Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year

Time runs so fast, huh...
It's new year again tomorrow. It's 2007. It's no longer 2006!

Today, on the last day of 2006, we celebrate Iki's first birthday. I baked cake and was so happy that everyone loved it.

And now, as the clock ticking slpwly, leaving 2006, I am thinking of what I am now. Some scenes of my life this year flashed back and forth. What had happened, and what can be predicted would happen. Some brought me into smile, some into tears, and some into laugh. But most of all, I realised 1 important thing tonight.

That since last new year; after Iki was born, for exact; I am no longer Shierly. I am a mother. JUST a mother. Not a Shierly anymore. Not a woman anymore.

Just a mother.

I've got to "kill" Shierly and woman in me, since they have wants and needs that're not suitable for a role as a mother.

I'll be a better mother. That's it. My only new year's resolution.

Happy new year, everyone. I wish you a wonderful prosperous year and a never ending happiness (^__^)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our first Christmas

I made lots of plans for our first Christmas.
I wanted it to be unforgetable, with georgous food, cakes, wine, and laughter.

But Iki was sick!!!
His flu was getting worse. Harder cough, runny nose, and over 38.5 Celcius degree fever. He felt so bad so he just wanted a hug, or a companion while weakly playing on the floor :(

My heart sank. Both seeing my boy sick, and thinking of my broken-into-pieces plan. But as we put Iki into sleep last night, Hiro said that this is the best first christmas. That we're all together. All the good thing can be postponed. After Iki recovered, we will celebrate Christmas, Iki's birthday and New year altogether.

Indeed he's right. Being together is the best. Perhaps Iki also wanted to celebrate his first christmas this way. Being clingy to his mama and papa, spending the whole day inside his parents' arms.

And I wish all my friends Merry Christmas. Hope you also had an unforgetable moments this christmas. May all the Joy brings you a great New Year (^____^)

Just read Hiro's blog in weird Indonesian about our first Christmas. Terharu deh :p

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Read: Aku sudah pulang...!!
(As translated in Doraemon series).

Yes, we're home (^___^)
Last friday Iki's tube was removed already. What a strong boy. I'm so proud of this little monster.

He got a bad cough now, so it was not an easy journey at all to go back to Korea. I brought 3 luggages with me, so I had to tied Iki at the cart like a dog when I had to take my luggages from the luggage belt. Everyone around was looking at me as if I were a terrible mother, but no one had any heart to give me a hand. Blah!

Anyway it was such a big relief to see Hiro waiting outside.
We're home, Iki. We're home....!!

As we went out, Hiro rushed hugging Iki: "Okaeri Ikiiiiiiiii"

And Iki?!
He looked at Hiro as if he's a perfect stranger, and...HUAAAAAAAAAAAAA (>__<). He cried panicly. Poor papa-chan :p

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Out of hospital

At last I got the chance to write something here...

Last Thursday Iki was out of hospital already. Only 2 days after operation??? I was as surprised as you. But seems that home is the best place for Iki to get well. Hospital's circumstances doesn't support baby mentally hahaha.

We stay at Hiro's sister house instead of my parents' in law's. It's closer to the hospital. However, I must sleep with my mother in law. Hiks...godd byw privacy. I can't even get the chance to scratch my back using coin on the bed as well as spending my free time at night chatting. So guys, if you see my online mark but didn't give any reply to ur messages, it's because I couldn't. I'm so sorry.
But anyway Iki is really happy because his cousins here love to play with him. He plays a lot, he eats a lot, he is getting better. He rarely cries. Only during diaper change, tube cleaning and stool cleaning for he feels painful.

Yesterday I brought Iki to the hospital. Doctor said he's good, just a small stitch opening problem. But generally after the tube will be removed this friday (hope no more problem occurs), we can go back to Korea as planned on 24th.

Thank you for the supports, emails and instant messages friends....Sorry I haven't got the chance to drop you any replies.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Room 4203, 20:01 p.m

I laid beside Iki and let him fell asleep inside my arm. His cheeks and eyelashes are still wet of tears, but his regular breathing sound comforts me. It was such a hard day for him.

Iki was taken into the operation room at 7:45 a.m, left me and Hiro in front of the door. Waiting is sucks, especially in front of that red operation room. I can't stop watching that sliding door, expecting doctor's familiar face would pop up with great news.

The operation took 4.5 hours, plus minus 30 minutes anestheasy time before and after operation. So we waited for 5.5 hours in front of operation room. Thanks's finished!!! Iki now must face the post operation pain, but I will take a good care for him.

Iki cried most of the time after that. Tightly tied on the bed, tired, pain mixed up. He terribly wants a hug but he must not move for at least 36 hours. Poor Iki....I want to save him....

Lucky he still ate and had milk a lot. More than I had expected. He's now fighting with hbis pain but I believe my boy will be able to manage!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

First day

Today is Iki's first day at the hospital.
He is such a good boy during this trip to Japan. He rarely cried, he enjoyed playing with his grandparents and he ate really really a lot.

Also today in the hospital he made me proud of being such a sweet good baby. He looked happy and enjoyed his stay (because there're lots of toys in the playroom or because the nurses are ppretty?!). He ate a lot as well, and slept early. Perhaps he wanted to give his mama and papa chance to have a dinner date? heheeh

And tonight....
Is my first night sleeping without Iki.
I wonder if he sleeps well.
I wonder what if he woke up midnight and found no mama around?
I can't wait for the sun to rise so that I can meet him again.

I terribly miss him now.......

Saturday, December 09, 2006


This afternoon I got a package from Indonesia.
Batik and blangkon as early christmas gifts for me and Iki from Uti, birthday present for Iki (interesting story books and DANGDUT CD!!! hahaha) from Emmy, Excellogix photos' CD from Boo, and my favourite Clara NG's novels.

Really really thanks. I am so happy, and so is Iki. I want to write more. I do. But I've got to continue packing since tomorrow (oh no! this morning!) we're leaving to Japan.

Miss you, guys. Again, Thanks!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Abon cakalang pedas

Last week I got package from my mother. Most of all, I was very very happy to see a big pot of abon cakalang pedas (hot dry-fried skipjack tuna). It's like a TREASURE for me.

So almost everyday last week I add some of my abon in my lunch. Got terrible stomach pain at the first days since my stomach is not getting used to "very spicy" food anymore. But thanks, mama. This food reminds me of home. And this probably is the only favourite food my mother can send me since other food have quite a strong smell (T_T).

Look at the abon pedas onigiri I made for my lunch :p. Eating Indonesian food in Japanese style hahaha. Well, it was good!