Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kanno Farm

We're in Hokkaido now.Welcomed by fresh cool air, greeny hills, clear blue sky, and amazing flowers farm. i fell in love with this place at the first sight.
Our main purpose on this journey is the famous zoo all over Japan, Asahiyama Zoo. Iki hates baby seat so we stay in Asahikawa city area.
We went to Furano, beautiful hilly area covered with lavender especially in summer. It's september already so we actually didn't expect to see any flower, but look at the photo above. It was so beautiful!!!
The farm's name is Kanno farm and there we could also buy boiled sweet corn, boiled potato with sugar topping and butter, and fried potato. The corn was so sweet and buttery, and the potato was also very delicious. Iki loved the corn and finished 1.
We went to Furano cheese factory afterwards, bought some cheese products and fresh milk, and then headed to shiroganedai onsen hotel. Stay tuned for my debut onsen story hehehe

Monday, September 24, 2007

Offline meeting

Yesterday I met Nova and Benny and Kiyo. After following their lives through blogging world for months, at last I met them in person.

Kiyo's really a cute boy with his big round eyes. He's such an 'angel' that I can't imagine he could drive Nova crazy at home :p. Benny told us how Sheila turned his English from Zero to advanced, but I assured him that it's simply because he's such a smart person (no offense, La hihihi).

It was really a nice short meeting. I do hope to meet them again and again in the future. Someday I'll cook, and you can eat as much as you want, Nov! hehehe

Today I had a date with 'sleepy' Hiro. We went to Akihabara to help his ex-boss buying new laptop, having DELICIOUS unagi for lunch, and had some beads shopping at Tokyu Hands. There're lots of interesting goods there but Hiro was so sleepy that I had to finish my business in a hurry :(. I sure will come back to Tokyu Hands!

In the train I noticed that the woman standing in front of me was wearing EXACTLY the same shirt with mine, in different color. Hiro laughed out loud, and then even louder when I noticed that she was ALSO wearing the same socks with mine, also in different color (@_@)!!!
What can be worse for a woman than that kind of embarassing coincidence?!?!

Ah ya, I got tagged by Sheila and Ira! I'll do the homework 'later' hehehe. Just finished packing now. We're going to Hokkaido tomorrow morning...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Iki's health check

We started early to go to Iki's hospital in Kanagawa perfercture. Traffic jam slowed down the journey into 2.5 hours, and then we still have to wait at the hospital for 2 hours. Such a long waiting time made me nervous, though prepared, I was actually afraid to hear the result from the doctor. The image from the last operation is still haunting me.

He told Hiro first the check up result and when Hiro told me I was so speechless. I was prepared for the worst that I didn't expect it. After the doctor explaining me more, my brain started to work and I felt this huge rock lifted from my chest. Iki doesn't need to be operated!! He will check Iki next year again, but overall his condition now is good. There's a little curve on his penis, but it doesn't matter anymore. At least for now I feel so good. I also ensured that he won't get 'problem' after getting married. We just have to visit the doctor for check up until Iki's about 12 years old.

Oh how we feel relieved now!!!!

We visited Hiro's sister family afterwards and had dinner together. Iki had so much fun playing with his cousins and I had good rest and nice food.

Just arrived home now and close my day drinking beer with Hiro while waiting for turn to get into bath. What a nice day!!!!

Going to aquarium

After having a 'date' lunch, Hiro and I went back home to pick Iki up. We're going to an aquarium at Sunshine City building in Ikebukuro. Iki slept almost the whole trip so when we arrived he was in good mood already.

The aquarium's not big, but I really had a quality time enjoying it. It's not as crowded as both the aquariums we visited in Seoul. I always enjoy watching fishes, they are beautiful creatures and this time I met some fishes I've never seen before. I did talk to them, and I believe they understood :p.

Iki was very 'busy'. He was running here and there, jumped from one aquarium to another excitedly. I felt so good to see him happy and to hear him screaming excitedly.

And then tonight we had dinner at a yakiniku restaurant. The worst yakiniku I've ever had in Japan (#_#). The meat was hard, too oily and too salty. No wonder Iki didn't eat much. He is a picky eater :p

Ah ya! This morning there was a talkshow program at TV with Billy Bootcamp as the guest. My mother in law said that lots of women are doing it in Japan now and wondering if it really worked. I told her that I did the exercise in Korea and this is what she said: 'ohhh!! No wonder ur stomach is so flat now!!'

Oh I felt so good. My hardwork has a clear result. But then I realised....OMG she really paid a lot of attention to my naked body during the last ofuro!!!! (@_@)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trash bin

I got the answer why Iki looked so frustrated and drove me crazy before we left Japan.

He's lonely!

He's such a lovely and happy boy here. He played a lot with his grandparents and gives no impression at all to them that he could be such a monster at home. And oh, he totally forgot me except during hungry and sleepy time. Left me feel lonely and bored at home hahaha. The weather was actually nice today, but I got this monthly guest. Made me decided to stay at home instead of going out with stomach pain and bad mood. I ended up cleaning up all the floors in this house. Can't believe I did it. It took 2.5 hours only for vacuuming the floors. I never spent such a long time, effort and ENERGY to clean a house. Not even our house in Korea :p

Hiro has nomikai again with his colleagues today so after Iki slept my parents in law had a talk with me. Actually they have brought this topic since few days ago. They think that now it's time to give Iki a brother or sister. Hiro gave them a blunt NO answer so whenever Hiro's not home they tried to made me change Hiro's mind. My mother in law even cried tonight to convince me how Iki would be lonely without a sibling.

I told them that I also wanted one more kid. But I also explained them that Hiro and I had talked about this and decided that it would be very difficult. Raising a kid in Japan is bloody expensive, and Iki's education is not our only consideration. We've been thinking about the next 20 years for Iki's life. We want him to experience lots of things: entering good school, eating good food, staying at good environment, travelling to many places, and lots of toys :p. Which are impossible if we have two kids.

My father in law understood and amazed that Hiro has been thinking that far for Iki's future, but not my mother in law *sigh*

If we provide Iki with good life and lots of attention, he won't feel lonely. It was the last sentence I said to my mother in law before saying good night. Which was not satisfied her :p

Hiro is busy and I won't be able to have a talk with him at least until day after tomorrow. But I feel much better now after writing this down here hahaha.

My blog is my trash bin? :p

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No comment (#_#)

I'm online using my mobile during our stay in Japan. Well, there's actually a PC upstair, but my 'free time' is only at midnight and it's impossible to leave Iki downstair alone.

I'm still updated to blogs through google reader, but I can't comment or reply comments on my blogs. Somewhat the 'publish' button can't be clicked. So thank you for visiting my blog and drop your thought here, but I'm sorry for unable to comment. Anyhow, I still read all of your interesting stories, so keep blogging!! (=_=)v

Today we went to a bookstore at Ikebukuro station. I bought a book about making my own jewelry and some supporting tools. I've been interested to jewelry making (for my own satisfaction and collection) for quite a long time, and now I think I could start learning it since I've got more free time especially at night. Let's hope I could manage to keep it up hehehe.

Got a new Japanese mobile too. Black, simple, thin, and light. Soooo Hiro's style!!! But I like it.
Had contact with Nova this afternoon, we're planning to meet this weekend. I forgot when was the last time I talk to someone on Javanese!!! Brought me back some memories from Surabaya :p.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I did it!!!

At last I showed my naked body to my mother in law!!!!

Tonight Hiro is drinking with his colleagues. It's too far from home that I decided not to join. I was afraid not to be able to arrive home on time for Iki's bath and sleeping time.

Then my mother in law said that she would be glad to bath Iki. But she's very old and father in law was worried to let her alone in bath in Iki, a good daughter I stepped in. I joined them taking ofuro (@_@).

Let's say this is a training for next week's onsen. When I must get naked together with many other strangers inside Japanese style public bath!

I felt so awkward and embarassed, and THANKS to Iki for playing with my breasts and showed them to my mother in law! (_ _;)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

First day in Japan

We're in Japan now. What a long exhausting day. We got stuck in a traffic jam for hours (_ _o).

We stay at my parents in law's house in Tokyo. They pampered us with delicious Japanese dinner. Sashimi (raw fish), Ikura (raw salmon eggs), Shirasu (boiled soft anchovy), Hijiki (kind of seaweed, black), best Tofu I've ever had, ham, tarako (fresh Tara fish' egg), yakitori, boiled edamame (Japanese green bean), mozuku (kind of seaweed seasoned with vinegar and soy sauce), avocado with wasabi, fresh sliced octopus, and yakana shouga (kind of ginger) with miso paste.

Loooots of food that we're confused where to start hahaha. Tooo bad I was too tired and hungry that I didn't take any photo (_ _;).

If we're going to be pampered with these kind of food during our two weeks stay here, my body shaping program is sooo going to be ruined!! I'm afraid by the time I have to go naked in onsen with my mother in law, fats will be all over my body again. Huaaaaa!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Is he NOT happy spending time with me? He's crying all the time no matter how I'm trying to calm him down. Really is driving me into the edge!

I just can cry silently at the kitchen. So frustrating (@_@)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Broken heart

Iki was too tired and didn't have enough nap today that he kept shrieking and was so irritating after bath time. We were fighting during teeth brushing time, though at the end he was sorry and I could finish brushing his teeth.

But then on the bed he started shrieking again. I knew he was too tired but at last I couldn't stand it and talked to him *a bit* strongly. "Stop it, Iki!"

He looked at me angrily with his almost-crying-shape-lips, wave "bye bye" (means go away, mama!), turned his back to me, and fell asleep in a minute.

My heart was broken into pieces. I couldn't let his angry eyes and waving goodbye hand out of my mind afterwards. So sad.....(_ _o)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My BIG Little Sister

I miss her though it's only been 1.5 months since we last met. Especially when she texted me telling that she's going to be sent to Marampit Island to complete her training program (PTT).

Marampit island? where the hell is that? She just said that it's located at Talaud in North Sulawesi. I googled right away to find information that it is one of the 12 Indonesia's outer small islands which are potentially lead to conflict with the neighboring countries. It is located nearby the border line with Philippine, even closer to Philippine than to our mainland. Transportation depends on weather condition, and only small boat can reach that island once in 3 weeks (or more if the sea's not friendly). During bad weather time people can only eat Keladi (kind of potato?) since it's the only edible plant they can grow (can't even catch fish then). That island is surrounded by deep dangerous sea, and one big earthquake underwater could possibly "wash" it away. Electricity is only from 17:30 - 01:30 and no phone line available. Fresh water is also one luxurious thing. How can I not worry about her?!?!?!

Agnes: Don't worry. I'll bring a lot of food. Mama prepared abon cakalang pedas (dried fried spicy tuna) for 6 months.
Me: Hee? you won't have refrigerator there. It won't last long
Agnes: It's packed separately for each month. And I'll bring also lots of canned food, if you're still worried
Me: What about during bad weather time? you could only eat keladi as the main food
Agnes: I'll bring 20 kgs of rice and rice cooker!
Me: Hahaha RICE?!
Agnes: :p yeah
Me: Water? clean water is difficult to find there
Agnes: I'll bring water filter as well. Don't worry. I'm well prepared
Me: How would you manage to bring all those stuffs?! It would be only YOU
Agnes: I'm a doctor. There will always be someone around to help me. I can't wait to go there. I have lots of plans for that place. Would be tiring yet exciting. I want the people there to trust me and let me help them too. Please wish me luck!

Hmmmmm.....She is not my "little" spoilt sister anymore. She is my BIG little sister (^___^)

Monday, September 03, 2007


I just finished my midnight bath and started to do my midnight routine: "dating" my PC. Accidentally I watched one of Hirai Ken's video clips during blog browsing. My eyes wide opened in a second as I remembered that hot singer.

I fell in love with his voice directly when I heard "Grandfather's clock -Ookina furu tokei" about four years ago during my rafting trip to Probollinggo with Hiro. That song, came out to be "our" song, kept running inside my head for days. I listened to it for so many times, sang it out loud, also used the melody for my cell phone's ringtone. Tick tack tick tack, I remember I made lots of friends frustrated listening to that song again and again :p. Too bad I couldn't find the clip at YouTube (_ _o).

But then I found this video clip. A new one. A rumor that he's a gay once broke my heart, but watching this clip......OMG!!! I don't believe that stupid rumor anymore. OMG OMG OMG. He's sooooo damn hot!!!! (duh sesek napas liatnya, sampe "semriwing semriwing" :p)

And I like this song as well. Hitomi wo Tojite...

Hirai Ken....I'm still in love with you (^________^)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Trying mobile blogging

It's 2:18 a.m now. I'm lying on my bed, in my dark room, typing from
my cell. Just finished watching downloaded Spiderman 3.

It's chilling tonight. The temperature has dropped these past three
days. Still wishing a little more summer sun would come again next
coming week. Though I'm afraid global weather changing has forced
autumn to visit early....