Tuesday, February 21, 2006


He was bit late after work today. No wonder...he got some flower for me heheheh

Second flower for this year. Thanks dear!

Birthday gift

Yesterday afternoon I got a package from Japan. I sms-ed Hiro right away asking if it is ok for me to open it since I thought the content were child care book and kitchen utensils as written on top of it. But Hiro's answer stopped me. He said that there's my birthday present inside it so it's up to me when to open it.

Hohoho...I was happy. I talked to Iki that the day before papa said that he didn't prepare anything. Indeed he ordered something from Japan. We smiled together, waiting forward for him to go back home.

So look what I got as birthday present!

Pretty right....? But I misunderstood. It was not from Hiro hahahahaha (_ _!). It's from my parents' in law!!

Olala Hiro hiro...what a surprise hahahah!!! [cegek mode: ON]

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I K I - chan

Dedicated for my boy:

I K I - chan

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Thursday, February 02, 2006


I hate injection. I always shivers imagining the long sharp scary needle stabbed into my skin. I am also scared to see other people got injected, including MY BABY!

And I must assist IKI for lots of immunizations (T_T)

Like this morning when IKI got hepatitis B injection.....
I tried to be strong when I left home.
I was still strong when I put him on the "operation" bed, undressed him and woke him up.
I was still trying to be strong when the nurse came with the needle, opened the cap and looked for the best spot on IKI' right thigh.
I even talked to IKI that he's going to be fine. That the injection will only last for 1 second. That it would feel like an ant bite only....(huuu huuu mother always has to whisper good supportive words, rite?)

And when the nurse stabbed the needle into his thigh, I heard a loud scream. Everybody was surprised, including IKI.

Then I realised, Shit....it was my voice!

Oooppsss [malu mode: ON]