Thursday, April 28, 2005


I HATE FLU!!!!!!!!!

BAH BAH BAH!!! Why should I get it this time??
This is end of the month. I'm facing targets and deadlines. How can I concentrate if my nose keeps running, my head is spinning around, and my cough is like barking?! And my voice.......oh my cute's like a guy's voice right now!! Whoever called me thought that they dialled the wrong number....hiks hiks hiks. Even hiro laughed for about 30 seconds on the phone grrrrrr

This time I'll do whatever to get my health back. Take medicine, vitamins and healthy drink. Whatever. Next week will be even busier, and when I meet Hiro, I want to be fit. Don't want to transfer the virus to him hehehe

YAAYYY!!! 7 days to go \(^_^)/

[Counting down mode: ON]


Wacky Serenade said...

"And my voice.......oh my cute's like a guy's voice right now!!"
huahauhauahauahauhaua cute?!?!?!?!
get well soon ya :D
wouldn't be nice meeting him with a runny nose and horrible voice :p

Sheila said...

Haaaa... you are a hermaphrodite now! Big boops, guy's low, baritone voice! Might as well check if you grow an adam's apple already! Hahahahahahaha. :P
J/k ce Mut. Take good rest ya, JANGAN BEGADANG nonton drama korea lagi weekend ini... tidur aja yg banyak, just DO whatever it takes to get fit again.

Knowing Hiro, he won't let you transfer any virus if you're still this ill (no hot kisses, DOH! seng genah aeeee...!)
Hihihi. Gonna torture him and yourself if you're ill next week, girl! For both your own holiday's sake, just get well soon, kay? :)