Wednesday, December 15, 2004

woman's destiny

Monthly period sucks!! drives me crazy every 27 days by giving me this cramp on my stomach, plus up and down emotion!!! ==> oooo that's why I'm so poetic lately
Last night I complained to Mark, that it's sooo unfair that we, WOMEN, have to suffer with this kind of pain every month. Plus later have to carry baby(ies) during 9 months pregnancy and experience the painful delivering.
And this is what he said as a defence:
"Shierly, men are also suffring during those times!"
1. Woman is uneasy to handle during that time
2. no sex
3. no sex
4. want to have sex but can't

Wahahahahahaha Mark...Mark....
Don't u realise that it's another suffer for us?! We also want it badly but can't!! GRRRRRR

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