Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gotochi Kitty

I recognized that there is always local's specialty Hello Kitty's souvenir wherever I went around Japan. Well, not only Hello Kitty actually. Doraemon, Kewpie and other character have too; but I think Hello Kitty one is the cutest.

So I started to collect Kitty-chan when we visited Shirakawa-go, during our golden week holiday early May. I regretted I didn't start earlier, we've been to many places that I doubt we would visit again in the future. But better late than never, this is my first Gotochi Kitty: from Shirakawa-Go

From Hida perfecture, where we had camp at the Takasu campground for three nights

From Kamikochi, where we had 3.5 hours hiking with Iki's walking speed.

From Yamanashi, an area where peach is the specialty

They are now hanging on my fridge's door, waiting for more Kitty-chan(s)!

Friday, May 27, 2011

6 Years!

So it's been 6 years! I can't believe it's been 6 years. I feel like I really lost track of time!

It's almost like an ordinary day for us. With SLOPPY me served the still floury pancake for breakfast; burnt baguette and still too hard veggies for dinner's side dish, and tasteless and uncooked roasted chicken for our supposed to be main anniversary dinner :p. A lot of eeww and yuck - as always, but they (hiro and Iki) understood anyway. After all these 6 years, things are still the same and I'm afraid will remain the same for the next hmmm 20 years? :p

It's been 6 years. 6 Years of ups and downs; and burnt or tasteless or too salty food. But it was our day today and we are glad that we've been together these 6 whole years.....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Bento: Kamen Rider Oz

SO! It's wednesday bento again, after lo o o ong golden week holiday. I planned to make something really simple today because I was very very busy with houseworks and teaching after we got back from camping, but last night Iki begged me to make him his favorite Kamen Rider Bento.

Kamen Rider!! (>.<)

So this is it.....the first thing he said this morning when he woke up and saw it was: " hmm? what's this? ....kamen rider Oz...? why is it orange?!...why..." - and he stopped asking once he saw my very sharp look :D

Well, I should have used red paprika, but I didn't have it and didn't want to go out to buy it last night. Better than nothing, you have your orange face Kamen Rider Oz, honey!!


Umeboshi onigiri, wrapped with Nori.
Kamen rider's face: Boiled carrot, nori and green pepper
Potato croquettes
Boiled quail eggs
Celery sticks with mayonnaise
Orange and Haruka

April's Flower Arrangement

An almost forgotten one!!

Iki got fever at that day so I didn't join the class, but it can't be cancelled so I had to take all the flowers home and arranged them myself based on the photos I took from the class...

Very difficult....I almost cried helplessly!

But it is (^__^). I gave it to my mother in law for her 81st birthday present

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Emergency lunch

We are on the way back to tokyo from shirahone onsen (gifu ken) and
felt very hungry! So when we found this beautiful view on the side of
the road, we decided to have an emergency lunch: cup noodle!! Yummy!


This happened yesterday morning in takasu campfround. He went downhill
way too fast that he couldn't control the bicycle!! Well iki....this
was a very good lesson not to ride bike that fast anymore, right?!

The blood was almost all over his face, but now he is fine and could
even hike around kamikochi yesterday

Thursday, May 05, 2011


There are lots of activities for kids in this NAO campground and this
morning iki chose to do crafting. He's making a small church with
ponyo music box inside (^_−)−☆

NAO campground in Takasu area

We actually didn't plan to come to this area, but land sliding near
kamikochi, where we actually planned to camp till the end of golden
week closed the electricity line in the campground. It would be still
way too cold there that we need to use electric mat inside the tent
during sleeping so we had to change our plan.,.

But I kind of like this campground except that it's far more
expensive! I like the woods and the spacey ground and that our tent
location is not far from toilet!! :p