

Hiro visited me. Took holiday for about a week to be spent with him. Tapi mbenceknooo........sempat pedot sangking sebelnya aku.

masuk rumah sakit. Enrollment and payment deadlines for my students. Busy with phone calls, overview, and arrangements.

Making a new project: Listening test for high school students. Starting visa applications for students. Dutch Embassy is so difficult to handle :( there's one beautiful lady with sharp tongue there (_ _!)

Stressed with works and my own visa application to India. Facing some farewells: Mia, Adnan, Vitria...(_ _!)
Went to Holland...mmm last official visit? Had a great time shopping at Kalverstraat with Nina; and can eat shoarma - my favourite food - again hehe.

Visited Yun, Mark and Brian at Heidelberg. So happy to meet the family again!!
Sorry to Ella since I didn't have enough time to visit her in Berlin ;-)
Hurray....I went to India as well!! after long exhausted journey I met Hiro at that country. Spent time at Delhi, Agra and Calcutta (for Japan vs India football match). Got exciting experience being in the middle of Japanese supporters.

Farewell with Nina. Spent almost every weekend with her: shopping, creambath, gossiping, and one exhausted clubbing.
Making some working arrangements. Really not in a good mood for working.

Introduced to a nice new friend by Yahoo. Went to Singapore and spent two nights with Hiro. Sabaaar....sabaaar.....bulan ini mbencekno puol pokoknya.

Bosses are in town. Busy with recruitment and working arrangement. But at last we came up with pretty nice solutions.
Made new arrangement with Hiro as well. Tapi tauk ah glappp....males mikir!
Tapi bulan ini aku terperangah ngeliat rumput ;-)
Hmmm.......and until today......have no idea how to spend Christmas and New Year. SUCKS!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

woman's destiny

Monthly period sucks!! drives me crazy every 27 days by giving me this cramp on my stomach, plus up and down emotion!!! ==> oooo that's why I'm so poetic lately
Last night I complained to Mark, that it's sooo unfair that we, WOMEN, have to suffer with this kind of pain every month. Plus later have to carry baby(ies) during 9 months pregnancy and experience the painful delivering.
And this is what he said as a defence:
"Shierly, men are also suffring during those times!"
1. Woman is uneasy to handle during that time
2. no sex
3. no sex
4. want to have sex but can't

Wahahahahahaha Mark...Mark....
Don't u realise that it's another suffer for us?! We also want it badly but can't!! GRRRRRR

Rahasia hatiku

Rumput itu semakin hijau, menjulang tak tergapai
Berakar semakin kuat, mencengkeram hati
Menyilaukan di siang hari,
Meninggalkan bayang menggiurkan di malam hari.

Tangan kecilku mengawai,
Kaki kecilku mengejar,
Tapi lagi-lagi aku tersandung,
Dan masuk ke lubang yang dalam tapi nyaman,
Karena sang rumput kadang-kadang datang.

Kulihat tangan-tangan terulur,
Ada yang besar putih, juga yang kecil hitam.
Berusaha menarikku keluar kedunia nyata.
Tapi kupilih tinggal di lubang,
Tempat akar sang rumput tergapai
Dimana bisa kusirami dan kupupuki
Tempat imajinasi itu dapat terasa nyata.

*busyettt....sejak kapan gue jadi puitis gini?!?!*

Moral of the story:
Real world is the last thing I want to face right now!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

it could happen to anyone....

It was there and I was aware of it
I wanted to have it although I couldn't
I planted a seed without realising it
It grows with the passing of time
Without realising, the roots are strong now
And I am putting all my efforts to loosen it.....

Am I??.....and can I??

*felt by imoet now, and quoted from a friend (happened to her in July)*

Empty Christmas?

Christmas decorations can already be seen at every shopping malls I stepped in recently.
Christmas songs are everywhere on the radio, malls, even in my offices.
Christmas plannings are discussed, christmas gift huntings are started.
Happy faces are there welcoming the day.

But not for me anymore (_ _o)....

Years ago,
I used to have such happy feeling towards Christmas.
I used to decorate my place enthusiastically for Christmas.
I used to buy gifts and send cards to share Christmas.
I used to wait forward to go to the church to celebrate Christmas.
I used to think that it is to be spent either with family, boyfriend, or friends.

But not anymore (_ _o)....

It's just empty feeling left this year. Christmas would just be another same day in the year.
No intention to buy Christmas gifts or cards.
No intention to listen to Christmas songs.
Feel blank listening to my friends' planning for spending the day.
Even questioning myself if I should go to the church or not.

Am I losing my belief?
Or am I actually just get stucked lonely in this big city?
Will Christmas this year be as empty as my feeling now?

*imoet is jutek*

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Today by accident I listened to a song titled "Andaikan" by Yana Yulio from my playlist suffle.
My mind was thrown to my high school time, when I couldn't tell my first love what I felt.
He sat right in front of me when Yana Yulio sang that song at my school concert, while I was hoping he could understand that Yana Yulio cried my heart out at that time.

But I did tell him my feeling, one year after I moved out from my city. When it was too late already for a relationship, tapi yang jelas dia punya tempat khusus dihatiku. Jauuuuuuh di lubuk hati, ditempat yang terkunci tapi masih sering kuintip :p

Kangen deh ama kamu, Vik ;-) hehehe

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

[Flirty mode: ON]

Rumput tetangga itu emang lebih hijau.
Punya tetangga emang bikin iri.
Apalagi kalo tinggi, lucu dan menggoda???


Monday, December 06, 2004

At this moment....

Now I feel so alive...
Got a phone call from far India
A perfect thing to end my day!

Hari ini....

Hari ini berbunga bunga...
Ada cowok cakep super tinggi dateng ke kantor. Fuuufuuufuuuuu (180 cm pekk!!)
Kenal di Yahoo, barusan hari ini ketemu in real.
Gak nyangka ck ck ck....aku sek seneng jelalatan!

Hari ini juga terheran-heran.....
First time in my life lihat Vebby marah besar.
Korbannya Jon yang malang. (sakno...kapok kon)
Sampek dipisuhi wahahahahahaha did something to his PRIDE, vei!

Hari ini terkantuk-kantuk.....
Lagi PMS, gak bisa kontrol lapar.
Makan makan makaaan all the time
Nanti malam malah plan mo makan kwetiau siram (which is full of cholesterol)!

Hari ini juga tertawa-tawa....
Ngerjain Valens yang malang bareng Vebby
Hiburan ditengah kesibukan!

Udah kerja. Terkantuk-kantuk lagi deh...

*imoet males kerja*

Friday, December 03, 2004


After thinking the whole night, really the whole night (I slept at about 5 o'clock in the morning last night); at last this morning I went to the office ready with argumentations, negotiations, and solutions in my mind.
So.....after long I am sitting here, feel relieved with all the decision I made today.

*imoet is smiling*

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Terrible day
Terrible night
Terrible dinner
Terrible talks
Terrible discussions
Terrible chat
Terrible ME of being dependent (_ _o)
and also terrible weather (must go home in hard rain). SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day!

Help me please........I'm tired. Mentally and Physically.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

[Confuse mode: ON]

Here I am the end of the road that I have to decide things for my future.
What to do? what to do? What to do? oh my God...
This afternoon my boss was mad at me (_ _o). Feel so bad about this. But what can I explain her? I don't even have the plan for myself......
Several possibilities come, but not yet from the one I'm expecting the most (_ _o)
Should I stay with this burden in my heart that I couldn't enjoy my life but for the sake of the money?
or should I commit to my other job -with much less money- but better flexibility?
Duh...most of all I'm waiting for the important arrangement which is not coming yet - or won't.............??
or should I continue my life without considering what I want the most?

*imoet is screaming inside*