Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Karaoke Box

After having dinner at the last night. Hiro asked me, what else wanted to do? Actually I felt so tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. Probably we could have nice last night talk together, but I told him that I want to try Karaoke in Japan instead. We tried to find karaoke nearby the restaurant, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. So we decided to go to Shibuya.

We reserved a room for two. It was really small if I compared with the one I usually see in Surabaya. BUT high technology equipped. Pity I forgot to take picture coz I was half drunk and too excited to sing. I could search the song I wanted easily from a small remote-like-thing. Just ticked the letter there, and then that thing will find the song I want. The collection is so complete and updated. I could find all the songs there–English and Japanese.

It was so fun, especially both our voices are not singer-like ones hahaha. I love the songs he sang for me (though for me the songs should be addressed to him!!). Surprisingly in contrast with what I expected before I depart from Surabaya, I enjoyed every moment I spent in Japan. Hontou ni Arigatou.

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