Monday, December 11, 2006

First day

Today is Iki's first day at the hospital.
He is such a good boy during this trip to Japan. He rarely cried, he enjoyed playing with his grandparents and he ate really really a lot.

Also today in the hospital he made me proud of being such a sweet good baby. He looked happy and enjoyed his stay (because there're lots of toys in the playroom or because the nurses are ppretty?!). He ate a lot as well, and slept early. Perhaps he wanted to give his mama and papa chance to have a dinner date? heheeh

And tonight....
Is my first night sleeping without Iki.
I wonder if he sleeps well.
I wonder what if he woke up midnight and found no mama around?
I can't wait for the sun to rise so that I can meet him again.

I terribly miss him now.......


meknowlittle said...

why is he staying in the hospital, shier? is it the operation u said on the previous day? for how long?

dont be too worry. enjoy ur moment with Hiro alone. share ur feelings and worries with him. i believe u will get comfort and assurance from him, and ur family-in-law.

mee said...

iki-chan will be Ok, yakin deh :)
moga2 semua lancar yah! titip hug buat iki-chan, dari tante emmy