Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thank you

Last year I felt so blessed.

This year I feel so fullfiled.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Today was such a sweet and perfect day.

And it's been a great first year.

Thank you.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Folding t-shirt

Wanna know how to fold t-shirt in split seconds?

Watch this interesting video!

It's in Japanese but can be understood by watching how they do it. Very helpful for a lazy type person like me heheheheh (^.^)v

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Diet Hoop

Though now my body weight is already close to my before-pregnancy one (0.5 kgs left to reduce), I still have my stomach and some other parts of my body fatty. I mean, really a lousy fatty type. Perhaps if you pinched my stomach, you could grab 5 cms fatty skin easily. I really do not look good in my favourite XS size t-shirts anymore now! (_ _o)

That's why when accidently Hiro found this diet hoop, I got motivated to force myself having some exercise.

This hula hoop has magnetic button along its inside part. The package is in Korean so I don't understand, but I assumed this magnetic things have something to do with reducing tummy fat as well as waist shaping faster than the normal hula hoop.

Well, in fact, I found that it's not an easy sport after all. So wish me luck with this new toy! (though now I got lots bruises on my hips since the hoop keeps hitting my bone!)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Found this from Vanie's blog.

Uhmmmm......I'm still sangunist dominant hahahaha.

Try the test, and learn your personality (^__^)

The growing hope (^_^)

I love Indonesian spicy food, and Hiro loves Italian peperontini. We need chilli that can't be found in Korea. Trust me, though Korean food are almost all hot, the taste is somewhat different. As a chilli lover, I can feel the difference.

Last November I still had my Indonesian chilli left, and Hiro just got peperontini sent from Italy, so we planted them in our house. But none grew up. We watered them everyday, for nothing. Until then we got bored waiting. Thus there were two green pots we almost forgot in our house. As well as having chilli trees.

Last two weeks by accident we saw mini tomatoes trees sold in a supermarket. We remembered that we have two empty pots in our house so we bought two trees. Then we enjoy these new "toys". Watering them everyday, and checking their development.

Look at what we found growing up together with our tomato trees!!

Small chilli trees are suddenly popping up!!!!!

The hope of having chilli trees is growing up again \(^o^)/

........but whose chilli trees are they? mine or Hiro's? [curious mode: ON]