Thursday, December 30, 2004

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
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Why They Love You You taste good.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

To all my friends.....

Dear all my friends from all over the world...

First of all I'd like to wish you all a warm Christmas and a promising new year. Wished the best is all you achieved throughout this year, and the better would come for the coming year.

As you may have known, on last Sunday morning , 26 December 2004, a monstrous and unimaginably giant disaster has struck mercilessly province of Aceh and Northern Sumatra, Indonesia . Tens of thousands people were picked up by death just after they woke up from a good sleep, and other tens of thousands must face the deep incurable pain loosing beloved ones. The number casualties in Aceh itself is predicted to reach 60.000.

The disaster really was too much beyond every sane person’s comprehension. What I can not understand is : What have these people done so wrong so that they had to be ended so indecently and inhumanly. One happy family on Sunday morning has ended up by being scattered tens of kilometers away from each other : body of the father was dragged by the water to the ocean. The body of the mother has lifted upward by the wave to the coconut three, 50 kilometers away from home. The body of the son is found squeezed under a heavy truck 25 kilometer away from the mother. The body of the daughter is found on the bank of the river 30 kilometers away from her brother. What kind of tears can represent this picture ?

The long lists of the victims alone are reported from big cities, including Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province. In Banda Aceh itself, around 7000 lives have been taken mercilessly. There are still thousands of people., mostly poor fishermen and farmers, living along the coastline facing directly to the center of tsunami, and still unreported. The survivors from villages, which have been wiped out massively by the tsunami, have fled by walking tens of kilometers on barefoot to Banda Aceh to search for help, but what they see in Banda Aceh is as painful and harrowing as their home villages.

These survivors are dreadfully starving, exhausted , shocked, traumatized, physically and mentally destructed. They need help to stay alive.

I don't know whether this is the right thing or not, but I want to try gathering charity from all of you, wherever you are now. I think from every little penny we could gather, we can at least give them more chance to face another day.

If you do want to help, you could transfer the donation to me. Any penny means a lot for them. I will wait until early next week, and then send the money to Aceh via Metro TV (Indonesian television station who is gathering charity now). Or buy the needed aids such as: Tents, Kitchen tools, medicine, baby foods, goods for women, clothes, and blankets; to be collected at HKY Catholic Church Surabaya - Indonesia (to be sent together to Aceh)

Please let me know if you are in, and for sure I will make a clear financial overview to be sent to all of you.

Let's do this little thing for the sake of human being.......Please support me to support them.

Saturday, December 25, 2004


I woke up quite late this morning and saw my mobile phone. 22 new messages!!!! Surprisingly I wondered….who the hell sent me sms that much? What happened?? But…HO HO HO…..all are Christmas greetings!!! By the time I realized…it’s Christmas!!!!!

First time in my 24 years living, no visit to Church on Christmas. This year I feel so ashamed to go to church L I’m little imoet with tons of sins =(

I spent my morning in my imagination, my safe world; and flashed back the memories of my life through printed photographs I found in my cupboard. Sometimes I smiled remembering the spots I almost forget, but most of all I realized: I’ve been through so many things. People come and go in my life. Each one has different bite in my heart, but they are all important. I don’t regret what I’ve been doing in my life, even though for some people I’m not a good person.

Then it’s not a lonely Christmas anymore. I took my mobile and started replying sms and send all other friends the greeting, and called my family just to let them know that I miss them a lot.

I could reach my sister’s mobile. Apparently my whole family was gathering at my grandpa’s house. I do miss the time and the place. There Christmas is the most important event of the year. I talked to my mom, my dad, my naughty bro, oma, and opa, and sent my regards to everybody there. They were preparing lunch party at that time, and I could hear the noisy sound of the business there. My sister said that the uncles are chasing the dog to be killed hahahaha……

I miss Christmas at Manado, my hometown. I miss the party with pig, dog, bat and white mice as the main menu. I miss playing cards with my cousins while drinking until all of us got drunk. And most of all I miss the small church there where I once dedicated myself as a good Catholic…loooooong long time ago.

Ehm…..I think I’ll go to church this evening (^_^)

Merry Christmas ~~~~~

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas, friends.......

[Lonely mode: ON]

Well well...
So here's Christmas coming...
First information I got was that we'll only have to work half day today, which is good and also not good for me. Good since everybody of course likes the idea of working half day. Not good that I have nowhere to go and nothing to do but going to my other office and make myself busy there.

I feel so damn lonely, and definitely this would be lonely christmas ever =((

(_ _!)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I have Linguistic Intelligence

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Toast to Ella

Congrats congrats to Ella....being proposed at the top of Eiffel?!!?!?!?!?!? *toast coca cola with pei*
Damnnnn it's the most romantic place in the world!!!! *envy*

Hmmm top of Eiffel in december? must be cold hahaha. It was already cold for me in Summer hiiiiiiiiii *mengigil bayanginnya*

Happy for you. really. We have to celebrate this next February!! Waiting forward to see you again.....

Monday, December 20, 2004

2004 in Review

Lost something important and started my big dissapointment. Meanwhile was very busy with HEF preparation and recruitment session. Big boss was in town.

My birthday. Dinner with my friends and Kazuki visited from Japan. Went to Bromo afterwards.
Busy with recruitment session. Got a nice birthday cake from Hanny ;-)

meeting deadlines, presentations and tests. Drown into my works

recruitment session. The busiest time ever!!!
Annerie went back to Holland (_ _!)

Hiro visited me. Took holiday for about a week to be spent with him. Tapi mbenceknooo........sempat pedot sangking sebelnya aku.

masuk rumah sakit. Enrollment and payment deadlines for my students. Busy with phone calls, overview, and arrangements.

Making a new project: Listening test for high school students. Starting visa applications for students. Dutch Embassy is so difficult to handle :( there's one beautiful lady with sharp tongue there (_ _!)

Stressed with works and my own visa application to India. Facing some farewells: Mia, Adnan, Vitria...(_ _!)
Went to Holland...mmm last official visit? Had a great time shopping at Kalverstraat with Nina; and can eat shoarma - my favourite food - again hehe.

Visited Yun, Mark and Brian at Heidelberg. So happy to meet the family again!!
Sorry to Ella since I didn't have enough time to visit her in Berlin ;-)
Hurray....I went to India as well!! after long exhausted journey I met Hiro at that country. Spent time at Delhi, Agra and Calcutta (for Japan vs India football match). Got exciting experience being in the middle of Japanese supporters.

Farewell with Nina. Spent almost every weekend with her: shopping, creambath, gossiping, and one exhausted clubbing.
Making some working arrangements. Really not in a good mood for working.

Introduced to a nice new friend by Yahoo. Went to Singapore and spent two nights with Hiro. Sabaaar....sabaaar.....bulan ini mbencekno puol pokoknya.

Bosses are in town. Busy with recruitment and working arrangement. But at last we came up with pretty nice solutions.
Made new arrangement with Hiro as well. Tapi tauk ah glappp....males mikir!
Tapi bulan ini aku terperangah ngeliat rumput ;-)
Hmmm.......and until today......have no idea how to spend Christmas and New Year. SUCKS!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

woman's destiny

Monthly period sucks!! drives me crazy every 27 days by giving me this cramp on my stomach, plus up and down emotion!!! ==> oooo that's why I'm so poetic lately
Last night I complained to Mark, that it's sooo unfair that we, WOMEN, have to suffer with this kind of pain every month. Plus later have to carry baby(ies) during 9 months pregnancy and experience the painful delivering.
And this is what he said as a defence:
"Shierly, men are also suffring during those times!"
1. Woman is uneasy to handle during that time
2. no sex
3. no sex
4. want to have sex but can't

Wahahahahahaha Mark...Mark....
Don't u realise that it's another suffer for us?! We also want it badly but can't!! GRRRRRR

Rahasia hatiku

Rumput itu semakin hijau, menjulang tak tergapai
Berakar semakin kuat, mencengkeram hati
Menyilaukan di siang hari,
Meninggalkan bayang menggiurkan di malam hari.

Tangan kecilku mengawai,
Kaki kecilku mengejar,
Tapi lagi-lagi aku tersandung,
Dan masuk ke lubang yang dalam tapi nyaman,
Karena sang rumput kadang-kadang datang.

Kulihat tangan-tangan terulur,
Ada yang besar putih, juga yang kecil hitam.
Berusaha menarikku keluar kedunia nyata.
Tapi kupilih tinggal di lubang,
Tempat akar sang rumput tergapai
Dimana bisa kusirami dan kupupuki
Tempat imajinasi itu dapat terasa nyata.

*busyettt....sejak kapan gue jadi puitis gini?!?!*

Moral of the story:
Real world is the last thing I want to face right now!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

it could happen to anyone....

It was there and I was aware of it
I wanted to have it although I couldn't
I planted a seed without realising it
It grows with the passing of time
Without realising, the roots are strong now
And I am putting all my efforts to loosen it.....

Am I??.....and can I??

*felt by imoet now, and quoted from a friend (happened to her in July)*

Empty Christmas?

Christmas decorations can already be seen at every shopping malls I stepped in recently.
Christmas songs are everywhere on the radio, malls, even in my offices.
Christmas plannings are discussed, christmas gift huntings are started.
Happy faces are there welcoming the day.

But not for me anymore (_ _o)....

Years ago,
I used to have such happy feeling towards Christmas.
I used to decorate my place enthusiastically for Christmas.
I used to buy gifts and send cards to share Christmas.
I used to wait forward to go to the church to celebrate Christmas.
I used to think that it is to be spent either with family, boyfriend, or friends.

But not anymore (_ _o)....

It's just empty feeling left this year. Christmas would just be another same day in the year.
No intention to buy Christmas gifts or cards.
No intention to listen to Christmas songs.
Feel blank listening to my friends' planning for spending the day.
Even questioning myself if I should go to the church or not.

Am I losing my belief?
Or am I actually just get stucked lonely in this big city?
Will Christmas this year be as empty as my feeling now?

*imoet is jutek*

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Today by accident I listened to a song titled "Andaikan" by Yana Yulio from my playlist suffle.
My mind was thrown to my high school time, when I couldn't tell my first love what I felt.
He sat right in front of me when Yana Yulio sang that song at my school concert, while I was hoping he could understand that Yana Yulio cried my heart out at that time.

But I did tell him my feeling, one year after I moved out from my city. When it was too late already for a relationship, tapi yang jelas dia punya tempat khusus dihatiku. Jauuuuuuh di lubuk hati, ditempat yang terkunci tapi masih sering kuintip :p

Kangen deh ama kamu, Vik ;-) hehehe

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

[Flirty mode: ON]

Rumput tetangga itu emang lebih hijau.
Punya tetangga emang bikin iri.
Apalagi kalo tinggi, lucu dan menggoda???


Monday, December 06, 2004

At this moment....

Now I feel so alive...
Got a phone call from far India
A perfect thing to end my day!

Hari ini....

Hari ini berbunga bunga...
Ada cowok cakep super tinggi dateng ke kantor. Fuuufuuufuuuuu (180 cm pekk!!)
Kenal di Yahoo, barusan hari ini ketemu in real.
Gak nyangka ck ck ck....aku sek seneng jelalatan!

Hari ini juga terheran-heran.....
First time in my life lihat Vebby marah besar.
Korbannya Jon yang malang. (sakno...kapok kon)
Sampek dipisuhi wahahahahahaha did something to his PRIDE, vei!

Hari ini terkantuk-kantuk.....
Lagi PMS, gak bisa kontrol lapar.
Makan makan makaaan all the time
Nanti malam malah plan mo makan kwetiau siram (which is full of cholesterol)!

Hari ini juga tertawa-tawa....
Ngerjain Valens yang malang bareng Vebby
Hiburan ditengah kesibukan!

Udah kerja. Terkantuk-kantuk lagi deh...

*imoet males kerja*

Friday, December 03, 2004


After thinking the whole night, really the whole night (I slept at about 5 o'clock in the morning last night); at last this morning I went to the office ready with argumentations, negotiations, and solutions in my mind.
So.....after long I am sitting here, feel relieved with all the decision I made today.

*imoet is smiling*

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Terrible day
Terrible night
Terrible dinner
Terrible talks
Terrible discussions
Terrible chat
Terrible ME of being dependent (_ _o)
and also terrible weather (must go home in hard rain). SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day!

Help me please........I'm tired. Mentally and Physically.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

[Confuse mode: ON]

Here I am the end of the road that I have to decide things for my future.
What to do? what to do? What to do? oh my God...
This afternoon my boss was mad at me (_ _o). Feel so bad about this. But what can I explain her? I don't even have the plan for myself......
Several possibilities come, but not yet from the one I'm expecting the most (_ _o)
Should I stay with this burden in my heart that I couldn't enjoy my life but for the sake of the money?
or should I commit to my other job -with much less money- but better flexibility?
Duh...most of all I'm waiting for the important arrangement which is not coming yet - or won't.............??
or should I continue my life without considering what I want the most?

*imoet is screaming inside*

Friday, November 26, 2004

Today's Mood: Horny

Really can't help it today...ouw ouw...I wished I could concentrate and be productive today, at least by writing 1 more item. But this feeling drives me crazy. The whole day!!
This evening some colleagues said that I looked happy, smiling all the time. Well guys...I am NOT!! hehehe.
I'm horny......

Any volunteers? hehehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Loving = you can't have any male friends ???
Loving = you must tell me where you want to go ???
Loving = you must tell me with whom you are going out ???
Loving = you must be free whenever I want to talk with you ???
Loving = I must know your friend list at your messengers ???
Loving = I am very busy so do not disturb me ???
Loving = I do care. See? I give you EXPENSIVE stuffs ???
Loving = If fighting I won't talk to you even for months, until I got accidents ???
Loving = you must understand me ???
Loving = I will put you into a cage and lock it, and have you only for me.
Loving = Why you don't wear the ring I gave you ???
GRRR This is my memory of you. HAPPY WITH THAT?!?!

go away....i have my new life already...

(_ _o)

Monday, November 22, 2004

m e m o r y

Memory is a treasure not to forget, but not to be remembered all the time.
You can't live in memory, wish everything remain the same than how it used to be. People change, world change!!!!!

Please just do not remind me of how I used to be in 3 years, 5 years ago. Because I am now is what I am at this moment.

Like what Nina said, "every moment has its own bite". Everything just won't be the same again. Admit it, live with it....

*tired imoet*

Sunday, November 21, 2004

End of Peace (T_T)

Today is the last holiday in Indonesia. Since yesterday it was reported by the news that lots of people are coming back to Surabaya. Phew....this afternoon as I rode my bike I can feel the crowd of Surabaya has already come back.

End of peace! end of peace. I enjoyed Surabaya's empty streets already. No smoke, no dust, no cars. I felt like I was the owner of the streets. And I want it that way!!!!

Agree to Arief. We wished there's miracle. A new sudden regulation from the government that people who left Surabaya could not come back again (except the handsome guys and potential students) wakakakakakak *devil face*

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

At last....

Yesterday was my dentist time. And guess what? I'm free from the permanent teeth bracelet already!! wakakakak....I can't help not to look at the mirrors.

Well...still have to wear removable wire, except during eating times, but now I can smile while closing my lips tight(^_______^). After almost three years in pain, now I'm free!!!! (Ummmm though some friends said that I look cuter with bracelet, DOH!)

Leaving to Singapore soon, looking forward for the comment hehehe

Which Greek's Goddess Are You?

I am Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love

Aphrodite is not the flighty fluffy thing that classical Hellenic myth appears to portray with stories like the one about Aphrodite's work ethic. You see, the Fates alotted Aphrodite one divine duty, and one only: to make love. Perhaps sex got old for her, perhaps she had a headache, who knows, but one day Athena found her at a loom. Athena immediately complained that her territory was being violated, and threatened to abandon the loom and everything that went with it. Aphrodite, not wanting to be stuck with too much to handle, apologized profusely, and never did a day of work after that. She was a dark goddess as well as a seemingly bubbly goddess of love.

Aphrodite was the first (and some say only) wife of Hephaestus, and there is a great story of how Aphrodite cheated on him with Ares, and then Hermes, Poseidon and Dionysus. She bore children to all of them except Hephaestus. She also bore Aeneas (yes, THE Aeneas) to Anchesis. To Hermes she bore was Hermaphroditus, the counterpart of Androgyne. To Poseidon she bore Rhodus (Rose) and Herophilus (Lover of Hera). To Ares she bore Phobus (Fear, Deimus (Fearful, and Harmonia, but Hephaestus thought they were his. Even though Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, her favorite lover was Ares. To Dionysus she bore Priapus - who had huge genitals given to him by Hera in disapproval for Aphrodite's promiscuity.

Mannn.....I'm soooo Aphrodite hahahahahahahahahaha

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Einsten's Puzzle

Logic is what you need to solve this puzzle!!! It's been a controversial among my friends these few days, gave us headache after Surabaya's hot weather.
C'mon guys....can YOU solve this?

This puzzle needs full logic.


There are five houses with different colors. Every house owned by different guy, with different nationality.
Each guy likes different drinks, smokes different cigarettes, and has different pet.

None of the five guys drink the same drink, smoke the same brad of cigarette, and have same pet with other guy.



An Englishman lives in a red house.

A Swedish has a dog

A Denmark likes to drink tea

The white house stands on the left side of the brown house.

The guy who lives in the white house likes to drink coffee.

The guy who smokes PallMall has a bird.

The guy whose house in the middle likes to drink milk.

The guy who lives in a yellow house smokes Dunhill.

A Norwegian lives at the first house.

The guy who smokes Marlboro stays at the house beside the guy who has a cat.

The guy who has a horse stays in a house of the guy who smokes Dunhill.

The guy who smokes Winfield likes to drink beer.

A Norwegian stays at a house beside a blue house.

A German smokes Rothmans.

A guy who smokes Marlboro stays beside the house of the guy who drinks water.

How how? got the answer? (^_____________^ )v

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Our Halloween Posted by Hello
Halloween @ excellogix - it was just a perfect time for expressing our creativities. Last Friday, all staffs have to come to the office in costume -whether scary or weird-. It was really fun when you see your friends in costumes u'd never expected to see. Hahaha........... Posted by Hello

Halloween costume party @ excellogix. IYUUUH Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hey bitch....i'll always remember this time :(. Missing you already!! Posted by Hello

Life is a matter of HELLO and GOODBYE

I LOVE to say hello to all people i know, but I HATE to say goodbye when the time comes to the end......

(T_T) *imoet is weeping*

Saturday, October 23, 2004

American's Arogance

This is the part of radio conversation between American Navy and Russian Authority

Russia: Please turn your ship 15 degree to the south to avoid the crash
USA: That's better for YOU to turn 15 degree to the north
Russia: YOU have to turn to south to avoid crash!!
USA: I am the captain of US Navy. I said, turn it to the north!!
Russia: NO. I said once more, turn your ship!
USA: This is the US Lincoln carrier, the second biggest US Navy's ship. We have 3 detroyer, 3 cruiser, with some additional ships. I ASK you to turn 15 degree to the north. Once more, 15 degree to the north! or we will do something to arrest your SHIP.
Russia: Stupid!!!! THIS IS A LIGHTHOUSE!!!


Thursday, October 21, 2004


mau pulang...

[blank mode: ON]

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Fighting with Maid

*Brrrrrmmmmmm....cittttt* (I just arrived home from my aerobic class this morning).
*BRAAAKKKK* (I opened the house gate)
*Brrrm......* (I started the bike's engine to park in in the garage)


Maid : Ni Shierly, don't park the bike in the garage. I want to clean it! (shouting to me)
Me : Ha? then where?
Maid : At the terrace!
Me : I can't. My legs are too small!! I will fall down with the bike. (the terrace's surface is slanted)
Maid : Ni Lusida said you can't park there. So don't!! (angry mode: ON)
Me : Whatttt?? I can't park there!!!!!!!!! (angry mode: ON)
Maid : I don't care. You can't park in the garage.
Me : Fine!!! then can you park this bike at the terrace?
Maid : Of course I can't!!
Me : Then wait here, watch my bike! I will take a bath for a moment
Maid : Don't you know that i have lots of things to do????

*Brrrmmmm..citttt* Ayik came

Me : Then HOW?! Hey!! You won't clean it now, so what's wrong if i park my bike there??
Maid : I don't care. You can't!!!
Ayik : What's up, Moet?
Me : Why I can't park in the garage?? I can't park at the terrace, I will fall down!!! (Very angry mode: ON)
Maid : Ni Lusida said No!!
Ayik : Give me the key, i'll park it for you! (thanks for Ayik)

*Very angry mode: still ON*

I went upstair to my room, sent sms to nyo angrily , then took a bath

*ookina furu tokei ringtone* ===> my phone sounded

Me : Halo
Nyo : What's up Moet...Fightiiiing again....(Refrigerator mode: ON)
Me : I'm really angry with the mbak!! bla bla bla (ngadu mode: ON)
Nyo : Patient...patient.....she was upset this morning because she couldn't clean the aspalt brought by your
Me : But she won't clean it now. I just need to take a bath for a sec!
Nyo : It can't be cleaned..
Me : Then was it my fault? How would I know? And I couldn't park at the terrace. I have small legs (again this
issue). And anyway I still have to turn back the bike through the garage.
Nyo : Ya just tell her patiently later that the aspalt dried already. patiently...
Me : She shouldn't shout to me that way, ruin my mood early in the morning!!
Nyo : Patient...patient......
Me : Hhhh....ok then. Thanks Nyo, gotta work now.

I put my shoes on, lock my room, went downstair. The maid was at the garage, talking with the tukang. More wrinkles on her forehead as she saw me pouting.

I turned on my bike, get into the garage to turn the bike. Her face was really on fire seeing me doing that. WHAT THE F***K!!!


*Aku Imoet, aku bad mood, aku cemberut, gak bisa kentut*

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Little Black Book

Little black book, where you put all your secrets. But sometimes it's better for some secrets to be kept hidden forever, rather than you sneaking around to know it.

I just watched this comedy with some friends. Little Black Book here is a PDA. Modern type of little black book where you could put your password.

Stacy Holt (Brittany Murphy), an associate producer for daytime talk show hostess Kippie Kann (Kathy Bates), is frustrated when her boyfriend Derek (Ron Livingston) refuses to discuss his past relationships. With the encouragement of her co-worker Barb (Holly Hunter), she delves into his Palm to learn about his ex-girlfriends. Using the show as a ruse and Barb as her guide, Stacy interviews and befriends them, only to discover that the past, in a few instances, is rather present.

Predictable, she got problem at the end. Everyone has secrets, which are to be kept for themselves. Also in a relationship. It is wise just to let it be that way :)

After watching this film, I was thinking to make my own little black book. Where I can write down all my secrets, all my dreams, all my shames, and all my crimes.....I was thinking to pour them all in a book that I can feel better, but Pei warned me: better not!!! If you found someone's Black Book, it would be fun; but if somebody found your little tiny black book, it would be problem!!!

Hahahaha....yeah....she's completely right.......

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Got lost somewhere in Lamongan

Last Saturday I went to Tuban with vei, nyo, vei's mom, and Nando. We haven't been there, and the idea that we wanted to visit the biggest temple there urged us to make the plan.

We were informed that the journey will take 2 hours at the most. All were should be no further than Malang, and none of us would be tired. So there were we, all together in nyo's PURPLE pikachu, happily started our journey to Tuban.

In the middle of the trip, nyo saw the sign that there's an alternative road to Tuban. We decided to try that, hoped to be able to arrive there in a shorter time. Indeed....we got lost for about 2 hours there!!!!!!!

Then I found out that small villages there have funny names. Desa Pucuk, Desa Duduk Sampeyan, Desa Babat, Desa Sugiyo, Desa Comprengan......Those names really laughed me out loud.

Anyway, we could arrive at Tuban safely. The temple is amazing. We took pictures with crazy styles there.

Saturday in of becaks (^_-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bob Harris sitting on his "small" bed Posted by Hello

Lost in Translation

Interesting movie. Took Japan as the setting. The plot itself actually is so slow, kind of boring for some people. BUT, if you once have been to Japan, you will laugh out loud at some scenes there.

This is the story of two Americans, a washed-up TV star (Murray) in town for a TV whiskey commercial shoot, and the (very) young wife (Johansson) of a photographer, who meet in Tokyo, Japan and end up spending a weekend hanging out there together on a "soul-searching mission."

The burnout, the sense of being cut off, all because of different culture and language. Worth to see!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I have two jobs, but currently both lead me to a huge boredom.

My morning work gives me nothing but uncertainty. Wish me to give all my effort while no assurance yet that the result I'll get'd be worthed. Yeah right....sorry woor, business is business. I decided to take the passive part in the office. I'll only work for 2 months anyway. Two months, but feel like a million years (_ _o)

Meanwhile in my night work, I just got a surprise from my monthly appraisal. I got no points, since i got D for my discipline point. And I didn't aware that since I worked so hard last month; trying to go over the target. Indeed I got AB for my productivity. I am happy for that since I didn't get it for maybe a year or so.......
But....for nothing. Total point is still "0". Dissapointing, huh.....Lost my motivation to edit anything tonight (_ _o)

Everything goes wrong today. Don't know what's going on, I just can feel it.

...and...YOU...what is disturbing your mind? what is it wrong about me? Through the screen I can feel it. Or Am I just too sensitive today?

*Imoet is typing with lots of wrinkles on her forehead*

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Shierly the Yellow Cheetah Posted by Hello
You are Yellow Cheetah, whose appearance is lean and slender.
You are also a woman of masculine firmness, and you don't like to loose.
You have strong will power, and live life actively.
You are good at making fast decisions, and unlike your graceful appearance, you go at your work hammer and tongs.
Even in a meeting where conclusion is far from reach, your affirmative articulation can liven up the atmosphere.
Your weakness is that you tend to lack womanly obscurity, and tend not be able to leave suggestive room for things.
Therefore, you may not be a terribly good housewife.
Nevertheless, you are an idealistic woman, so you will put in great effort to make your dreams come true.
You are unable to see things from different sides.
You tend to say things that come up in your mind straight forwardly.
This may make other people sometimes think you are impudent.
This is due to your rather short-tempered and proud personality.
You are able to overcome difficulties with great energy and will not have negative thoughts.This type of person is born under good fortune.
People around you tend to compliment you more than the effort you have put in.
Once married, you will try to take good care of your husband.
You wish to take in charge of everything at home, and may put your nose in other people's business.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Legend of Suriyothai Posted by Hello

The Legend of Suriyothai

If Taj Mahal is the monument built by a king to show his love to the beautiful wife in India; Suriyothai is another Asian legend of Love.

Set in 16th century Thailand over the course of 57 years (1491-1548), this is an epic tale and political history of the Kingdom of Ayothaya, culminating in the story of Queen Phra Suriyothai, who rode into battle against the Burmese invasion to protect her husband at the Battle of Hantawaddy in 1548.

Queen Suriyothai, died for her husband and her country. She was extremely beautiful as she fell down (with her long black hair spread out) from the elephant, after the enemy's sword cut her neck.

I wished later on I could have such a big love to my husband........

Friday, October 01, 2004

i want it badly that my heart is screaming:

to see you by the time i open my eyes in the morning
to give you morning kiss and hear you grumbling
to eat together and happy of what we're having
talking, laughing, debating, and ****ing

here i am alone and thinking
the time passed and the future that is waiting
to the nice things that made me smiling
even to stuffs that lead me to crying

but all i want is you near me for hugging
and give me best goodnight before sleeping

*high hormon imoet is typing*

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Girl? or Boy?

If God allowed you to have only one kid, but you could choose to have baby boy or baby girl......what comes into your mind?

Since I'm responsible to my company's financial stuffs, money matter came to my mind first. Which kid will cost me more? (^_^)

Definitely then I want a baby boy!!

Why not girl?
Even since a baby, I want my baby looks nice. I'll have to buy her nice cute cloths with the accessories, like stuffs to be put at her hair and nice bracelet.
Along with her growing up, she will need more and more. My girl will ask me to buy her purple shoes and hair clip, only because she purple dress for instance. Well, can you imagine If she want complete collections for all color???
When she's a teenager then she will ask me to pay for her diet program (if she's fat), or any program to make her taller (if she's small), and also for her facial and body treatment. Plus her shopping hobby.
When she wants to get marry, her wedding preparation also will cost me a lot. Mininally she will need facial, lulur, professional make up and unforgetable wedding dress.......$$$$$$$

Well well well.....Any of you can change my mind of not having baby girl?

Friday, September 24, 2004

HAHAHA.........Our last screen. I WIN?! hehe Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I will win SOON!!! hehehe (again) Posted by Hello


Education game - literati is a very good game to test your vocabulary skill. I used to play it with my office mates-but always lost since my English vocabulary didn't seem to be adequate.

But these two days I always win!!!!! Happy......

I wish someday I could play Japanese Literati and enrich my vocabulary hehe

Friday, September 17, 2004

The Monument of Love

Taj Mahal is the monument of love of Shahjahan to his lovely queen, Mumtaz Mahal. The mausoleum was located nearby the Yamuna River, which is not shadowed by any other building.The work on this musoleum started at 1632. It was completed by about 1643, but the whole work including the surrounding buildings and the garden were completed at 1653. In total, it took 17 years. To perfect the building, the agates were from Yemen, the Corals were from Arabia, the Onyx and Amethyst were from Persia and the garnets were from Bundelkhand. Inside the Taj Mahal, laid the tombs of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan side by side.
Speechless...Both amazed by the building and the hot direct sun shine. We have to put off our shoes to enter the main musoleum, and not bringing socks was my biggest mistake. I had to jump jump jump because my feet couldn't bear the hot marble I had to step on. But the 3 hours trip was really worth. I could see one of human's best art work in the world. I was touched by the story of how LOVE could lead a man to build this amazing thing.

If I were Mumtaz Mahal, I would really be happy and touched of what my husband did.

If my future husband built his own monument of love for me, I would really be flaterred and visit him from Heaven (^_^)

Taj Mahal: the Monument of Love Posted by Hello

Just found this yesterday....amazed! two thumbs for iyem Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hey Heidelberg...I miss this time... Posted by Hello

Hand painting in India Posted by Hello

I am eating walnuts. Autumn has come in India. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Black Out during football game India vs Japan

First time in my life, watching football game directly, sitting among those wild supporters – but this time among 2000 Japanese supporters!!-

Yesterday I was In Calcutta for the Asian Qualifying Round Match for World Cup 2006 in German, to watch the match between Japan and India. High temperature and humidity lead the Japanese supporters crazy. Even I felt that yesterday was terribly hot. I already wore tank top, but still all over my body was sweating a lot.

Japan won 4-0 to India, predicted already, but something interesting happened. There was black out during the break time, so the game must be postponed for 45 minutes. Black out during international match!!! Today it becomes the headlines in India Times, and in several India’s newspapers. Written there that the black out was because there was a rat in one of the electricity panel or whatsoever of the stadium.

Anyway, it was really an experience for me. Being one of the supporters of Japan Football team. My hotel was full of Japanese, and even the players were also staying there. Exciting haha….At last Hiro suggested me to bring my camera around just in case we meet some players, we could have the pictures hahaha…..

The day was closed with a very nice dinner, and met a damn cute guy…hihihi

Sunday, August 29, 2004

sunny saturday in the netherlands!

really nice weather today!!!! so warm, the sun shone brightly, less wind. Really a perfect day for going out!!

After finishing some cleaning, I went to Amsterdam with Nina. Bought a nice boots!!!! hehehe i can't control myself on shoes. man!!!!

Mmmm bad irritated since now there's no bus to Heidelberg!! And the bus to Berlin is only night busses, so since I'll have business meeting until 31 August, I won't be able to visit Bal Lemak at Berlin...HUAAAAAA. Ella.....why would u have exam on 2 Sept?!?!?!
At the last minute I decided to buy bus to Mannheim, the closest city to Heidelberg. I'll arrange the rest later.

had dinner at Annerie's house at Schagen, and now I'm sitting on Baby's computer hehehe.

OAHHHMMMM....sleepy (_ _o)

night night.....

Friday, August 27, 2004


Second day in Holland....

Still windy, and cloudy, and rainy...and missed my train this morning. damn. so far from my flat to the station; Plus I had to walk against the wind. My small body against Zanvoort wind!! I felt like I almost got flown away.


Busy with my work, but this late afternoon, going to have some shopping with arief. YAY!!

Miss hiro....(_ _o) but going to meet him soon YAY, YAY, YAY!

-imoet kedinginan-

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Lipton Ice Tea Peach in Indian Posted by Hello

Friday, August 20, 2004

iPod 40GB has come Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Independence day

Indonesia Raya....merdeka..merdeka...hiduplah indonesia rayaaaaaaaa *imoet is singing*

This morning i saw those students just finished following the flag ceremony. My mind brought me back to my high school time. When every monday the flag ceremony was held. Kind of miss it though, hahaha...

It was my high school dream to be one of the PASKIBRA team -it is the team of the people whose task to raise the flag. Only a dream since they have this MINIMUM HEIGHT!! well, being cute means being minimalis *ting ting*. So everytime my class got its turn to hold the ceremony, I won't get any chance to troop in front of all the participants, raising the flag *hiks*. Had to be satisfied of being "UUD READER"

It's been 7 years now since I graduated from high school, and last time I joined flag ceremony was when I was in first year in uni -6 years ago. Just wondering now.....what do people about my age think about this independence day??
I can hardly remember the UUD now, can't even remember how many points it has!!! oh my god...I doubt my friends could remember it either. Back to our school time, this UUD was really an important matter to be remembered for PMP or PPKN subject. But now...when all of us got a job and earning our life, what is it for??

Yesterday Hiro asked about some Indonesian grammar.....I can't even explain him. Is this the sign that I'm losing my identity now???

Oh! I still can sing Indonesia Raya anyway (^_-)

Indonesia Rayaaa.....merdekaaaaa....merdekaaaaaaa

-Imoet is singing: merdekaaaa merdekaaaa-

Saturday, August 14, 2004

She is 9 month-old Indian girl Posted by Hello

Friday, August 13, 2004

back to surabaya


After 3 disaster days in Jakarta. I don't even know how to start writing about it. Sucks Sucks Sucks!!!!!!
Anyway, at last I sent email to my boss in Holland. She has to know what is going on in Surabaya. I'm sorry for my senior, since in that email I was kind of discrediting him....but this is the last thing I could do.

If we are all are matured enough...we should be able to separate friendship with business stuffs.
Maybe I wrote that letter in emotion, but I want everything to be cleared up. I don't like to grumble behind. It's not Shierly at all! was really an emotional letter....But as what Hiro said, it was sent already...just face it!

I know this one person. She is really a religious one. She goes to church EVERY morning, she prays to God to whatever she does, and she SAID that whatever in her life is God's will.
The thing is, she announces it to everybody. She is one of the most self-centered creature in the world I know that She stressed every thing on herself. She thinks that whatever other people doing is just to hurt her; that all people surrounding her are making tricky plans to ruin her life. but then I discover that the main problem she is worrying about, she is thinking about, she is fighting to, is about MONEY.
I am really confused. She said that her heart is as pure as cotton. But she is the only person I know whose negative thinking all the times towards other people.
She said she wants her daughter to be happy with the guy she loved, but she kept grumbling that the guy did something mistic to make the daughter fell in love. That the main reason is to ruin her family. HUH. It's because she thinks that there's RICHER guy likes the daughter.
She said that all she does is to help her sister and brother and nieces and nephews......Indeed she always mentions every single help she did to EVERY people she meets, even on the street.
She said that GOD helps her all the time, that the son could get into one best university in town. BUT she thanks GOD that the other people she knows could not pass the exam to that uni!!
She said that all her brothers and sisters were jealous to her that want to ruin her life. In fact she looks down on every family member, since she thinks that she is the most successful one in the family.
Is this what would happen of being TOO religious? She kept mentioning about GOD GOD GOD in every sentences she said......but her way of devoting herself sadly keeps me away from God!!!
I am tired listening to her. Same stories most of the time. Repeated again and again......ALL CRAPS IN THE NAME OF GOD
Oh God....who actually is the crap? ME of thinking this way, or HER of thinking that way?
Imoet is trying hard to get rid of mosquitos now

hujan banyak disini Posted by Hello

Ryunosuke Posted by Hello



Friday, August 06, 2004

Ending....don't come!!!!

People come and go in your life. They might be gone from your routine, but don't let them go from your heart......
Every 5:00 pm in my morning office, one by one says good bye to each other with smile (at last the day ends!), and wave (c u tomorrow, tot morgen, tot volgende week!). Bangs the door, then dissapears!
Been that way, get used to that already. Routine, routine, routine......
But what if it comes to the end??? heartbreaks, teardrops, lost...
This evening, as usual vitria said good bye, it was time for her to go home already. But this time it was really different. Smiling widely, she said: "see u guys...ooh...see u in next two weeks....OH!!! won't we meet anymore?"
I was thrown into reality. Oh...this month is gonna be the last month of all of us working together. Nina is going to go to Jakarta already on the 22 of August, so she won't meet vitria anymore in the office. Everybody got stucked. Time goes so quickly!!! anyhow, vitria is going to join us for her last presentation in Malang next two weeks...would really be our last time working together...(_ _o) sad.....
As she left, I looked at Nina at the eyes....
Mia has been gone, Vitria will be soon, and then is Nina queing behind??
It felt like yesterday when I met her for the first time at the Schipol airport. We are now almost reach the end. I felt great lost in my heart, can't help not to cried. We both did......what would we do in October? when every body probably would say goodbye to each other for real??
Could i really bear it, when the time comes?
Life must go on.....but left my heart tons of heavy feelings.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Feeling blue

-Another busy day-
Must face a lot of administrative works today, but apparently I enjoyed doing it more than facing those counselor teachers from high schools. The phone also didn't stop ringing, and guests was coming one by one. Three weeks to go, those parents are now panic and tend to ask a lot of questions, even some are silly. But I can understand their feeling. Son or daughter is going to go far far away from their hands....

-Angry again-
Angry again because of that "LATER" word. Tired of it. I was so emotional this afternoon, almost did silly thing. I want to repair our relationship, it's not healthy to work this way, but just have no idea how to change our both personality. I am the emotional one with sharp tongue, while the other one is the sensitife type but ignorance. Could we still form a good teamwork even if I continue working in this company??????

-Nyo is coming-
At last today Nyo will arrive back in Surabaya after several days got stucked in Jakarta. Poor her, she had her luggage left behind at China. But anyway, welcome back to Surabaya and all the intricks hahaha.

- Thursday wish -
I want to have a massage, I want to be able to give my boss a decision, I want to have stronger body -no tired, no masuk angin, I want to meet hiro, I want to go home and sleep while I still want to chat with hiro, I want to kiss my sister, I want to meet my mom, I want to hug my dad, I want to talk with my brother.........mmmmmmmmm I think I got HOMESICK (_ _o)

Where would be the best place if your body is not in its best condition?
My mom would prepare me good healthy food -not this masakan padang I just bought and eat-
My dad will sleep beside me and make sure that I'm fine -including making sure that I take those bitter medicine!
My brother will come with his fresh jokes to make me laugh, and end it with his strong massage.
My sister will cheer me up with comics or her daily hospital stories.........

I miss my mom's cook, my dad's warm hug, my brother's massage and my sister's jokes. Haaaaaaaa...but Here I am all alone in this city earning life (_ _o)

And I want my hiro too..........

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Kaze (_ _o)

Tiring and busy day. I had to wake up very early because I had to go to the office at 7:00. Hardly could open my eyes since I feel like catching cold since yesterday. Anyway, I had to dress nicely today for going to the Dutch Consulate, so I thought a light make up would make me look better.

What a surprise we (Nina and I) got at the Dutch Embassy. We had to meet the last person we want to meet in the earth, and neither does that person. But we are in Indonesia, so being nice and polite all the time is a MUST. I felt like putting a smiling mask in front of that person, while grumbling with Nina behind. I don't like being such kind of person!! It's just a norm that I have to respect, eventhough my heart was screaming disgustingly.

In spite of that, it's a nice busy day I had today. Got good news about additional mvv approval from Holland, happy with that. It was the first beautiful thing happened today that I hugged Nina to express my feeling hahaha.

Now sitting on in front my computer at my night office, between my responsibility of editing some works -which are so damn boring-, I felt that my body is worse. Wanna go home soon, but I still have more than 1 hour to go. Writing this blog is such a nice break!!!

Thanks to Pei for the medicine. Hope it would help!! \(^o^)/

ooh!! I'm so happy. Hiro read my previous posting in Japanese and made some grammatical correction. I thought I would make a lot of mistakes, since truthfully this was my first time writing a composition in Japanese. But Hiro said, it was nice for a beginner. YAY!! motivate me to write more. He's going to give me topic then hahaha (writing homework, huh?).

私 の しゅみ - Japanese corner

私 の しゅみ は ほん を よむ こと と えいが を みる こと です。ほん を よむ こと は いちばん すき です。まい にち、ねる まえに ほん を よみます。とき どき、えいが を みます。

わたし は レミー シラド の ほん が とても すき です。ぜんぶ よみたい です。 Vebby に レミー シラド の ほん を かりました。

アメリカ ドラマ も すき です。ひろ も アメリカ ドラマ が すき です。ひろ と friends の はなす こと が できます。ひろ は friends で えいご を ならいます。 おもしろい です。

いま は もう ねむい です。ゆめ で ひろ に あいたい。。。hehehe

きょう は つかれました、もう ねたい です。


PS: ひろ、comments を ください (^v^)……….

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Massage me, please....*wink*

Quite a busy day!!
What else than this mvv stuffs of the students? the departure date is coming!!
As happens every year, still there are some students haven't got their mvv approved. Leaving me worries and bad dreams. Oh help help....(ouw..feel shy since I don't pray lately).

Full of meeting and planning, and only God knows whether it would work as planned or not.

I think I'll catch cold! (AGAIN?!?!). Feel not good today, and miss my Hiro now. He's still busy so I haven't got any "yahoo hugs" from him.

Want to be massaged badly................

AWW!!!!!!! I forgot that I have to make some sentences in Japanese!!!!!!!! dammit...I have to be more discipline for this. TOMORROW....Promise deeeeh (^_^)v
(I didn't say "later" but "tomorrow" hehe)

Another homework for me beside this "job decision" thing.

-Imoet is wishing that there's Phoebe here to massage her-

Monday, August 02, 2004

Thinking monday

I woke up in a very good mood this morning. Hope to have a nice working day so that I probably could close it with smiling again. I wore simple outfit for working but put on little make up to make me looked more fresh. As usual Ayik dropped me and then borrowed my bike. There I was...starting again my working life.

But my morning smile was gone as I saw my desk. All my CDs were spread all over it, really a mess. Somebody was looking for a CD without putting all of them back to their place. Got irritating, but I didn't want to ruin my day, so I just let it that way and doing my morning tasks.

-I do hate the habit of just saying "LATER"-
A lot of people said that this is typical character of Indonesian. Several times I had arguments that not all Indonesian have that tendencies, that people just tend to give Indonesian negative prejudice, that bla bla bla...but gosh! now I have this real example of it. I have to admit what those foreigners think, and deal with this irritating fact.

And today I had to waste my energy again quarelling with that person, because of that habit "later, later, later". He just like to say it, without really intends to do the tasks. Fed up now...I feel like it would be really difficult to be in a same team work with this person *sigh*.

-How to separate friend and business?!-
*sigh sigh*
I wish I could.........................................

tit tit...tit tit....(that's my phone's sound!!)
"Hi Shierly, till when will u stay?. groet, H"
I freezed reading that. ouw....not ready yet with an answer.
This job gives me more salary, but not mentally healthy for me, in addition, I lost my motivation and interest.
Again I have to end up with two difficult or peace.
I need money, not being hypocrate about it. My brother and sister's education depend on me; meanwhile me myself also want to enjoy my life by spending every rupiah I earn.
But I also need a peace. I can't find it in my present job now. or......I just don't feel satisfied with what I have now???
Hiro was right...I have to think how to solve this. This is my life, and I am the only one who can make it meaningful. In the future probably more problems and choices will pop up, have to be ready and get used to it.
*my forehead is full of wrinkled now -sign of thinking-*

- Nice Ending -
What would be the best thing in my day except that I could have some time to chat with Hiro?
Everyday we chat, and everyday I feel so happy. All the bad feeling caused by any problems at work will dissapear. This is what people call "love" hahaha *shy*

Pei looked so sick today, but still she joined me and Valens having ice cream at swensens.

-Imoet is going to sleep with full stomach tonight-

Relaxing sunday

- New Spirit to Learn Japanese-
I had my Japanese lesson this morning. I could start to catch up, but still my weakness is because I don't use this language in my daily life. I asked Hiro several times ago to talk in Japanese with me so that I could have some practice, but he said that he wants to practice his English. A Kotowaza: Language can be learnt best from the lips of the lover, won't work for me (T_T).
So promised to myself, that start from tomorrow: to make a paragraph of minimally 5 sentences in Japanese!!! Come on Shierly...GANBATTE NE!!!

-Shopping with terrible stomache-
Just before I went to TP with Pei, Hendry n 'Lun, I had lunch prepared by our maid. A damn hot salty vegetable. We like it very much, but our appraisal to the maid made her even more crazy to make "special HOT" meal. Oishii in my mouth, but killing my stomach.
Then in TP, I felt the risk of taking this super hot stuff. I shopped some stuffs, but I really couldn't enjoy it. After I got all my needs bought, Pei suggested us to have some cold drinks to cooler the intestines. Feel a bit guilty to 'Lun...he couldn't get what he wants since we're running out of time too.
Anyway I was happy....I got this nice white shoes and some discounted bras (^_^)v

Got a gift from Valens!!! a white lady bag......happy

-Parijs van Java-
I spent my evening to finish reading this book. I couldn't stop it until I felt my stomach cried for some food. Ayik accompanied me for Soto Banjar...yummy...and then I got drown again by Remy Sylado's words. It brought me to the time when the Dutch was still colonializing our country, and put my heart at Gerry's feeling. Really a great book.
So far I finished reading 2 of Remy Sylado's novels: Kembang Jepun and Parijs van Java. Last year Nyo and I gave pei a complete series of this writer's pieces. Gonna borrow the other titles soon!!!!! *wink to Pei*

-Imoet closed her day with happy feeling, and imagining big kiss for her far far away sweetheart-

Sunday, August 01, 2004


I woke up with a big smile this morning. My alarm only needed to ring once to throw me to the real world. But I was happy, I didn't throw away my phone as usual hahaha...

I went to the office first, preparing some stuffs to be brought by my collagues for the listening test. Again "HE" almost ruined everything. Luckily by Nina's rough words, the test could be done successfully. Thanks to Nina!! *muaaach*

-Yosakoi Festival-
I came a bit late, so Kondo sensei was a bit irritating at
We went to PEMKOT together for the preparation at around 12 o'clock. But had to wait until 3:30!!!!!!!!! I almost lost my motivation to dance. I really hate to wait. I didn't bring my mobile phone with me, so I lost contact with my sad. I asked Pei to come at 2 o' perhaps she left already huks huks huks. I got really bored and sleepy until then I heard a familiar voice: IMUUTTT....!!!!

YAY YAY YAY!!! Vitria could get inside the PEMKOT area!!!! sooooo happy. I jumped here and there haha. I got back my spirit to dance hahaha. She came with Denny, her "bestfriend" from Makassar. Those two people were like softdrinks in the middle of Sahara desert for me.

At first I had to sit alone boring, but as Vitria came, I could show her the cute cute guys there hahahahaha. One thing that couldn't be shared with my friends from this Yosakoi team, we're fighting for the same target in this case *shy*.

I danced 15 times non-stop. Well, we didn't win the festival, but at least i got one of the medal given by Kochi govrnment to best 10 dancers in a group heheehe. I didn't even care that our team was lost. What a mean self-centered Shierly....!!!!! I wished I won't be as self-centered as one of my friend is hehehe (Imoet is knocking her desk three times).

-Perfect Dinner-
My tiring day was closed by this perfect dinner with Vitria, Denny, Pei, Hendry, Nina and Adnan. We went to IKI, got a room for 7, and spent almost the whole dinner exchanging stories. Denny is a nice companion too.....ehm ehm for Vitria hehe.

Imoet is closing her day with this wide smug smile

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Thanks God It's Friday!!

Friday comes to be the best day in my daily life. Last day working, that's the main reason. I went home earlier today to take the orchestra tickets for my colleagues and prepare my Yosakoi festival. Tomorrow would be the day, so I got a bit tensed.

I got this problem that tomorrow morning we will have listening comprehension training at one of best high school in Surabaya. I told my senior colleague earlier this week that I won't be able to make it because on Saturday I'll have the Yosakoi festival. In addition, Saturday is not my working day!!

But he didn't want to understand by insisting that I had still to come for a while to the school. It took more than an hour to travel from the school to my Japanese school, so I explained him that it's impossible for me to make it. Irritating, but then I come up with a solution to hire one of my friend to replace me there supervising the students. He was happy with my idea.....but apparently then he wanted more. So he wanted me and my friend to be there. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! The discussion happened just before the orchestra began, so I had to start enjoying it with wrinkled on my forehead........(_ _o)

But the orchestra was really nice!!!!! The building was not really supported, but most of all, I got goosebumps because of the music. Amazing. It was my first time going to an orchestra, and i want to see it again someday.

There gather some of my colleagues from my morning job, some also from my night job, plus Valens and his nice!!

After the Orchestra I went to karaoke with my colleagues from my morning office. It was supposed to be a farewell for our internee. She finished her tasks already and we wanted to spent her last night in Surabaya singing together. We waited waited waited waited.....but she didn't appear until 1.5 hour. I had to go home early since Pei was waiting for me and the next day I'll have to wake up early. Bit sad that I couldn't meet her to say goodbye...........

Imoet was still amazed with Adie MS

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The day was started with GgRrrrr....

- I hate somebody who couldn't keep his promise -
I Badly wanted to eat ice cream since last monday. Somebody then kept promising to have it together with me, but always cancel it at the last minute. Really got irritated!!!!! Finally last night I blew out, again he cancelled it. This time without any prior notice....I had to call him to find out that he couldn't make it. What a man!!!!!

This coming Friday, I badly want to see the Twilight Orchestra...but don't feel like coming there now. Don't wanna be at the same car, the same room with him. Really fed up...

I know this is so childish....but just couldn't stand it anymore.

Thanks to Pei n Boo for going out with me for the ice cream last night.

- Da Vinci Code-
Curious to read this book now.
Nina is reading it now, and every morning she come to the office with new facts she got from the book. At first I was not interesting, but then this morning the first topic she brought up in the office was: "This book said that at the "last supper" painting, the one beside Jesus was Mary Magdalene; and that actually she was married to Him.!!.......and I believe that in that book I can read more "facts"
It's not as what I believe...grows my curiosity a lot so I asked Hiro to buy for me from hehehe. So nice of him *happy*
Looking forward to read it!!!

- Yosakoi training-
Have you ever dance under Surabaya's sun at 3:00 in the afternoon?? Believe me, it was so damn hot!!! feel so exhausted now, but since today is the last working day in this month, i have to work!
My skin is darker now....ouw ouw ouw...hiro is kind of protesting now!!
hiro (6:31:59 PM): harus pakai long sleeve!!!
hiro (6:34:58 PM): pakai sun block cream!!!

And I met this guy I had erotic dream with several days ago. hihihihi *shy*
Mmmm....something just couldn't change, huh Shierly?!?!

It was really crowded at the PEMKOT this afternoon. But it was really fun. I just love to have this new experience, give another colour to my life. The dance, the people, the fun fun *YAY*

Waiting forward for the real festival in this coming Saturday \(^ ^)/

- Bakso Pak Salam is the Best!!! -
Eating bakso Pak Salam after this tiring dance is the best thing i have today!!
*Imoet is happy and dancing yosakoi now hihi*
I ate 2 bowls of bakso..pedas pedas pedas, but mmmm i got FO!!! Food Orgasm hehehe
Gonna eat is as much as I could before I move out from this town hahaha

Imoet is still chatting with her sweetheart *happy*

Monday, July 26, 2004

jeeper creeper weekend

Busy Saturday
Always love the chance to chat with hiro. Had nice talk about friends, giving birth, and baby names...hihihi. I love Rachel from drama series "friends". I think I am too much like her -the messy part, and of course the beauty part-
Yosakoi dance time always make me happy. The only time when I can have my exercise hehe. Getting fatter lately -haaaaaaaaaaaaa-
Always - Late - Couple
Saturday night was spent with friends. Although almost messed up because of this newly-wed-late couple, DeeJay and Ardi. We had to spent hours waiting for their coming at PTC!!!! GggrrrrR
Girls and Talking
Trust me, if boys can spend hours playing PS2; girls can spend the whole night talking. It's what we did -me, vei and DJ-. All gossip from A to Z popped up hihihi, kept our eyes open till 4 in the morning.
*Imoet is gossip lover*
Watch Jeeper Creeper while having breakfast. With blood and body parts taken away!!! YAIKSSS
I screamed like crazy. Afraid to watch, but can't stop my curiousity of the ending. I can't forget how the monster killed the people, and how the dead people appear with their missing body parts.  iyuuuuh
Can't forget the movie the whole day!! Lucky me to have tiring yosakoi practice....
Erotic Dream
Horror movie will lead you to erotic dream? hihihi worth trying man. I got this really hot dream -YEY (yelling in Phoebe's way); motivated me to work today!!!!

-imoet lagi senyum senyum mesum inget mimpi tadi malam-

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Ass-hole Hurts!!!!!!!!

jkasehrbswgqanmlwjsnaa (@_@)

My early morning pee turned to be an accident to me. I slipped in the bathroom with my hardly-can-open eyes, hit the corner of the "tempat e'ek (iyuuh)", and freezed me on the bathroom floor because it was so damn hurt (_ _o).
What I could do the whole day was only staying on my bed. Couldn't lay on my back since my ass hole hurts like crazy. Couldn't even concentrate on finishing Remy Sylado's novel, Parijs van Java!!
Eat - Sleep - Eat - Eek - Sleep - Eat
Were things i did today. Miss my hiro so much...
Ayik brought me NANGKA!! oishii desuuuuuuuu......

- Imoet is now still trying to sit -