Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nice busy day

This morning I got THE NICEST EMAIL throughout the year from my boss!!! Everyone in the office is happy, and my motivation got pushed until MAXIMUM level today. And surprisingly it can bring back our good teamwork. How nice!

This is the most productive day in the month. I can make several articles at once, and at the other office I can do 3 days' work in 4 hours, while handling complaints using nice-to-be-heard words. Still I can add stories in my blog! or probably another story later....? hahahaha. Ideas keep popping up uncontrollable.

Exhausted now....My brain, my body, and my mouth were pushed to work over their limits today, but I can smile WIDELY (^_________^). I love being busy!

Oh...and I do miss HIM (^_-)

*imoet is going back again to work now!*

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