Thursday, February 02, 2006


I hate injection. I always shivers imagining the long sharp scary needle stabbed into my skin. I am also scared to see other people got injected, including MY BABY!

And I must assist IKI for lots of immunizations (T_T)

Like this morning when IKI got hepatitis B injection.....
I tried to be strong when I left home.
I was still strong when I put him on the "operation" bed, undressed him and woke him up.
I was still trying to be strong when the nurse came with the needle, opened the cap and looked for the best spot on IKI' right thigh.
I even talked to IKI that he's going to be fine. That the injection will only last for 1 second. That it would feel like an ant bite only....(huuu huuu mother always has to whisper good supportive words, rite?)

And when the nurse stabbed the needle into his thigh, I heard a loud scream. Everybody was surprised, including IKI.

Then I realised, was my voice!

Oooppsss [malu mode: ON]


juz said...

gpp mut...biar IKI ga sakit kalo mau disuntik...tapi kaget2an denger loe jejeritan...^o^

yunita said...

hahahahha... mut mut, Iki aja diem, kok malah mamane sing teriak2..dasarr dudul!

vanie said...

=)) imoettt imoet... pancet ae kamu isa bikin orang ketawa ngakak2 baca blogmu yahhh =))

*mbayangno mimik kagetnya Iki pas denger jeritan mamae*

mewakili iki : "kekagetan iki ga dimasukno blognya iki ta, mom ???"