Thursday, September 09, 2004

Black Out during football game India vs Japan

First time in my life, watching football game directly, sitting among those wild supporters – but this time among 2000 Japanese supporters!!-

Yesterday I was In Calcutta for the Asian Qualifying Round Match for World Cup 2006 in German, to watch the match between Japan and India. High temperature and humidity lead the Japanese supporters crazy. Even I felt that yesterday was terribly hot. I already wore tank top, but still all over my body was sweating a lot.

Japan won 4-0 to India, predicted already, but something interesting happened. There was black out during the break time, so the game must be postponed for 45 minutes. Black out during international match!!! Today it becomes the headlines in India Times, and in several India’s newspapers. Written there that the black out was because there was a rat in one of the electricity panel or whatsoever of the stadium.

Anyway, it was really an experience for me. Being one of the supporters of Japan Football team. My hotel was full of Japanese, and even the players were also staying there. Exciting haha….At last Hiro suggested me to bring my camera around just in case we meet some players, we could have the pictures hahaha…..

The day was closed with a very nice dinner, and met a damn cute guy…hihihi

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