Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oh pren....!

A friend surprised me this afternoon.

Iyan had his birthday party in January. Treat all the groups karaoke and lunch together. We had so much fun at that time. It's always nice to gather with friends again.

Coming month several friends will have birthday. They plan to make one party for all. This afternoon Iyan called one of the birthday people and said: "Hey!! last January I spent more than a million to treat you guys. Next month you MUST spend at least the same!!"


If you treat your friends, are you expecting your friends to treat you also at the same price? We never asked him to spend such a lot of money.

If you help your friends, are you expecting your friends to be ready for helping you as well? Isn't a sincere help the best medicine when needed?

Is friendship a matter of paying back?

We never counting every pennies we spent BUT enjoyed together. We never re-caling the hands we gave for the smiles we got. The only thing we remember is how nice it is to be together, sharing the stories and the laughs!!!!

He seems to be a stranger for me now. Well, people change, life change......but he is now surprisingly dissapointing!!!!


Carla said...

i think it's one of his ways to show everyone that he spends a fucking million to treat his friends. :P

imoet said...

Whatever his intention is, he hurt his friends' feeling :(