Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am in Makassar now. Leaving Iki and Hiro behind in Sorowako. I had to go to the immigration office and the consulate general of Japan yesterday, which went well, and I got my three years multiple visa to Japan stamped.

Leaving Iki was heartbreaking. After kissing him before boarding, I didn't dare to look back otherwise I would definitely cry. This is my first time travelling without him, I had been nervous the whole week, and the morning before I left I found out that he got eye infection!! I couldn't let him out of my mind since. I miss him so much....I want to go home but I couldn't get any seat in the airplane today that I have to be in a car for 11 hours. I will arrive at home midnight today and my baby must be sleeping already :(

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This is our house. Can you imagine how high the stairs are? 

Yesterday Iki fell down, from the very top of the stairs. I tried to catch him but it was just too fast. He stopped when he reached the ground. 

He was shocked and couldn't move for few minutes. Luckily my neighbor, who was a doctor, saw what happened and examined him a bit. He said that he seemed alright but I must watch him for 24 hours. Iki spent two hours laying down on the sofa in front of TV, very quiet. No chattering or jumping around. After that he woke up and said that he wanted to play with Maddie. Since then he seemed normal again though. Thanks God.

I was scared to death. I won't forgive myself if something happen to him!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

BYE, Bibik!

Remember Christina, my maid after Mina-chan?

She actually is good, eventhough she is so slow (I guess because she's quite old). She cooks good food because she was a cook. She is a perfectionist. And most of all, Iki loves her.

But she dissapointed us.

She invited her family to visit her here while we were on holiday to Bali early last month. Was very very noisy that my neighbor was really angry, and was surprised that I actually was not here. The news spread all over the neighborhood then that my maid was having party at my house when I was away. We were very dissapointed, especially when she tried to lied. She said the one who made such noise was Maddie (Iki's girlfriend who plays here everyday).
Later in the evening I talked with my friend who was the witness, and bibik had no choice than telling us the truth. So her family was inside our house, not underneath as what she told before. Running around, screaming, played with Iki's toys, ate the food from our fridge, and (might) have slept on our bed (>.<).
She cried the whole day, even packed her stuffs just in case Hiro would fire her. But Hiro gave her another chance.....

She usually went home every Saturday afternoon and came back here on Sunday afternoon. But lately she always came back her on Monday. Without any news. We were crossed but we are not the type who would yell to a maid when we're angry. Hiro decided to cut some amount of her salary everytime she's late. She was not happy when I told her....

We have Japanese rice here for Hiro and Iki. It's difficult to get and damn expensive (10 USD for 1 kg!). I always eat Indonesian rice for my lunch, but Bibik loves Japanese rice!!! she said that the Indonesian rice here is not delicious, so eventhough I told her not to eat the Japanese rice, she kept eating that secretly, which I always found out, and her excuse was always that the rice tasted good...!!!

Sometimes I asked her to go shopping. She kept the change and always told me that she used all the money. Oh dear....like I don't know the price of the stuffs I asked her to buy?!

She misplaced lots of stuffs. I found Hiro's underwear in my drawer, my T-shirt inside Hiro's drawer, Hiro's swimsuit inside Iki's drawer. I told her lotsss of time, and boy, it's irritating! especially when you are in a hurry and can't find what you need :p

She told me what to do. She told me how to educate Iki. She told me how to dress. She told me to have another baby almost everyday! Which were not her business at all!

Yesterday she asked for permission to go home for the national election rehearsal, and promised to come back here on that same day. 
But late in the afternoon she came and told me: "Bu, I will go to Makassar now until Monday for my brother's wedding. I have to catch the bus. See you and Monday!" 
I was half dressed after taking a bath. Was total speechless. What the heck?! 
Hiro came back home 5 minutes later, and when I told him, he asked me to tell Bibik to come on Monday to pack her stuffs!


Not that I don't have maid now, though. My friend Nira lends me her maid, Ludia, working here for three days a week until I get a new full time maid :)

I still feel bad to Bibik, but I think it's over now. I hope she won't cry again when she comes here on Monday to take her stuffs. I will be alright will this part time maid for now. I hope....I do hope that I could get a new full time one pretty soon because I have to go to Makassar alone next two weeks (@_@)