Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Room 4203, 20:01 p.m

I laid beside Iki and let him fell asleep inside my arm. His cheeks and eyelashes are still wet of tears, but his regular breathing sound comforts me. It was such a hard day for him.

Iki was taken into the operation room at 7:45 a.m, left me and Hiro in front of the door. Waiting is sucks, especially in front of that red operation room. I can't stop watching that sliding door, expecting doctor's familiar face would pop up with great news.

The operation took 4.5 hours, plus minus 30 minutes anestheasy time before and after operation. So we waited for 5.5 hours in front of operation room. Thanks God....it's finished!!! Iki now must face the post operation pain, but I will take a good care for him.

Iki cried most of the time after that. Tightly tied on the bed, tired, pain mixed up. He terribly wants a hug but he must not move for at least 36 hours. Poor Iki....I want to save him....

Lucky he still ate and had milk a lot. More than I had expected. He's now fighting with hbis pain but I believe my boy will be able to manage!!!


yunita said...

Iki cepet sembuh ya nak.... Iki anak kuat, pasti bisa lewati masa-masa sulit!
I wish i could hug you :(
*BIG HUG for Iki and Moet*

Sheila said...

I've been reading your blog and been following the very second of news development.

Not to mention I've been praying for my cute little nephew there... He's gonna be alright, he's gonna get through this, and so are you, Mut...

He's a brave little guy, I'm so glad he's gone through the most difficult moment of operation :-)

Big big hug for all three of you, you're gonna make it through... :-) Keep on posting, we're all waiting for good news of that cute little fellow.