Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Have a terrible sore throat, my head hammered, and painful muscle all over my body. I believe so does Iki as he also got flu since yesterday. But why did he just want to play (with ME!) the whole day instead of sleeping?!?!

I took some medicine so I also need to have some sleep, but this little boy seemed so healthy playing around with his nose running. I felt to tired and sleepy that I tried to put him into sleep. 1 hour, 2 hour, failed. I took him out on his baby car (usually it worked!), but also failed. He got more excited to play outside. So I brought him back here, let him playing on the living room, and laid down trying to give rest to myself. But he kept coming and pulling me out of bed to play with him.

I put him again on his bed and ignored him, he cried. I thought then he would asleep if I stayed on his bed too. But he didn't. Once I came to his bed, he grinned and started playing again. I left and ignored him again, and he cried again, and grinned back at the second I sit on his bed. It happened again and again that I lost my patience.

So at last I shouted at him, pointing him to sleep on his bed. He was surprised, scared, but laid down. Now it's 3:20 PM. He just felt asleep, but me?

I was too angry that I couldn't close my eyes anymore now. Arghhhhhhhhhh

Monday, June 18, 2007

Seoul one day trip

Well, I did't have a hot date (_ _o). Being too tired drown my mood. Too bad that I blew the only chance we could have to enjoy a personal moment without Iki in Korea. Hiro was a bit mad last night, but then we managad to make it up. Anyway seems that it was the best choice since we had a tiring journey the next day.

Today we went to Seoul. We started in the morning by renting a Jumbo taxi so that everyone could have a big space in the car, and enjoy the journey with a skilled driver. It was much more expensive than using normal taxi, but oh, trust me, I vomitted several times after taking taxi in Korea. They drive like a bemo driver in Surabaya :p

We had lunch soon after we arrived in Seoul. The famous Samgaetang (chicken ginseng soup) at a famous big restaurant nearby Gyengbokgung (one of Seoul's historical tourist attraction). Surprisingly there was a pretty long queue in front of the restaurant. Hiro was a bit complaining already, but I insisted to go in line since we don't have any more lunch option, and it was a very hot afternoon, and I was terribly hungry, and most important was I really wanted to eat that Samgaetang hihihi. The food wes superb as usual, and my parents in law enjoyed it as well. I was even more satisfied when we saw a very very very long queue in front of that restaurant after we finished eating. How lucky we were!

Then we went to Lotte Department. My parents in law wanted to buy some Korean food as souvenirs for their friends. And I used that chance to go to the DFS upstair. There I got my new baby, LOUIS VUITTON WALLET beibehhh!!!! From my parents in law and Hiro as my birthday present this year :p. How I can't wait for our next journey to Indonesia next month, since I could really get that "baby" at Duty Free counter at the airport right before departure!!

After finishing our business there we went to Nandaemun. It's a market selling many kinds of Korean souvenirs and fake branded goods. I bought some Korean souvenirs to bring to Indonesia, and I was really really satisfied with the price I got. I told Hiro not to talk in Japanese and sent my parents in law waiting for me pretty far. There as an Indonesian, and by speaking some Korean words, I could get much cheaper price :p. An Asian woman bought the same thing 1.5 times more expensive no matter how hard she tried to negotiate, and when I gave the seller "confusing" look, she said that I spoke really good Korean. Even better, she put some more free gifts into my plastic bag (might be to shut my mouth up hehehe). I almost forgot the satisfaction of getting a desired price when negotiating during shopping. Oh yeah, shopping orgasm beibehh hahaha

Again it was too hot and too crowded so everybody got tired easily. We decided to go home afterwards. It was only a 6 hours journey but all of us were almost out of battery. Anyway everyone seems enjoyed the journey. Especially ME hehehe (^____^)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A visit

I'd been very busy lately, cleaning up my house. Why? We got a visit. An important visit from the almighty parents in law hahaha.
Yeah, they're here now, sleeping soundlessly in the guest room.
Iki is very happy today to meet his grandparents. He totally forgot me. Spent the whole time playing with An-chan and Jin-chan. He even didn't want to sleep. He cried when I took him from his An-chan and brought him to bed. He finally fell asleep at 11 p.m. The latest ever haha

Since Iki is very happy to play with his grandparents, perhaps tomorrow I could have a date with papa-chan? watching movie would be great, but an hour drinking at a bar is more than OK (^__^)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I woke up in horror with Iki's voice spinning in my head this morning. Mamaaa...mamaaa.
I sat on my bed, and saw Iki standing on his bed. Oh how I felt relieved.

I got a nightmare.
I saw Iki on a bed. A white bed.
He's crying. Loudly. Sadly
Calling mama. Mamaaaa Mamaaa
Calling papa. Papaaa Papaaa
Screaming "itaiiiii, itaiiii*" with his swollen eyes
Trying to reach me. Asking for a hug.
He's crying, crying and crying
He's tied there, on that white bed. Couldn't move.

It's exactly the same view when he just got his operation done last december.

Argggghhhhh I can't see him in that condition anymore
I don't want to
I don't want him to go through it once more time

Yesterday evening Hiro told me: "I made a phone call to Iki's doctor, trying to change the check up time into late september instead of early one. And the doctor said that he wanted to talk a bit more to us since Iki's condition needs to be operated as soon as possible after September check up"

That statement freaked me out. Leading me into that nightmare.

I don't want to see him in that condition again....please, not again...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My first friend

At last, after about 1.5 years living in Korea, I got my first friend.

We met at the park about a month ago. She wanted to practice her English, and I was more than happy to get a friend, so we get along pretty well. Last week she invited me to come to her house, introduced me to Korean households, Korean food, Korean tea, Korea's must be visited places, and I surprisingly enjoyed our conversations (with a help of calculator translator hehehe).

Yesterday I invited her to come to my house. It was the first invitation I made ever since I live in Korea. I mean, my OWN invitation. Because previously there're always Hiro's boss or colleagues coming to our place for dinner (and little drink :p).
I made tiramisu for us, and "baby" tiramisu for the kids (no alcohol); and we enjoyed it with a cup of coffee and some fruits she brought. They loved my tiramisu, and I promised myself to bake them chocolate cake for their next visit :p.

Though I thought that I enjoyed my small circle of life with Hiro and Iki, it's in fact really really nice to have someone else to talk to (though with a help of an electric dictionary). She's Janice, my first ever friend in Korea. The first person who doesn't care about my nationality. The first person who keeps talking to me at the park under the curiosity eyes of other mothers. (But damn, I couldn't remember her Korean name (@_@)!!)

I hope someday.....someday, I would be able to invite my dear friends in Surabaya and made tiramisu for them. Dare to try my food, pals? :p