Tuesday, April 12, 2005



Just got email from Holland about the new payment procedure for the international students. JUST published 1 month before the deadline!!! Very nice. Now again the front liner in Surabaya office must face complaints.

I really give up. I am tired putting a smiling mask on my face, trying to calm everybody down. Meanwhile my boss keeps pushing us by reminding about the target and the other project which depends on our division’s achievement. My head is spinning around trying to figure out the best solution and explanation to both parties. Now I realize the consequences of working as a representative of a foreign institution in my country. I have to deal with people with different culture and habit, also way of thinking. Important matters for us wouldn’t always be a big deal for them. In the contrary as well.

And those other staffs here…oh my goddd…..!!!!!! Since I’m the office manager, they said that I have to handle all the complaints. This means they will gladly help to lead people with complaints to my desk *with grinning faces*. WTF!!! I really want to hit my head to the wall.

Waaaaaaa I can see already the days waiting ahead me (T___T) *tears tears*


DolphinRider said...

Walah ada aja bos mu tuh, ya yang sabar aja dah tinggal dikit.Cia Yoo

imoet said...

Hehehe thanks nyo!

Carla said...

phew.. phew.. phew...