Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Flower Arrangement: Diamond shape

This month's flower arrangement class is the most difficult so far for me. Diamond shaped arrangement.

View from above:

It's getting hotter here in Tokyo. Those flowers could only last for few days :(

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Bento: Shinkenja

I got flu, but I promised Iki last week that I would make this shinkenja obento. So here it is...

He was happy!! =))

Green shinkenja: seaweed furikake onigiri, sliced cheese and nori
Red shinkenja: onigiri covered with crab skin, sliced cheese and nori
Yellow shinkenja: yellow egg onigiri, sliced cheese and nori
Rolled okra and bacon
Broccoli and crab salad

First beach visit

Last Sunday Hiro brought us to Morito Beach, near Kamakura. It was our first visit to the beach (in Japan) this year. A bit too early. It was still cold, and the cafes are still being built. The beach season will start on July 1st this year. Hiro, who hates crowd, prefers to go there either too early or when it almost finishes.

We had picnic lunch there. No, I didn't prepare anything. We just brought some food from the convenience store. Iki and Hiro played with the sand and the cold sticky water, and explored around excitedly, while I sat alone waiting. Ah.....this always happen lately. That Iki loves playing with Hiro, and that I have to kill the time alone (_ _!)

We also visited a shrine nearby where Hiro and Iki prayed a bit.

We didn't stay long. I felt the wind was too cold and was afraid to catch a cold (which actually really happened!) But it was a good relaxing one. I think it was a good change from our regular camping trip.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lego necklaces

This is my latest interest. Making accessories from nanoblock, the micro size building block!

Small red robot necklace

Colorful nanoblock necklace

Simple red nanoblock necklace and earrings set

Blue robot necklace and earrings set

Little nanoblock robot mobile phone strap

I made these cute things for bazaar in Iki's school next month (^____^)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kitty-chan: Mt. Fuji and Yokohama

These two kitty-chan were from last weekend camping to Saiko Lake!

This one is Kitty-chan in Fuji Mountain, drinking a cup of green tea -which is famous in Mt. Fuji area-

We went back to Tokyo through the highway that passes Yokohama area, so I bought this Kitty-chan bringing chinese' wrapped sticky rice (hmm....bakcang?). Yokohama has big China town. Though we didn't go there this time, I went there several times and loved the place!

And they joined the other kitty-chan on my fridge door ;-)

Wednesday Bento: Pokemon

Iki-chan is now crazy about Pokemon characters so these two weeks he requested Pokemon obento for his Wednesday lunch at school.

This was last week one: Naetoru (Turtwig) Obento

Monster ball: quail egg with tomato skin and nori
Grilled tomato and asparagus salad
American cherries
Naetoru: wakame (seaweed) rice balls with cheese, ham, and nori as decorations
Rolled ham and spinach

And this one is today's bento: Nyoromo (Poliwag) Bento

Nyoromo: Rice balls filled with pork ginger. With nori and sliced cheese as decoration
Mini tomatoes
Rolled bacon and carrot

He was happy!!! :p

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Saiko Lake

We are out camping again. This time nearby the Saiko lake in mount Fuji area.

It's hot hot hot, didn't expect it at all. We were still wearing long
sleeves yesterday in Tokyo !

Thursday, June 02, 2011

New class

This is my third class. Smaller than the previous two, but has 6 boys!
All are 4 years old!!

The most exhausting class so far, but they all are really eager to
learn. And it matters the most ;-).

I've got new request to teach another class of five 4 years old girls.
I think this would be the last class i would accept or I won't have
any free time left.

My house is like a small English school now!! :p