Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm 28 years old now!

I baked chou cream the day before, but it was a total failure!!! (>.<). The custard cream tasted good though. They didn't look good (I think high photography skill also won't be able to make them look good :p), looked more like dorayaki than chou cream :(. What a terrible breakfast :p

Spent the whole afternoon gathering at a friend's house. Oh yeah, I'm making friends already now from Iki's swimming school (^__^). Nice lunch, nice people, nice talks. The kids enjoyed playing with each other too that it took sometime for them to agree to go home hahaha

Had Wagyu steak for dinner. Really delicious one. It simply melted in my mouth. Definitely the best (and most expensive LOL) steak I've ever had in my life. I just realized that we always have steak for celebration dinners, with almost the same side dishes!!!! (fries, boiled veggies, and potato salad). Next time I'll try to be more creative and think of other meals :p.

Got a birthday cake from papa-chan.

With a bunch of roses. First flowers I got after 2 years :))

And a "massage" at the end of the day *grin*

Look at me, 28 years old, stuffed, happy and drunk :))

Special thanks to Yun for the phone call; Tina and Carla for the sms; Valens for the email; Nyo, Pei, Vanie for the YM. Nova, Intan, Anas, Mihane-chan, Julian for the friendster messages. Stephanie, Adnan, Misao for the facebook messages. You guys have special place in my heart (^___^). If you're here I'll kiss you all like this:

I hope to be more patient and think more positive about two birthday wishes :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Thai Dinner

I was dying to eat something sour and salty and spicy so one Saturday we went to a Thai restaurant named E-san. It took about 1.5 hours drive from our place, but Hiro chose that restaurant because he knows the food quality already (despite that the owner is his friend :p). The cook was a Thai woman so I believed the originality of the taste. I was too excited to eat that I didn't pay attention to the name of the meals. If any of you knows it by chance, please let me know (^__^)

At first came this traditional pancake-like kind of meal (or martabak?). It has rich amount of oysters inside with bean sprouts and nira as toppings. Boy, it tasted really good. I had to remind myself that it was an appetizer and I must spare my stomach for the upcoming meals.

Then came this spring roll. Dipped in sweet and spicy sauce, it was a fresh and rich of vegetables starter. It helped washing away the oily taste from the previous fried meal.

This is my favorite Thai food ever: Tom Yam Goong. And that restaurant served us the best Tom Yam Goong I've ever had in my life. This is not exaggerating. I finished it until the last drop of its soup. The seafood amount was enormous. The sourness was perfect. Not too salty but salty enough to satisfy my need. And spicy. Really spicy as we ordered so. This soup really gave me food orgasm :p. God, I'm drooling now; and swallowing my own spit in the middle of the night is dying! :((

And this spicy Kangkung (watercress) was the star for my dinner. I had never expected to eat any Kangkung in Japan before. I ordered extra spicy one, and finished it all by myself with a big portion of steam rice. It was KANGKUNG, for God's sake!! And It was very spicy. I was like half dreaming eating that in Tokyo :)).

Iki also needed to eat so we ordered this duck in noodle soup for him and Hiro. The soup was thick and very tasty, the duck was soft, the noodle was chewy. Too bad I only tried some bites since I was too excited with my spicy meals and my stomach was too full for non-spicy food :p. Next time I might order this meal again to satisfy my "noodling" needs :)) (I also looooveeeee noodles!)

And I thought this meal was supposed to be an appetizer but it came almost at the end of our dinner. Spicy papaya salad. Hiro loved this meal, it was not too spicy for him. It was like eating rujak without petis sauce for me hehehe, or like eating gohu (Manado style spicy papaya drink) without palm sugar taste. But overall this food is definitely what I will order if I go to a Thai restaurant again.

And Thai seafood fried rice. An additional meal Hiro ordered for him and Iki. This time I was waaaay too full I couldn't even try for one bite. No photo, unfortunately. My camera was out of battery (>.<). It was almost covered with seafood!! Wished I had extra space in my stomach to try :(

It was really a great dinner. It was Thai food but the taste somewhat reminded me of Indonesia. I was satisfied and ate really a lot. I had to unbutton my jeans to be able to sit and breath :p.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine!! (^___^)

Happy Valentine, papa-chan :p

Happy Valentine, Iki-chan

Happy Valentine, hippochan..! (Iki happily shared his cookie with his lovely "friend", meanwhile I was not allowed to bite it at all :p)

And happy Valentine to you all (^____^)

Chocolate Marsmallow Big Cookie

The recipe was taken from my cooking bible: Orange Page. Very easy (even for a beginner like me), and the taste was surprisingly satisfying (though I have to reduce the sugar based on Hiro's preference). My both men were having their Valentine's cookie orgasm :p

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Damn Tantrums!

These days Iki has been throwing his tantrums for like the 8 hours out of 12 hours a day!! I am trying hard to keep my patience level to the highest right now. He wakes up at midnight every day and crying for like half an hour. I don't know what he wants, and I ended up sleeping on the floor in his room. I don't have good sleeping quality lately and my back is killing me now. I don't want to sleep there actually, I just can't help not to fall asleep after he screamed at 4 o'clock in the morning.

He is a nice boy outside the house, e.g during visits to his grandparents house or at his swimming school, but once we arrive home he would change into this little monster who cries very loud while shouting "NO NO NO". What I hate the most was when he took of all his clothes and continued crying nearby the big window, the coldest part in the living room.

Today he got a bit cold. He sneezed a lot and got a little runny nose. It ruined his mood the whole day. I tried, really really tried my best today not to blow up. Being angry doesn't solve the problem, he would just cry even louder. I just can't understand what he wanted and what was in his mind. This morning, for example, he had a very strange menu combination. Tempe and strawberry, must be eaten together in sandwich style. EUGH (>.<).

He didn't want to play by himself too, and I was not allowed to do any house chores. He hung on my leg and pulled me out of the kitchen. At last I took some of my kitchen utensils and asked him to separate the spoons, chopsticks and forks. It made him busy for like 15 minutes when I could wash the dishes and boiled some beans for his snack. But then he got bored with the game and spread all the spoons, forks and chopsticks all over the living room. When I told him to stop doing that, the tantrum started again (#_#).

And tonight he wanted to have dinner in darkness. He insisted to turn off all the lights! Of course we couldn't see well. He spilled his tea onto the chair and all over the floor, and spread his food on the table. Again after some words came out of my mouth, he started screaming again. I got terrible headache and had to take painkiller.

angry Iki

Finally it was time for brushing his teeth, the last thing to do before going to bed. But it took forever and he didn't want me to give final cleaning on his teeth. When I gave up and told him to sleep instead, he got angry again and wanted to finish his teeth brushing, WITHOUT opening his mouth to let me do my thing there. It was just too much, I lost my patience and burst into tears. I was so tired emotionally. Tired of listening to his cries, tired to control my patience, tired to control my mouth and my hands (of not doing something harmful), and tired of being with him ONLY for the whole day (Hiro had to come back home very late these days due to his job). Iki was surprised to see me crying. He finished his brushing thing quickly, went to bed and fell asleep in a minute while hugging me. Then I couldn't stop crying for another hour, but I felt better afterwards. And now I feel even better after rambling here :p. would he be tomorrow....?!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sapporo: Food Paradise

I love this city. I had Japan's most delicious food there. All the food we had there was satisfying. If you ask me why would I go back to Sapporo beside it's Snow Festival, then it must be the food!!
It has the best farm and dairy products: sweet corn, potato, milk, cheese, butter.
It has the freshest seafood I've ever had in Japan
It also has the best grilled lamb
It has addictive sweets and snacks
And It has one of the most delicious Ramen I've ever had

So let's follow my culinary journey during our last trip to Sapporo (^__^)

Hokkaido's specialty: Kani or King Crab. The meat was so tender and sweet and really really fresh!

Kegani. This smaller hairy crab is somewhat tastier than the King Crab. It just needed more effort to take the meat out of the shells :p. The best part was eating the "Kani Miso": the crab's stomach parts inside the main shells.

Sashimi. God!!! These sashimi were heaven!! They were really really fresh and tasty and soft and tender and delicious and I got multiple food orgasm eating them. There were hotate (scallops), maguro (tuna), sanma (only VERY fresh one could be eaten raw, otherwise it's poisonous), kujira (whale - hmm didn't really fond of it, too hard for me), aji, shrimps, and abalone. Boy my mouth is watering again now. Do I have to go to Sapporo again to eat them or does the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo offer at least the same freshness level?! :p

Ika no sashimi. Alive Squid. Poor animal. It was still alive when cut into thin slices. The tentakels were still moving when served on our table. The sliced squid were still transparent, showed that it was really sliced when it's still alive. This kind of squid is Hakodate's specialty.

And I got honor to eat the head area!!!! I couldn't believe I ate them (>.<). I must be under beer and Sake's influence :))

Hotate Corn Ramen. We had ramen at Susukino area for lunch. Sapporo's specialty is miso ramen, and because I love hotate (scallop), I chose this ramen. For me it was Japan's second best ramen after Kyushu's Tonkotsu ramen

On the last night we had grilled lamb in Jenghis Kahn style for dinner at the famous Sapporo Bier Garten, former factory of the famous Sapporo Beer

It was an all you can eat style restaurant. Very famous and full of foreigner. The restaurant was highly recommended by Hiro's friend who lives in Sapporo so I believe that local people are also fond of it. The meat came together with a plate full of vegetables. This grilling style reminded me of the similar ones we usually had in Korea. The meat was tender and juicy, and the dipping sauce was a perfect match. This was my early birthday celebration :p

I ordered Hokkaido boiled potato dressed with Hokkaido butter as a side dish. was really really delicious!!!

The next day we had lunch nearby Sapporo tower after scrolled down some statues we haven't seen yet at the Snow Festival. Hiro had this Uni (sea urchin) Gohan. I never liked uni before because I felt some strange smell and taste from it. But Hiro said his uni gohan was really fresh and delicious that I was "seduced" to try a little. I was so surprised that it tasted really good!!! Now I fell in love with uni, but only the very fresh one!

And of course I ordered my favourite ever Ikura gohan

Accompanied with a small plate of pregnant Shisamo fishes

I bought this snack to be brought back to Tokyo. I guess almost everyone visiting Sapporo were bringing back this snack. The famous SHIROI KOIBITO. Thin white chocolate in thin crispy biscuits. We saw everyone at the airport bringing this thing, and when we bought, the man beside us bought 50 packages!!

I also bought the new product from Shiroi Koibito

Hokkaido's butter raisin pie. I love this snack the most!

Dried Hotate (scallop)

And smoked salmon chips

And of course delicious Ikura :p. No photos, they are now safe in a bin inside my refrigerator hehehe

God, I'm drooling....Sapporo is definitely a food paradise!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sapporo Snow Festival

At last I could see one of human's most spectacular creations: Sapporo Snow Festival!!!

We stayed at Washington Hotel, located at the neighborhood of Sapporo Station. Very strategic place. The snow festival was just 1 station from Sapporo Station, it was actually within walking distance but we were traveling with Iki and Hiro's parents. So we would pass the walking possibility, if possible :p.

Iki was sleeping and Hiro's parents needed some rest so after checking in, Hiro and I walked to the Odori Park, where the main snow festival was held. We were welcomed by this snow statue: "We want to protect the earth and the future of our children". A huge statue that brought an environmental issue to stop global warming:

There's also a huge statue of Disney's upcoming movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I love watching the Taiko performance on stage the next day but everyone walked away quickly. I guess for them it's just an usual thing meanwhile for a foreigner like me it's really "interesting".

Actually within half an hour the lights would be turned on and the view would be even more spectacular, but it was almost dinner time so we didn't have much time to scroll down the park more. But I did take a shot nearby the Sapporo Tower which located at the end of the Odori Park.

On the next day all of us headed to Odori Park right after we had our late breakfast. We visited the Family Land first so that Iki could play there and then won't disturb us after he's satisfied.

These are some of the huge amazing snow statues.

There were lots of smaller ones as well. From animals to temples. From favorite baseball team to favorite cartoon characters. Iki was happy to find "nyanya" or cat he's been looking for:

And got even more excited when he found Thomas Train:

And I got excited when I found cotton candy :))

There were also famous Children TV show: Domo-Kun, and the very famous "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi", an insect who loves to bite butts :p

Almost at the end of the park we could see the huge ice sculptures. Seemed like they brought the whole zoo into the snow festival.

At the last day we got inside Sapporo Tower and I had to hold my breath to see the whole snow festival view from above:

Closer view:

Besides Odori Park, there're two more Snow Festival locations: Susukino site and Satoland. We didn't go to Satoland because it's way too far though there would be lots more playing area for Iki, but we did take a little look at Susukino site. At this area, various ice sculptures were displayed. We went there after sunset so they looked really beautiful under the lights.

Frozen aquarium?! Boy....I felt pity for those underwater animals! Though for Hiro they looked delicious :p

There was even an ice Karaoke room:

And bars!!! Wanted to try but changed our mind when we saw the price :p

This sculpture reminded me of Korea.....oh how I miss Korea!! :p

It was still snowing when we took train to airport, leaving Sapporo. I really love this city. Wish to come back again someday (^___^)