Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh well...

He was just recovered from his fever two days ago, and yesterday I brought him to the playground at Pontada. It was a contrast with the playground at our neighborhood. This one is clean and well maintained. Iki was very happy and enjoyed playing. I enjoyed making some new friends too. I planned to go to that place every morning until I find a playgroup for Iki.
But this morning Iki caught a cold! A pretty bad one. He was upset too because he couldn't play out.
Oh well....I was so happy already that he recovered from his fever. Only for a day :(


benova said...

Cepet sembuh Iki.

Apa perlu imun influenza ta Mut?
Disini ama dokternya kok disuruh imun influensa ya. Perlu gak sih>

Oh ya..harga sprei nya Thomas n Car, udah aku tanyain. Ready stok 120x200 thomas, trs Cars 100x200 di tmp berbeda-->jd ongkirnya mcm2.
Ternyt seblm rmhku ada toko sprei jg, tp ccku blg mesti jahit, ccku udah cari kain jg tp ga ada.
So...give up deh hehehe.
Up to you...^_^

LadyinRed said...

He's such a big boy!

He looks strong too, don't worry Moet he'll build up his immune system pretty soon.