Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Bento: Kamen Rider Oz

SO! It's wednesday bento again, after lo o o ong golden week holiday. I planned to make something really simple today because I was very very busy with houseworks and teaching after we got back from camping, but last night Iki begged me to make him his favorite Kamen Rider Bento.

Kamen Rider!! (>.<)

So this is it.....the first thing he said this morning when he woke up and saw it was: " hmm? what's this? ....kamen rider Oz...? why is it orange?!...why..." - and he stopped asking once he saw my very sharp look :D

Well, I should have used red paprika, but I didn't have it and didn't want to go out to buy it last night. Better than nothing, you have your orange face Kamen Rider Oz, honey!!


Umeboshi onigiri, wrapped with Nori.
Kamen rider's face: Boiled carrot, nori and green pepper
Potato croquettes
Boiled quail eggs
Celery sticks with mayonnaise
Orange and Haruka


Cooking Gallery said...

Si Iki...udah dibuatin masih nanya2...He cracks me up...;)!! AKu gak pernah buat bento model2 kayak gini, selalu yg girly2 ;), mungkin suatu saat musti buat juga yg model2 gini, mgkn star wars, krn hubby suka filmnya, kalo aku sih enggak, haha... ;).

imoet said...

hihihih ya itulah. cerewetnya!

well, star wars, patut dicoba. aku sih membayangkan star wars aja udah puyeng hihihi. tapi kalo kamu....kayaknya pasti bisa!! ;-)