Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm 28 years old now!

I baked chou cream the day before, but it was a total failure!!! (>.<). The custard cream tasted good though. They didn't look good (I think high photography skill also won't be able to make them look good :p), looked more like dorayaki than chou cream :(. What a terrible breakfast :p

Spent the whole afternoon gathering at a friend's house. Oh yeah, I'm making friends already now from Iki's swimming school (^__^). Nice lunch, nice people, nice talks. The kids enjoyed playing with each other too that it took sometime for them to agree to go home hahaha

Had Wagyu steak for dinner. Really delicious one. It simply melted in my mouth. Definitely the best (and most expensive LOL) steak I've ever had in my life. I just realized that we always have steak for celebration dinners, with almost the same side dishes!!!! (fries, boiled veggies, and potato salad). Next time I'll try to be more creative and think of other meals :p.

Got a birthday cake from papa-chan.

With a bunch of roses. First flowers I got after 2 years :))

And a "massage" at the end of the day *grin*

Look at me, 28 years old, stuffed, happy and drunk :))

Special thanks to Yun for the phone call; Tina and Carla for the sms; Valens for the email; Nyo, Pei, Vanie for the YM. Nova, Intan, Anas, Mihane-chan, Julian for the friendster messages. Stephanie, Adnan, Misao for the facebook messages. You guys have special place in my heart (^___^). If you're here I'll kiss you all like this:

I hope to be more patient and think more positive about two birthday wishes :)


mamanya Rui said...

Happy birthday ya Imoet. Semoga selalu diberkahi keceriaan dan kesehatan, dan tambah disayang suami.

Weleh moet, umurmu "baru" 28 ya. Daku jadi merasa udah uzur. Haha.

NoorIntan said...

Yay, you're making friends! It's nice isn't it, to have friends who have kids same age and you can talk endlessly about their behaviours without worrying you'd bore them to death!

And don't you look happily drunk? :p
So happy for you, and once again happy birthday! :)

Carla said...

Waw! Senangnya smsnya nyampe. Kukira bakal ga nyambung networknya. Pengen nelpon kemaren tp pulsa tinggal 5000. Ga cukup donk. wahaha...

I'm actually most interested in the "massage" part of the story. Can u email me more about it? Hihihi

denni said...

Otanjou-bi omedetou gozaimasu!

Embuh bener gak, cuma copy paste dari google.

Vivi said...

Happy BDay!!!

you don't look a day older than 24!!

Aditya said...

are u in incheon/?

Mee said...

met ultah shierly!
semoga harapanmu terwujud :)

btw mungkin aku tgl 2 dah nyampe jepun ;)

a2pl3 said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

coolz said...

Happy belated birthday, Imooeet... Many happy returns... God bless ^o^

imoet said...

mamanya rui,
aduh makasih mbak. iya umurku "SUDAH" 28 :p. Ceileh seuzur apa sih mbak? :p

yay yay yesss, i'm making friends. rasanya sudah berabad2 aku gak punya teman!! i'm really enjoying this.

i did look happily drunk. thanks, tan :p

makasih ya :p. sueneng pol dapat sms dari kamu.
the "massage" part? hihihi r a h a s i a

thanks den. iya bener kok hasil copy pastemu itu

MAKASIH. duh ini komen paling indah :))

hi too :)
i WAS in incheon. moved to japan already :)

sampe jepang let me know ya. emang kamu dikota mana??


makasih *hugs*