Thursday, April 28, 2005


I HATE FLU!!!!!!!!!

BAH BAH BAH!!! Why should I get it this time??
This is end of the month. I'm facing targets and deadlines. How can I concentrate if my nose keeps running, my head is spinning around, and my cough is like barking?! And my voice.......oh my cute's like a guy's voice right now!! Whoever called me thought that they dialled the wrong number....hiks hiks hiks. Even hiro laughed for about 30 seconds on the phone grrrrrr

This time I'll do whatever to get my health back. Take medicine, vitamins and healthy drink. Whatever. Next week will be even busier, and when I meet Hiro, I want to be fit. Don't want to transfer the virus to him hehehe

YAAYYY!!! 7 days to go \(^_^)/

[Counting down mode: ON]

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Virginity topic

Valens' story about virginity today aroused many comments and opinions from some friends. Though some prefered to be passive audiences due to the heavy topic and language he used [read: Indonesian]

I will try to put myself at the girl's position.
She had a boyfriend. Loved him deeply that she trusted him and gave him her virginity.
But the boyfriend cheated on her by having affair. Broke her heart, lost her courage to face reality.

What would I do?

I would cry. I got hurt. I would hate the guy that he couldn't be trusted. I would hate myself of not be able to keep my boyfriend's love. I would lose my confidence. I would lose my trust to men. I would lose my trust to love.

BUT.....I won't cry for the virginity. I won't hate myself of not having that anymore. It's not a rape case. I won't regret such a thing. If I did that, meant it's only my excuse to blame him. But in this case he is not the only one to be blamed, right?

Life is about a game. All you need is confidence to take the control, to choose the path; but be ready with whatever the result is. Be the gone be by gone. Future is the more important thing to be faced. It takes time, but time will heal the pain.

The girl loved the boy deeply, but the boy didn't respect her by doing such affair. So NOW, it's time for the girl to love and give respect to HERSELF. Show the boy the he was being so stupid by leaving such a precious girl.

Hhhhhh...actually.....It is easy for me to say this for you to think of, but still I didn't have such a courage. Love is blind and I am. But trust me....if this happened to me again, then I WOULD.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where do I belong.....?

Lately I read several topics about multicultural issues, and Ella's last blog about how racial the Indonesian students in Berlin reminded me of my childhood and inspired me to write this.

I was born from a mixed couple. My dad is a Manadonese and my mom is a Banjarese. I may look like a chinese from my mom's blood: small eyes. But I have colored skin and I am a REAL Indonesian.

Due to my parents' business, I spent my childhood moving from one city to another. Jakarta - Banjarmasin - Manado - Banjarmasin - Surabaya. I was still TOO small to feel anything when I was in Jakarta, but in Banjarmasin I spent quite a time and experienced this so-called discrimination.

I graduated from a Catholic Junior High school where 90% of the students were Indonesian-Chinese students. There everybody addressed me: hiii native........Just because I didn't have as fair skin as theirs.

Then I entered public Senior High School where 90% of the students were Banjarese. I remember, from the whole students of the same year (5 classes of 45 students), there were only 5 non Muslims students. There.....they addressed me: Shierly...? oh...the chinese one....

Happened also in Surabaya. During my first 2 years in Uni, I took 2 different majors at 2 different universities. One was a Catholic uni, while the other was not. Again for some, I was Shierly the chinese girl; while for others I was Shierly the native.

Now that my working places are multicultural ones, I feel relieve not hearing that anymore. But once I get into the society........I will be AGAIN addressed both as "native" and "chinese" from different groups of people. Why can't society just leave this "native" or "chinese" nicknames? I'm sick of it. We are all Indonesian. We may come from different races, have different religions and speak different languages, but we are from the SAME country. I really understand how the children from a mixed cultural background feel. We don't know where do we belong?

Whole of my life, I have experienced lots of discrimination. That's why I HATE racial people sooooooo much.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Korean drama: Full House

full house

Vei bought the drama series in Jakarta. At first I was not interested. Well, 16 episodes = 16 hours!! I thought....time of watching drama series for hours had passed already. I can hardly find time to watch 1.5 hour movie, I wouldn't be able to manage 16 episodes drama!

But then....while waiting for Nina's coming....I accompanied Vei's mom watching the first episode. And I just fell in love to the drama. Soooo simple. Sooo touching. Soooo funny. SO I decided to spend my relaxing Sunday watching that in stead of sleeping.

The review of the drama is here. I'm not writing it here coz it would be too long. Starred by Song Hye Kyo and Bi. The story is simple, but the humour is not exageratting like other korean comedies I have watched. I smiled, I laughed out loud, I cried the whole episodes. Now i'm sitting in front of my lap top with big eyes. Not because of crying after fighting with Hiro hehehe....but because of got touched by Bi and Song Hye Kyo's acting.

Really recommended!!! your laughs and tears are worthed.

I finished it at 3:20 AM and now can hardly open my eyes (even after 2 cups of coffee!). Yesterday Vei told me that she has another drama. 22 episodes!!! WEKS....must start it on Saturday evening hahahaha

This evening I will open again my unopened-for-2-years Korean lesson book.*grin*.
AJA AJA PAITING (fighting - in Korean pronunciation hihihi)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Girls night

Such a great night last night!!!!!!

Nina is in town, so we [me and Vitria] had this small reunion with her. Spent the whole afternoon at TP: eating, shopping, drinking, shopping, drinking again, shopping again then eating again. We went out of TP because they turned off the lamp already [read: CLOSED sign].

Then the night just started. After changing shopping costumes into clubbing ones, we off to Desperados at about 23:00. Met Carla and Rina there. Tried to find good spot, but failed. Hiks....I only can see the cute bald guitarist from my seat. The band is nice, they chose the perfect songs, and they have a very good voice. As the music got hotter, our body started to moved, slowly but sure, crazily. We went to the dance floor, and there I found out....HOLYSHIT!!!! the vocalist is soooooooo handsome. Justin Timberlake wanna be, but the hell. He's just a real entertainer. And we did enjoyed the band very much.

I sweat a lot, I sang a lot till now I almost lost my voice, I got drunk and I laughed a lot. Everybody DID. Everybody satisfied. Everybody was happy. We left the place at 3:00 AM and never regret to pay that much for such a fun we got.

Since Hugo's opened, we always go there. So I didn't go to Desperados for about 6 months. Amongst all, for us Desperados is the best pub in Surabaya. The hell with people's negative opinion that it is a hooker center. We just couldn't find a place with greater music here!!

I work hard but I PLAY hard. It's how I enjoy my life. I know this won't last forever, THAT'S WHY I want to have this as much as possible [read: both WORK and FUN]. This would be the thing I will miss at the first place.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nice busy day

This morning I got THE NICEST EMAIL throughout the year from my boss!!! Everyone in the office is happy, and my motivation got pushed until MAXIMUM level today. And surprisingly it can bring back our good teamwork. How nice!

This is the most productive day in the month. I can make several articles at once, and at the other office I can do 3 days' work in 4 hours, while handling complaints using nice-to-be-heard words. Still I can add stories in my blog! or probably another story later....? hahahaha. Ideas keep popping up uncontrollable.

Exhausted now....My brain, my body, and my mouth were pushed to work over their limits today, but I can smile WIDELY (^_________^). I love being busy!

Oh...and I do miss HIM (^_-)

*imoet is going back again to work now!*

About ti-uti

I know this guy in 1997, so more or less 8 years already. Been VERY close before, yet now we are still good friends. We've been ups and downs together, laughing and crying, even shouting to each other. But no one (except Vei) knows me better than him.

I was very mean to him. Possesive, demanding, and always want him to realise what I want. Being so damn egois, without ever think of how he feels. But he's always be there for me. Gives me his hands whenever I need help, ready with his shoulder whenever I need it to cry on, comes in a second if I need a companion, hates Soto Banjar so much yet willing to eat it whenever I want it hehehe. The only one who can bear my harsh words. He is a friend, a brother, and also a teacher.

Once we went to Tanggulangin with his family. There I saw a nice bag (he knows I'm a bag maniac). Was about to buy it, but the price came to my consideration. But then his father, the unpatient type, rushed everybody to go home once he finished his business there. All the way back to Surabaya ti-uti knows I can't let the bag go out of my mind. So an hour after we arrived in Surabaya, he took me to the same place again by motorbike!!!! It needs about an hour drive. AND at last I didn't buy the bag. His face was grey already....but still be so patient.......

Ouw....trying to recall another stories, but TOO much to be written here. Shortly, lots of similar events happened. Can u imagine how nice is he?!

Still me myself always comes first in my priority. He's a spot that is almost forgotten when I have colorfull tone in my life, but the one I count on when there's no one available.

He is simple yet complicated. Combination of serious and humorous type. To whom I forget all about my pride ==> the only one I feel free to ask buying me stuffs I like HAHAHA. He is warm and nice, smart and patient, religious and open minded. Everybody likes him. Everybody admires him. And everybody just can't believe why he's still very nice to me amongst all things I've done to him. YET they feel relieved that he is no more than a bestfriend for me (any objections, friends? hehehe)

I just realised last night when Vei, Nyo and I talked about him; that he is a guy that is TOO good to be TRUE. Tell me if you can find a man of his kind in nowadays cruel world! His future wife would be very lucky - which is NOT me! hehehe

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My darling is a foreigner

ダーリン は 外国人

Hiro told me how popular this manga is in Japan and since we forgot to buy it in Tokyo, he reminded me to buy ones in Narita before I left. But....yeah, as usual. Forgotten. *grin*

So last Sunday he bought the manga. Laughed his heart out telling the FUNNY stories on the phone, inviting my curiosity to look for information about this book. Then I read some reviews about it, and since it has something to do with multicultural issues, my greatest interest, I couldn't stop finding more and more reviews. In addition, I am now in the process of developing a research proposal about similar field. A bonus hehehe.

The manga is about heartwarming story of the daily life of an international couple in Japan. How small cultural difference that actually can lead into fighting be seen from humour point of view. Meanwhile the manga is also very even-handed in critiquing both Japanese and non-Japanese preconceptions and stereotypes. Written also, that actually from the manga itself, Japanese simple daily life and Japanese habits can be seen. Another media to learn culture, indeed.

The more I read the reviews, the more I want to read the manga. Pity, no english translation available yet (_ _!). So prepared to translate it for me hehehehehehehe (^_-) *wink*

Oh pren....!

A friend surprised me this afternoon.

Iyan had his birthday party in January. Treat all the groups karaoke and lunch together. We had so much fun at that time. It's always nice to gather with friends again.

Coming month several friends will have birthday. They plan to make one party for all. This afternoon Iyan called one of the birthday people and said: "Hey!! last January I spent more than a million to treat you guys. Next month you MUST spend at least the same!!"


If you treat your friends, are you expecting your friends to treat you also at the same price? We never asked him to spend such a lot of money.

If you help your friends, are you expecting your friends to be ready for helping you as well? Isn't a sincere help the best medicine when needed?

Is friendship a matter of paying back?

We never counting every pennies we spent BUT enjoyed together. We never re-caling the hands we gave for the smiles we got. The only thing we remember is how nice it is to be together, sharing the stories and the laughs!!!!

He seems to be a stranger for me now. Well, people change, life change......but he is now surprisingly dissapointing!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Nostalgia stove

Look look loook!!!!!!!!! [show off mode:ON]

Nostalgia stove

The nostalgia stove..........brought by Yunita from German as a surprise present hehehehehehe *dancing happily*

I saw it at Germany's online shopping website, and ordered it before Yun came, but she said that it was out of order. [LIAR!!!]. Surprisingly then she came with that stove.....[muaaachhhhh to Yun]. And the best part isssss, I don't have to pay hehehe (^_-)

So yesterday, after cleaning the messy desk in my room, I lit the candle, put the lavender aromatherapy and water inside the pan of the stove, enjoyed the relaxing aroma till sleeping the whole afternoon. I Woke up after 4 hours in HORROR because I felt the strong burning smell in my room. The water dried already and I can see black burnt sign at the bottom of the tiny pan. Panic, but I can clean it with wet cloth. Lucky that my nostalgia stove is a STRONG one!! *Phiuhhh*

Thanks Yun. I loooooove this gift.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Weird mouse

This afternoon at my full time work, I got the mouse of my computer stopped working. I tried to restart the PC, plugged out-in-out-and-in the mouse again and again, but i couldn't manage to make it working properly. Then I asked denni to check it. Broken - was Denni's conclusion. So I went downstair to ask for another mouse from our technical support, Nuz.

Nuz then came in with another old mouse. Hmmm I think I deserve a new one, but I was not lucky enough. In addition, no new mouse stock here. Apparently then the other old mouse was also a broken one. So Nuz brought upstair a-weird-look mouse. I've never seen such mouse in that shape. Since it is a VERY old fashioned one. It didn't even have PS2 plug (don't expect USB then!). Denny had to do with something like BIOS one to make it work. Actually while waiting I was praying so that It would NOT work, but hikkkssss......this smart ass Denni dissapointed me.

So now my PC has this weird mouse (T___T). I have no idea how old it is, and I'm surprised we still have this one in the office. It works properly, so actually I should be happy. BUT It's SO BIG for me. It is 1.5 of my small palm size. And with my short fingers, this is a real problem. I can't click it as easy as I wished.

When I grumbled out loud, Carla said that it shouldn't be called mouse. It is a RAT! hahaha....but for my hand.....IT IS LIKE A RABBIT!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Releasing anger

People have different way to release tense and stress.

We have problems in the office lately. Put everybody's motivation down because negotiating and cooperating could not work anymore. Still there're stupid technical problems, like computer errors and loosing important cd drivers.

I am not good in controlling my temper. And every day I have to face complaints, including silly complaints about computer errors. Come on...!!! Being technical support is not written in my working contract!
So this afternoon I blew up. There was computer error and I was in my other office already when it happened. My colleague called and expected I could help to fix it. Meanwhile THEY, the users, never listened to my advice or paid little attention on how to fix things. I'm not a technician!! but I am willing to learn to fix things yet am NOT patient enough to pass the knowledge AGAIN and AGAIN.

I shouted to him on the phone. The words came out from my mouth was not under control anymore. And well....I blamed him of all the computer errors. An hour later I realised I was a bit too much. It is silly thing. I should have controlled my words and explain things in better way.

My colleague is a sensitive hearted person. He always avoids direct attack but grumbling behind to release his anger or tense. I knew I hurted him that I felt bit guilty, but then I laughed out loud....

My other colleague called me. As he hung up the phone. He walked to the broken computer. Hit the monitor, put his finger in front of it, and shouted at it.


&^r$&^*(&)_(_)*&t%%$$#^$*&^)*&)*&t$##" ==> Complete collection of Javanese swear words that are too VULGAR to be written here

Wahahahahahaha It was the first time in my life seeing a person cursing at OBJECT to release anger *laughing while imagining his funny way of cursing*

Tuesday, April 12, 2005



Just got email from Holland about the new payment procedure for the international students. JUST published 1 month before the deadline!!! Very nice. Now again the front liner in Surabaya office must face complaints.

I really give up. I am tired putting a smiling mask on my face, trying to calm everybody down. Meanwhile my boss keeps pushing us by reminding about the target and the other project which depends on our division’s achievement. My head is spinning around trying to figure out the best solution and explanation to both parties. Now I realize the consequences of working as a representative of a foreign institution in my country. I have to deal with people with different culture and habit, also way of thinking. Important matters for us wouldn’t always be a big deal for them. In the contrary as well.

And those other staffs here…oh my goddd…..!!!!!! Since I’m the office manager, they said that I have to handle all the complaints. This means they will gladly help to lead people with complaints to my desk *with grinning faces*. WTF!!! I really want to hit my head to the wall.

Waaaaaaa I can see already the days waiting ahead me (T___T) *tears tears*

Monday, April 11, 2005

Sakura oh closed....

This morning I got several emails from my friends in Japan. All with attached pictures or links.....of HANAMI (The tradition of watching sakura while drinking with friends)!!!!! The sakura I missed last week. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (@_@). So close.........

Seems like almost everybody in that country are enjoying the beautiful view of this once-a-year flower.

Hiro's blog telling his last Saturday's experience, Hitoshi's email showing up some links with oh-so-wonderful pictures of the blooming flowers, Yuki's wide smile together with his friends under the tree, also one of Sho's; and even Jun told me he went to Tokyo last weekend and was about to have Hanami there. Who else queueing?
You guys are like mocking me hiks hiks hiks

When would my chance be? (T____T)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Japanese toilet

I was looking at my pictures in Japan when I found the pic of the toilet I took just before I left the hotel. Interesting. Japan is a high-tech country. Even the toilet is well equipped.

Japanese toilet

Everything is done by pushing buttons. Flushing, cleaning......even you can choose your toilet seat to be warm or cool. For me it was really interesting. I spent quite a long time being in the toilet. Not because I got stomachache or something, but because I was SO amazed and excited to try the button one by one hehehe.

Yet there are also traditional style toilets at public places. Pity I didn't take picture, but It almost the same with what we have in Indonesia. I thought...well, this is the normal one. But then I was panic. "Where the hell is the flushing pannel?!?!". No water available, and no sign at all how to work with that thing.
Once I stood up, it got flushed automatically. Oooooooo using sensor!!!! [melongo mode: ON] thing just passed my mind. What if there's BLACKOUT in Japan? How would this high-tech toilet work without electricity?!
Hihihihi those Japanese must be PANIC (^_-)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Sloppy me......AGAIN!!

I should have worked at CDU at afternoon shift today because I have to do some follow up. But then I changed my mind.

My passport needs to be renewed, and my ID card registered in Vei's family certificate in Malang. Thus it is impossible to renew the passport in Surabaya. I contacted Vei's mom and asked for the requirements, and she wished I could give all the documents needed to Vei (as this evening she's going home to Malang).

I kept all my important documents in a locked drawer at CDU. It was quite difficult to arrange my working hours, but then I managed to work at CDU in the morning. I prepared the documents already and put it on my desk.

It was quite a busy day. And this afternoon I had quick lunch appointment with my colleagues from CDU. I only had limited time to go to my other office, so I was really in a rush. I held the documents, but mother nature urged me to go to toilet first *BAH*.

Well.....then I arrived at my other office just on time. Felt relieved, I started to turn my PC on and had small talk with my friend. But then I stunned.....DAMN!!!!!! I FORGOT MY DOCUMENTS!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Lately this sloppy matter is quite disturbing!! (_ _o)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Humanity wristband

As a result of vei's post on march 31. 2005 about a humanity wristband, several friends got interested and ordered it. This afternoon vei got package of the wristbands, so everybody was so excited wearing it. Look at our red wristband pictures.

Red wristband at Excellogix

This is a small contribution for the education of Indonesian children. Not expensive, only IDR 10,000. We do hope other people's hearts would get knocked to spare this small amount of money. The more people buy and wear this wristband, the more Indonesian children would be helped.

More information:

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Word Game

During our one-hour journey by car to Osaka from Wakayama, to keep my eyes awoke after drinking too much the night before; I played word game with Yo-chan, Miyamoto-san's little daughter. I forgot the Japanese name of the game, but the game was like answer and reply games.

The first player has to say out loud a japanese word (must be a noun), then the other player have to say another word, using the last syllable of the word that the first player said. So for example, if the first word was rinGO, then the second player can reply GOri-ra. The game will continue until one of the player couldn't mention any word, or if the word mentioned is ended by dead letter: N. For example: ShinkanseN, or RameN.

My Japanese is still really bad. Beginner level, so it was quite challenging for me to play the game. Especially to drill again my Japanese vocabulary. Yo-chan is still 6 years old, so eventhough she's a Japanese, I still can reply every word she said -though sometimes I had to think really hard.

As the game got hotter, Miyamoto-san then made the rule, that the one who lose must waited in the car when we arrived at Universal Studios. I didn't want to lose from a kid, and Yo-chan didn't want to stay in the car. So we really did try hard to beat each other.

Until one point...
Me : unaGI (hohoho it's a difficult step for Yo-chan)
Yo-chan : ginkoU (she was so happy after thinking for quite while!)
Me : usaGI (HOHOHO...another GI)..

Then there's silence for few minutes. Yo-chan was thinking hard to find a word started with GI. She kept silent, but then when I looked at her, there were tears already rolling down from her small eyes. SHE'S CRYING!!! wahahahahaaahha

Yo-chan and I

I like this small girl. She's so charming. She is the only one to whom I can speak easy Japanese with. And I like her best when she acted like a teacher and taught me Japanese words using Direct Method (Sorry, only those who graduated from Teacher Training faculty know this term!).

We both like disney movies as well. Lilo and Stitch, Mr. Incredible, Mulan, Shrek. We chatted happily about our favourite characters. In Japanese!! I always be very enthusiastic talking about all disney movies.

I'm sure she would grow to be a smart girl. You go girl!!

Karaoke Box

After having dinner at the last night. Hiro asked me, what else wanted to do? Actually I felt so tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. Probably we could have nice last night talk together, but I told him that I want to try Karaoke in Japan instead. We tried to find karaoke nearby the restaurant, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. So we decided to go to Shibuya.

We reserved a room for two. It was really small if I compared with the one I usually see in Surabaya. BUT high technology equipped. Pity I forgot to take picture coz I was half drunk and too excited to sing. I could search the song I wanted easily from a small remote-like-thing. Just ticked the letter there, and then that thing will find the song I want. The collection is so complete and updated. I could find all the songs there–English and Japanese.

It was so fun, especially both our voices are not singer-like ones hahaha. I love the songs he sang for me (though for me the songs should be addressed to him!!). Surprisingly in contrast with what I expected before I depart from Surabaya, I enjoyed every moment I spent in Japan. Hontou ni Arigatou.


During my stay Hiro always asked me what I wanted to eat and did his best to realize it. Since the first day I already said that I’d like to eat the real sushi, since the one I usually have Surabaya is kind of California roll, or volcano –which are not real sushi according to Hiro. We planned to eat it on Saturday, but then accidentally we went to Osaka thus my last night there was the only chance.

At first we planned to had dinner at Tsukijimi area (hmmm correct?!), but since I insisted to see the famous Harajuku spot first, and on Sunday it’s not easy to find a restaurant open that late, we decided to walk a long Harajuku to find a sushi restaurant. Well, not really walk coz then I gave up and cried for a train hehehehe.

Then we found this restaurant. The sushi was handmade, and I could see directly how to make it. We were lucky to be served directly by the manager. Eventhough according to Hiro, from 5 scale, he could give 3 points for the restaurant; for me it was the best sushi ever!!!



I woke up at 7:00 AM that morning, be prepared and rushed to Tokyo station with Hiro. Our shinkansen ticket would be at 8:48 to Niigata. The day before was tiring, but the image of snow motivated my eyes to open widely as the alarm rang.

It took 1.5 hours to Niigata, and the ski area was just a slight walk from the train station. At first I was wondering. Along the journey I didn’t see any snow, since I thought it’s spring already. But then the train got into a long tunnel….and as it went out of it, there’re mountainous areas covered with snow. Amazing.

After renting the costumes, we got into the gondola that took us up to the mountain. Hiro then taught me how to wear the heavy shoes, to stick it to the board, how to walk, to stand up, to slide, to turn, and to stop the board. It was my first experience. So damn difficult!!! We went to the beginner area and practiced. Well guys, as you guessed before, I did fall down a LOT of times. From 100 metres lane, I fell down for about 80% of it hahahaha


But I had fun. Really thanks for Hiro. He realized one of our dream, showing me snow and had snowboarding together. Eventhough until this moment I still had muscle pain all over my body, it was like the best moment I had in my life.

Universal Studios Japan

It is located at Osaka. I went there with Hiro and Miyamoto’s family –without the son since he had baseball training in his school-

At first we went to Terminator 3D show. After queuing for about 20 minutes, we could get in. Together with about 60 people, we were welcomed by a very funny MC at a special room. Hiro said that Osaka people are people who love making jokes. This MC could make people laugh out loud. Then we were lead to the theatre to see the 3D show. Well, guys… know how I behave while having action movie, rite?!

Then we tried Back to The Future and Spiderman shows. Both are popular shows that we had to wait for 80 minutes, only for a 10 minutes show!!! I can imagine how impatient Hiro was hehehe…but thanks ;-) I do appreciate it.

spiderman 3D

I love the Back to the Future most. It made me screaming crazily during the whole show. I didn’t care what Hiro and Miyamoto’s family thought of me. I just enjoyed it too much and behaved as what I am. Thanks for bringing me to such a great place.

We went back to Tokyo by plane. Had my favourite Tonkotsu ramen as the dinner. Arrived at hotel at about 1:00 AM, exhausted and fell into asleep in a second I touched the pillow. What a great day I had that day!! (^______^)

Visiting a Japanese Family

While drinking together with Hiro’s colleagues, half drunk, we got sudden invitation to visit Miyamoto’s family at Wakayama.
He called his wife to prepare things, and flied first to Osaka. After continuing drinking for a while Hiro and I took a Shinkansen to Osaka.

It took 2.5 hours to Osaka. First I thought it was the end of the journey. BUT……Hiro bought another tickets!!! There was another hour by express train to Wakayama!!!

At last we arrived at about 1:00 AM, and drinking again till 4:00 AM. Miyamoto’s wife prepared everything since we didn’t bring any spare cloth. From toothbrushes, pajamas, night cream, cleanser, stocking, until underwear!!!

Another different habit, Japanese always take a bath before sleeping. How could I take a bath in a very drunk condition? Hiro saved me by telling them that an Indonesian would get sick taking bath in the middle of night hehehe. An excuse I always told him to get rid of taking a bath midnight (^_-).

It was quite an experience for me. A new experience. If a friend visited me, I just asked her to help herself. Showed her my cupboard and let her find everything available there. Always that way.

At my last day in Tokyo, Hiro bought me a book titled Japanese Family & Culture. There I read: "It is slightly bad form to arrive without a gift. Something from your own country is ideal. No need to go to great expense...."

WHAT?!?! I didn't bring any!!! OOPPPSSSSS

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm Back...

I'm back here in Surabaya. Relieved with all the things happened last weekend.

He's the one who can hurt me that much, but he's the ONLY one who can bring me into great happiness.

What will be will be. BUT It has to be the good one hehehe.

A friend told me. Every story has an ending, and the control is in our hands, to make it happy or sad ending. Now I want it to be happy. I want to put all the past matters into another box in my heart, lock it, and throw away the key. Let it be that way. The future is there to be faced.