Friday, October 31, 2008

Driving License

I got a driving license 30 minutes ago!!!
We had to leave home at 6 o'clock this morning with papa-chan to go to Malili. It took about 1 hour driving from Sorowako and then papa-chan dropped us at the Japanese staffs' camp before he went to work. Then around 10 his staff came and took us to the police office. In less than 10 minutes, I got my license. Means I could drive around freely now. YAY!
Anyone dare sitting in my car? Hahaha

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I think I'm gaining weight, and I know that Mina-chan is the one who is responsible. She is a really good cook. Everyday she prepares delicious spicy Sulawesi-style lunch for me, and I just can't stop eating eventhough my stomach is actually overloaded :p.
I want to do the Billy Bootcamp again, but I'm afraid such an exercise could break down the whole house. That's why now every afternoon I walk for about 2 km while Iki is sleeping. I hope that way then I could maintain my weight, but I'm afraid now I couldn't help protecting my skin from sunburnt!! It gets really dark now (>.<)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morning Raft

This morning we joined Fantasy Playgroup (another playgroup here) monthly outing. My new friend, Mirna talked to the headmistress and she invited us to join the raft around the lake as a consideration to join the playgroup.
The people are nice and friendly there. And so were the headmistress and two of three teachers there. But the-will-be Iki's class teacher was not friendly AT ALL. She didn't look at me when Mirna introduced me, and talked to me in harsh intonation. She told me at once that her class is full (meanwhile the headmistress told me later on that it is not!). I watched over her the whole session and could say that she has the image of 'killer teacher', which I don't feel comfortable to be my son's PLAYGROUP teacher.
Anyway Iki enjoyed his first experience though he was still too shy to join the others. He happily swam on the lake too.
This Friday the headmistress invited us again to take a look inside the playgroup before deciding to join. She said that her playgroup is very small so she wanted me to really think before putting my son there. I actually don't really care as long as Iki likes it and could get along well. Let us just see this Friday. I'm crossing my fingers.


Iki wanted to ride a boat so last Sunday we drove around to find a boat rental. We saw the boats at Salonsa area, but had no idea how to rent them as there was nobody around. Lucky I brought Iki's hand helpers so I just opened his clothes and threw him into the lake.
He enjoyed it! How he loves swimming :p

Searching for a playgroup

We were busy in Japan. Swimming, playing with friends, and visiting places. That's why Iki is very lonely here. Everyday he mentions his friends one by one and says that he wants to play with them.
Therefore we think that it's time now for Iki to go to a playgroup.
We visited Salonsa Playgroup, recommended as the best in town by a friend. Iki fell in love with the place. It is spacey with lots of toys. Look at his face. He was very happy to play around that he didn't want to go home.
Too bad. It is full.... :(
They couldn't accept Iki until PERHAPS January. What a pity. I couldn't wait for two months and let Iki gets depressed at home.
I must find another playgroup....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At last....

So after 3 weeks at last tonight we will sleep on a bedsheet, with proper pillows and bolster. I got big package of bedsheets and pillows today. From Nova, not from the service department who keeps promising me everyday on the phone that they are coming hahaha!
Anyway, we love the sheets!! Anyone interested could contact Rumah Batik Arundhati (benova) :p

Monday, October 27, 2008

Locked (oh, God! Again!?)

Iki was grumpy from the second he opened his eyes this morning. I didn't know what he wanted. This whole week he has been acting as a baby. He wants my fully attention and always cries over tiny stuffs. Grhh he drives me nuts!
After crying the whole morning, he wanted to sit on his baby's car seat that just arrived from Japan yesterday. At first I said no, but then I just couldn't stand his shrieking so I put him on that seat. And put the seat belt on too....!
It was when my gardener came and knocked the door. I went out to explain what he must do today. I totally forgot that our door's lock is broken. It would automatically be locked and can't be opened without a key from outside. And this morning I didn't bring a key out...when I finished talking to the gardener, I was so freaked out to find out that the door was locked. I couldn't get inside, I had no phone in my pocket, and my crying son was dangerously locked on his car seat!!! Look at him on that picture. If he moved forward he could fall onto the table before hitting the ground!
My gardener couldn't help me so I ran to the nearest bus stop to ask someone to call the service department. I told the on call service that it was an emergency so that he could come asap. I waited for damn 30 minutes but nobody came. Then my maid came and an ojek driver tried to find a security to help me out. Meanwhile my boy was crying his eyes out inside. I stayed nearby the window to talk to him, and my maid tried to break the door's lock. She climbed the back window, opened it, climbed it, and opened the back door's lock from there. Oh, the hero!!!!
The 'emergency' service department came 10 minutes later, which made the total waiting time was 40 minutes!! Looked annoyed because the door was opened already. Anything can happen in 40 minutes right?! Shouldn't I be the one who was upset!?
Anyway it was over and thank God that Iki was alright.
But now I am wondering...if Mina-chan could get inside the house from outside, ANYONE could do that too!!! Oh my....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rent a Car

So Hiro rented a car for two months while waiting for my new car is ready. I couldn't drive yet so everyday a driver comes to teach me driving. If something happened to the car, I just have to make a phone call and someone will come and fix it. I think 2 million rupiahs per month is a very good deal.
My progress is satisfying too. Within two days I could handle the car a bit and drive back home by myself. I think I must develop my self confidence more. I was sweating and trembling when I arrived home this morning (>.<).
Wish me luck so that I could manage to drive a car before my new car arrives :p. I hope I wouldn't have to run again to the hospital in the future, and Iki would enjoy exploring this city without riding ojek anymore hahaha

Friday, October 24, 2008


I got a gardener today. His name is Sandi and he committed to change our jungle into a beautiful garden :p.
So far we have few trees already here: a mango tree, three kinds of guava trees, a banana tree, a lime tree, even a coconut tree with some coconuts hanging already. The most dangerous tree of all hahaha. Can't imagine what will happen if one of the coconuts falls down when Iki is playing nearby!?
So now I'm busy making our garden plan. Can't wait until it looks like a 'real' garden :p

Oh well...

He was just recovered from his fever two days ago, and yesterday I brought him to the playground at Pontada. It was a contrast with the playground at our neighborhood. This one is clean and well maintained. Iki was very happy and enjoyed playing. I enjoyed making some new friends too. I planned to go to that place every morning until I find a playgroup for Iki.
But this morning Iki caught a cold! A pretty bad one. He was upset too because he couldn't play out.
Oh well....I was so happy already that he recovered from his fever. Only for a day :(

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy birthday

This is a very late post :p
Happy birthday papa-chan. No birthday cake or presents this year, sorry :p
But I am happy to have us together on that day (when u were getting older :p)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emergency (again)

We've been here for 11 days now and I brought Iki to the emergency for twice already (>.<).
The first one was because he got itchy reddish rash all over his body, which according to doctor was an allergic reaction. Either because of food, weather, grass , or water. I watched his food consumption this week and it's alright, so perhaps its because of grass from the golf course or the swimming pool.
And this morning suddenly iki got fever and stomach pain. He cried and cried in pain. It was so out of sudden that I got panicked. Hiro just left playing golf and telkomsel has been error since yesterday so I couldn't make any phone call. Couldn't call ojek too, so at last I decided to walk to the hospital (it's about 1,5 km). I didn't bother to change or put sunblocks on as it was very hot outside. I just hugged Iki and ran as fast as I could. Luckily then, half way, there was an ojek passing by. I was sweating from top to toe and out of breath already. This I learnt a lesson that I cant only rely on TELKOMSEL!!
Iki vomitted a lot at the hospital. Doctor said that I shouldn't give him UHT milk because it is an instant milk. Iki must drink formula milk based on his age. Hiro was shocked and said that formula milk is for babies :p.
Doctor also said that I must cook well all the veggies I feed him too. Including tomatoes. No raw fresh veggies until his body gets used to this place. Actually it's good for Iki if sometimes he got sick. That way his body is building strong antibodies. But somewhat it broke my heart to see my little one in pain...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matano Lake

Sorowako lays along the Matano Lake. Yesterday evening Iki and I walked down to the lake hoping to see the famous sunset there. Which unfortunately couldn't be seen from that part of the lake.
But we enjoyed the view anyway. Many kids were swimming, some people walked around just like us, and some couples were having their romantic moments.
Let's see if this weekend we could have a boat trip around the lake :p

Friday, October 17, 2008


These goats are Iki's friends. Iki is always very happy to see them around our neighborhood. This evening he gave them some leaves and was excited to watch them eating. His giggles made my day :)


We went to the market again this morning eventhough Iki complained a lot the second I called the ojeks (it's the ONLY public transport here, FYI). I love this market! It has wide range of fresh vegetables I can only find in Indonesia hahaha (if you live abroad, you'll understand my feeling), and the price is always negotiable. I also enjoy the short conversations I usually have with the sellers. Somewhat it's more interesting than just picking display veggies from supermarket. Iki still hates this market and Mina-chan always laughs looking at his expression. But I'm sure he will get used to it sooner or later :).

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We found this playground about 10 minutes walking from our house. Iki was really really excited and jumped out of his stroller when he saw it. There was a written rule that the kids must not wearing any sandals or shoes, and it amazed me to see them ALL following the rule :p.
But it surprised me more to see how dirty the playing ground was. There were LOTS of shits all over the place!! Either from the cats or goats or cows or whatever animals 'playing' there too. One mother I met there said that the playing ground at the other INCO's housing complexes are well maintained, but unfortunatelly not ours :(.
Iki was still frustrated there, but started to play when i cleaned up a bit his playing area. There were some school boys playing hide and seek, and I can't help not to laugh out loud to hear them playing: "hom pim pa halahium gambreng!" hahaha. Reminded me of my almost forgotten childhood :).
What an interesting morning :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Her name is Aminah, but Iki calls her Mina-chan. She starts working here today, helping me out with the houseworks. So far she is good. She follows my directions pretty well and is not lazy. She cooks our lunch too, so that I could steal some of her recipes :p. Iki is also happy. Because Mina-chan is here, mama-chan suddenly plays with him the whole day haha. I think I will start homeschooling him step by step in near future. Having a maid is an advantage of living in indonesia I won't miss hahaha. She just takes care of the household anyway. Iki is still my responsibility for 100%

Iki and ojek

This morning we went to the market by ojek again. When we got back home he told me, "iki scared. Next time, mama only ne. Iki yada (don't want to)". Oh dear....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our new life

We are all adapting to our new life here. Our house is located on a hilly area of INCO's housing complex. Sorowako is a mining city (nickel), so it's pretty polluted. It is very dusty in the afternoon, that's why i prefer bringing iki out for a walk early morning. The only public transportation here is OJEK. Iki had his OJEK debut this afternoon and he was so scared. He also added that the guy wore dirty jacket hahaha! Oh, my boy is having some hard time adapting here. He misses his friends in japan everyday and wants to play with them. Poor boy. He also is suffering because he couldn't find thomas toys or good clean cars at the local toy shop. And oh, he hates it when I bring him to the market. It's really the traditional one = dirty+smelly+full of flies+BECEK. He always gives me disgusted face and asks me to bring him out of that place. I hope he will manage :p. Our house is nice and half furnished. We're just waiting for some small but important details from the maintenance department. We've been using wrapping papers as curtain and sleep without bedsheets and pillow haha! I'm still using GPRS for updating my blog and start to get tired typing on this small keypad haha. Today we walked to the TELKOMSEL, but the flash connection there is too expensive. I don't know any other provider and has no one to ask to yet. I have some blog friends here but couldn't email them because i can't access my gmail's address book and can't visit their blogs to leave comment too :(. Yeah well, hopefully next week i could find one :p. The good thing is, I got a maid today and she will start working tomorrow. YAY !!

Morning walks

Hiro goes to work at 6 o'clock every morning and then Iki and I have some walks around the neighborhood. Iki likes to look for PUTRI MALU and touch them one by one excitedly. He also likes to find cats and watch their behavior. Sometimes we walk to the lake too. Morning time like this is the best time to walk around. It's not hot yet with fresh air (NO DUST!!).

FW: Immigration

Tuesday, 7 October 2008 3:30 PM

We are now waiting for Iki's KITAS at Immigration office in Parepare (about 3 hours driving from Makassar). The waiting room is dark and crowded. Two ceiling fans couldn't help bringing cool air inside. It's very hot, and with almost every man is smoking, this is a very poisonous room for my son (@_@). Don't ask me about the smell!! Sweat+smoke+food+whatever it is people bringing inside. I surely will vomit if someone brings durian here :p

Iki is also depressed here. He couldn't find any clean chair to sit on hahaha. He also busy warned the other japanese guys not to sit because the chairs are dirty. What a boy! Let's see how would he be after 3 years living in Indonesia :p

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Moving out

So we are moving out now. It's been 6 hours but the moving company hasn't finished packing our stuffs yet. I slept for 4 hours only last night so i'm struggling to keep my eyes opened now....