Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Gifts christmas gift from Hiro!!! [show off mode: ON]

I got Ken Hirai's special edition 10th year single album collection ('95-'05) with DVD bonus. It's public secret that I love Ken Hirai. His soft sexy voice, plus his muscular body, tough jaw, soft eyes, sexy dimples and smiles. Ehm...remember my HP's ringtone when I was in Indonesia? I remember some of you guys hated it...tick tack, tick tack....

Well, this Christmas present supposed to be a surprise gift tonight, but Hiro was not careful enough to hide it from me hahahaha. I found it last week, so sadly he just handed it to me. Sorry dear, to ruin your surprise gift. But I did fel very happy with the present. Ken Hirai is sooo damn handsome hehehe.

Therefore today I planned to made christmas cake as a present for Hiro. You know I'm not good in baking -ehm, I ruined my Kue Sus last time- but I wanted to try again. I couldn't give anything to him, so perhaps this cake (made by my love) could be a nice simple gift from me (^__^).

As a beginner, I wanted to make strawberry sponge cake. From my recipe book, it looked tempted and easy. And so did I try.

I had no electric mixer or whisk, so I had to beat the eggs and sugar manually. I took me 3 hours beating to get the similar batter as shown by the pictures in my recipe book. I almost cried and gave up, but because sometimes Hiro helped, I was encouraged to continue beating. have no idea how painful my right hand was.

BUT THEN!!!! After baking it in the oven for 10 minutes (as written in the book), all I got was the black-overcooked-BANTAT-cake. DAMN DAMN DAMN. My heart sank. I fell on my knees in front of the oven, staring at the failed cake desperately, CRYING. The tears just fell down unexpectedly. It's supposed to be a christmas gift for Hiro. He might be glad with a bit too sweet or not beautifully decorated cake, but this one was definitely a CRAP. I was so dissapointed. Not only because I don't have another gift for Hiro, but also for the 3 hours beating!!! HUAAAAAA

Hiro laughed seeing me crying in front of the oven. And maybe because he understood my dissapointment, he told me to change my cloth and to go shopping together.

It was then how I got my second christmas gift. Electric mixer or whisk. Completed with hand blender and electric chopper hehehehe.

How I LOOOVEEEEE Hiro!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, everybody...............!!!! (^_-)

Thursday, December 22, 2005


One thing I like being in Korea is that most of people I met said " are very beautipul" (Korean can't pronounce "f") hihihihi

In the bank, in the taxi, in my yoga class for instance

(^_______^) [narcist mode: ON]

Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Tree


Time where Christmas decoration can be found at almost every corner of the street here. The colorful lights on the trees can bring a kind of warm feeling during this breezing winter.

This december is different for me. This would be the first Christmas spent with Hiro. This would be the first Christmas of me being a wife, perhaps also the only Christmas with huge stomach in which an-always-moving-baby exists. This would also be the first Christmas for me away from my own country. Well...I'd lived separatedly with my family for 8 years that i thought this won't make any difference. But still I feel the difference.

No familiar gift exchanges here. No familiar rush to the Church. No familar warm hand shakings. No familiar shopping-for-christmas aura. At least in my house.

But one different thing this year, I have this big Chrismas tree from Hiro. At least I can feel that I'm one of those who are actually celebrating Christmas. After decorating tiny CDU's christmas tree for 3 years, at least now I have my own tree hehehehe.

I doubt if I will go to church this year -Forgive me, God-, but I will celebrate this holy day with my own way. Well, not going to the church doesn't always mean not believe in God rite? He...he...he.... (^__^)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My first winter

During my childhood, through televisions, story books and pictures, winter in my mind was equal with the white world. Where beautiful snow covered the houses and trees and cars and roads thickly. Where people with thick jacket walking happily with their smoked breath. Where snowman statues and christmas decorations could be found almost everywhere. Where there's nothing but happiness you can see and feel.

I knew that it must be cold. But since I lived in the hot-the-whole-year Indonesia, I'd love to experienced cold white winter. I'd love to try making snowman. I'd love to play with snow balls. I'd love to be under the beautiful snow shower. And I'd love to step my small feet and running along snowy roads. All I imagined was happiness in the white world.

Yet now I really am living in a country with its famous cold winter. All my childhood imagination were all gone now. I saw snow shower and experienced living in this white snowy place, but this is not as what I imagined hahahahahaha

It is beautiful. Look at the photo taken from our apartment. I wanted badly to run downstair after taking the photo, doing all the things I'd imagined during my childhood. But once the elevator door opened, I was shocked. IT WAS SO DAMN COLD. I can hardly move or breath. First because of my too thick clothes that stiffed my body, and second because of the cold air was like a sharp knife to my skin.

Then once I walked onto the snowy road, I almost fell down. It was really slippery!!! Well, I had to hold Hiro really tight because several times I got slipped. If I fell would be really dangerous. Not for me-because I fell down a lot in my life- but for my son. This surprisingly slippery snow changed my mind of beautiful snow, and made me extra carefull to walk alone.

And today.....the beautiful of the snow was gone. Wet slippery roads with dirty snow were all left. The city looked very dirty today because of that, and not to mention the cold air. I felt suffering walking with my shopping stuffs this afternoon. I was like a walking ball with my ready-for-a-war-with-cold clothing meanwhile those Koreans were only wearing 1 pieces of jackets. I can't believe it. Are they skins so thick that can protect them from cold?!?! (Jadi mbayangin kulitnya badak hihihi)

Anyway, here's my first winter. It's only December now...I can't imagine how cold would it be on January brrrrrrrr

Monday, November 28, 2005

Eating alive octopus

As usual, Hiro and I usually have dinner outside on weekends, which could be either Saturday or Sunday. He introduces me to delicious yet sometimes weird Korean food. Well, being in Korea does also mean that I have to try Korean food, rite?!

So last Saturday after going back from Gangnam, we looked for restaurant nearby our apartment that sells octopus. The previous two weeks we had a really nice octopus soup so I'd like to eat the same food again. We were too exhausted to think of trying new food as well as too scared of getting new weird taste.

First restaurant we entered sold the octopus soup for 50,000 won, which is damn expensive because the previous octopus soup we had was only 15,000 won. So we just got out of that restaurant quickly and looked for other restaurant. The restaurant we knew was closed that night, so we felt lucky enough to get 20,000 won octopus at this other restaurant. With his limited Korean, Hiro explained what we wanted to the waitress, and then we just waited for the food coming doing some chit-chat.

Then the food came. It was not Octopus soup like what we expected!!! apparently there was misunderstanding, and we just knew no words of how to explain it. Instead of hot octopus soup served, we got a plate of alive baby octopus. Though finely cut, still alive and moving!!!! Some body parts even tried to run away from the plate. Well, follow this link to see the still-moving-octopus and you will understand how I felt!

I was so shocked. What a poor baby octopus!!......I couldn't imagine of eating it!! I could feel its desperate defense when I tried to take it by chopsticks. It moved panicly in my spoon, and I could feel the so called tentakels sticked on my tongue and throat, as if trying to prevent itself of getting drown into my stomach. I almost vomitted, and was sure I wouldn't manage to eat the second one. Come on....!! that thing was still alive! I even still saw it in the aquarium in front of the restaurant just before we entered. Was so small and cute. I didn't have such a cruel heart to eat more!
So Hiro saved me by asking the waiter -of course using body language as well- to put some moving octopus into boiled water. Phew...

And the poor octopus suddenly became so delicious in a clear soup hahahahaha

The previous octopus soup

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fried Fingers

Accidents unexpectedly happen, dear friends....and so did to me again today.

As you read the title, perhaps you could guess when could it be. Yep. During cooking.
Our menu tonight was Japanese koloke. Differ to the koloke we are familiar with in Indonesia, Japanese koloke is like a croquette. More about this koloke thing can be read at kitchenku, but anyway the accident happened basically because I made too big koloke.

The koloke should be fried in middle temperature, that is about 170-180 Celcius degree. So we fried the first giant koloke in the right temperature. Then we decided to make the rest of koloke smaller, so I had to re-shape the other koloke before got fried. I got too concentrating in making new ones that I didn't make the fire smaller nor turned the stove off. When the koloke ready, I put it in flour bowl, then egg bowl and finally bread powder bowl. This stages made my fingers covered with thick bread powder and it was when I couldn't really feel stuffs. So when I put one new koloke into the TOO HOT oil, I put also my fingers together with it. And that's how I got my right ring and little fingers fried, covered with mixed of flour, egg and bread powder.

I screamed and cried like a kid. Was so DAMN painful, and IS still now. I already put my fingers in cold water for more than an hour, but they're still painful. I can't use my right hand properly now (T_T)

Ummm one thought just passed my mind. What if I didn't pull my fingers out immediately at that time? perhaps I got them overcooked now. Would they be as delicious as those fried koloke?! hihihihi bego!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


My kitchen is my office, my territory now. The only place to run away, hide myself behind my PC monitor and make myself busy. Place where I spend most of my time here, either cooking, having lonely lunch, cleaning or nge-net. Uhm plus daydreaming sih (^_-)


So fresh from this kitchen, i proudly published, daily recipes I have cooked:

It's in Indonesian, my native language. I found out that it is so much easier to write those cooking stuffs in Indonesian. Suddenly I become incapable using English in cooking field hiks hiks hiks. I am definitely a beginner!

I know some of you don't believe that I can cook something instead of poison, so please check it out. Perhaps you wanna try some. Don't worry....the recipes have been tried already by Hiro and he's still alive or having no stomachache up to now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Since I came to Incheon, I've visited two OBS-GYN hospitals. To talk to the doctors, and decide which one would be the best for delivering my baby. Previously, Hiro and his interpreter already visited several hospitals here, so they came up with two best ones for me to choose.

The first hospital I visited almost two weeks ago is supposed to be the best hospital according to Hiro. The staffs are kind, they can arrange any of our requests: have a VIP room where I can stay alone, give permission to my husband or my relatives to accompany me inside the labor room, can arrange a pre-natal exercise, and close to our apartment. The thing is, the doctor couldn't speak English well. He couldn't even tell us about date in English. Sad...sad. We like this hospital, but I feel somewhat uncomfortable with a doctor who speaks language I don't understand.

And so this morning we went to the other hospital that is well-known as the best OBS-GYN hospital in this city. Unfortunately there I can't have pre-natal exercise nor a privacy room on my own. The doctor speaks English fluently. The things is, she's kind of senior doctor who has her own rule and I can't say she has this comforting aura. Anyhow, she does speak English and that's important for us.
As usual, before laying down myself onto the USG table, I asked the doctor not to tell the baby's gender to Hiro. I thought it was fair enough since the father has the right to choose whether he wants to know the gender or not. BUT SHE TOLD HIM!!!! At first she told me in an implicit way: that the baby goes after the father. OK I can accept it, I knew Hiro won't understand that expression. BUT then she made it clear. Its a MALE. a BOY. Congratulations!!!!

We screamed. OH MY GOD!!! Why should she tell us?!
She said that it's a must in Korea. That it is illegal if the parents don't know the baby's gender. Things we couldn't understand logically. Damn. I was so down to see Hiro's dissapointed face. It was supposed to be a nice surprise later on!! (>_<) spite of that unexpected surprise, we're happy to see our baby. This time Hiro can already recongnize it. He can see the head, body, thigh, spine cord. Even we can see the face quite clearly. We can see the ear. We also can see the eyes and mouth, which were closed first but opened slowly later on. Dear God, the feeling was unexplainable. Look at the picture below. Can see the face? can see the big nose? - just like his father's hahaha. Hiro said he's like a monkey hahahaha....but he's my handsome boy (^_-).

My baby's face

mouth and eyes opened

How how how? Can you guys see that my baby is handsome?? huehuehuehe

Friday, November 11, 2005

Where's my confidence?!?!!?

During pregnancy, hormones plays a great role. Well yeah, trust me. It can make you very happy that you feel like flying in an air balloon passing through beautiful countryside area at one time, but at another time it can make you feel like drowning in an arctic ocean. Deep, cold, dark, unpredictable...

I got the last one now.

As my pregnancy getting older, I feel like I lost my self confidence. Let's say it used to be one important factor in my life. I believe you guys knew me as a little girl with high confidence, rite? Pity, am not right now.

My stomach is getting bigger, the skin is darkened and there're blue lines started being clearly seen. No waist left so I look like flat ironing board from behind. Not to mention my boobs. OK, big boops are probably sexy, but TOO big are scary!! especially if they're also darkened with brown spots and of course blue lines. As if my chest couldn't hold them anymore.

Next are my underarms. The skin there are also disgusting now. Blackened that i had to put my tank top shirts inside the suitcase when i was in Indonesia last week. The arms themselves are getting bigger, showing how much fat I gained in these past few months.

My thighs and legs. They're basically big, and now they're getting much much bigger; decorated with eschema. Arrgghhh!! I look like having acute skin disease.

And last, my fingers. They are swelling. I can't even wear my wedding ring now.
So I have 10 small and fat fingers that look like small fat carrots.

I am easy tired, can't walk a lot. My feet can't support my heavy body and become painful. So despite my ugly physical appearance, I also hate being a burden to people surrounding.

Can I rent Harry Potter's invisible cloak? or can I just become like Violet of Mr. Incredibles who can make herself invisible? Or simply like yahoo messenger, where I can exist yet invisible the whole day?

Am drowning in an Arctic ocean right now. Deep, cold, dark, unpredictable....

Help me. I want to get back my self confidence

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My New Life

Hi Hi Hi.....

I'm in cold Korea now. 5 busy first days here, I started my life as a real housewife already!!!!
I must do the housechores. From cleaning, cooking, to shopping for daily needs. Kitchen is my office desk now, and there I spend most of my time. Well, I mean, really like my office, facilitated with a PC hahahaha

We live in a 23rd floor 3-bedrooms apartment. It's still messy now since we have still many stuffs in boxes, and expecting lots more coming this week. The view from our place is gorgeous since it is at the highest floor, but my husband got this high place phobia hahahahaha. This place is also well furnitured and equipped. I got nice spacey kitchen, but unfortunately I can't access all the cupboards since they're the way too high from my reach hiks hiks.

View from our apartment

Anyway, this would be our home for this coming 3 years. It's still for the two of us, but coming year we'll have this new family member here. Please wish me the best to be a good wife and mother (^_^)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

These past two weeks

Woa.....long time not writing anything here!!! At last now I got the mood and the chance.

I am not in Japan anymore since about two weeks ago. Ehm....I was in INDONESIA!!! Thanks for you friends who were willing to accompany me, and sorry to those I couldn"t meet during my short visit this time. I am in Korea already now and starting my real marriage life here.

It was busy days, but I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I loved being back in my country.

Only Vebby and Nyo knew about my coming back to Indonesia, so I had some funny and interesting time to surprise some friends. Wehehehe I always enjoyed being a surprise [narcist mode: ON]

Vebby asked Valens to come to her place to treat him dinner. So he was like the first one to be surprised. I still remembered his wide round opened rounded eyes and mouth when he saw me got off the taxi hehe

Vebby arranged an all-you-can-eat dinner at Tomodachi for Vitria, Adnan, Valens, Mariza, Carla, Rina and Arief. But Arief didn't show yet accidently I met June and Devina there. I enjoyed their surprised face and reaction. Carla cursed, Vitria screamed, Mariza couldn't talk, and Adnan with his wide opened mouth.

Surprising Arief was the best part cause i got the best reaction hehehehe. I came to CDU out of sudden, opened the door cheerfully, and made Arief shocked, called my name for many many times and fell on the floor with his tears. His reaction made me speechless. But I was very very happy to be able to meet him again. He was still Arief I used to know, with his special characters and funny jokes, but with his new hobby: making cookies (to be sold unfortunately, not be be given to me as present). But I can say here that you should try his Kaastengel. Ehm...bit expensive, so better ask lots of sample Kaastengel cookies from him hahaha.

Sheila surprised me just before I went to Japan by coming out of sudden to my apartment. She was still in Surabaya when I came there, so I got the chance to pay her back for her surprised hohoho. I loved her funny shocked face, rounded eyes and oh-so-loud scream on her door when I came there with Vebby, Nyo and Carla. hihihi GOTCHA girl!!

Nina got surprised by Vebby's joke (that she's getting married) on the phone. Vebby and I made tricky story to fool Nina and Vitria at that time, but it made Nina came over the weekend to Surabaya hahaha. So happy to meet her again. We had a great time going to TP with Vitria, and Karaoke with Adnan, Arief, Mul, and Roy.

Vebby asked Emmy to come to Banana Leaf restaurant when Vebby, Nyo and I had lunch together there. Hihihihi she was surprised that she mumbled out some weird words. After watching us having lunch, Emmy went to my house; and the next weekend we watched movie together at TP with Mariza as well.

Carla said that she would go for a movie one afternoon with some excellogix friends: Boo, Denny and Jon. So suddenly I got the idea to surprise the boys.

Hmmm but I failed to surprise Tina because bitchy arief stole the thunder. He told her in advance on the phone. HUH..!!

This visit was wonderful. Full of laughter and jokes. It was the best way to say good bye, with wide smile and happy faces. Even Ayik came from Bojonegoro a day before I left Surabaya. Perfect.


I ate almost all the food I've terribly missed and ate some other more delicious than ever food:
Kangkung hot plate and Gurame rica at Layar
Bebek goreng canggih with its special tasty oily sauce
Kwetiaw siram at Apeng
Yakiniku at Angus House
Soto ayam at Pucang
Nasi Padang with Tina at CDU
Chinese food at XO in restaurant in TP
Soto Banjar at Kedung doro
Cocofrio ice cream
Lele penyet at Indokee in Citraland
Mie Dok dok Ploso
Javanese fried noodle at Ondomohen
Mie Ujung Pandang at Kertajaya Indah
Bubur ayam surya
La Mien at PAM's
Bakso Pak Salam
Cah Jagung and Bakwa pedas made by Tina's maid
Tom Yam soup at Banana Leaf
Terong goreng made by Tante Nanik's maid
Indomie goreng made by Vebby
Indomie Ayam with egg made by Valens
Ham and Cheese crepes at de'Crepes TP
4 Kgs Rambutan sent by Ayik from Bojonegoro

Hmmmm...writing those food down already made me drooling again. But life must go on. I was lucky enough that I got chance to eat them in such a short time.

Well, new life is starting now. Bye-bye surabaya, see you again friends. Ehm!! this time i won't come out of sudden in a month hehehe (^___^)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

(_ _o)

These past few weeks I feel like doing everything wrongly. I feel like I took the wrong decision. I feel like I said the wrong words. I feel like I couldn't understand anything and left blank. I feel like I forgot-and dropped-and left many important things. I feel like I lost my brain and consciousness.

I was thinking that it is because of the situation. It gave me pressure that I lost my control and sense.

I also once blamed the hormones that caused me into this weak-fragile-sensitive-and easy crying woman.

But today in the train on my way back home, I knew one thing. The center of problem is ME myself.

Am scared now.......

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mt. Fuji

Yesterday I had a trip to Mt. Fuji with my sister-in-law's family and my parents in law. They had planned it since last week, but due to bad weather they were about to cancel it. Therefore last weekend I went to Yokohama to stay there, because I didn't think I couldn't manage to Mt. Fuji with my big stomach. I would only be a problem to them.

But well...dealing with kids and promise hahaha. The two children kept begging the father to go to Mt. Fuji if the weather forecast was positive, and they used me also as a reason (>_<). "Papa...mama...shierly never goes to Mt. Fuji. Want to go there while Shierly is here..."

So, early morning yesterday, the kids woke up very early and grabbed newspaper. Once they saw that Shizuoka area will only be cloudy, they woke up everybody and cried to the father to go to Mt. Fuji.

So At last after four times coming to Japan, I visited Mt. Fuji.....

Mt. Fuji

Beautiful mountain, right? and I DID wish I could see it!!!!!!!! was NOT raining, but it was FOGGING. Great!! We had a trip around the mountain; got out of highway from Shizuoka area, visited a pasteurization ranch there, had Soba as lunch at a very traditional Japanese restaurant deep in thick-fogging mountain, moved around to see the five lakes of Mt. Fuji , and at last went back to Yokohama from highway entrance at Gotemba. If I saw a map at the guide book, we've driven almost around Mt. Fuji. Only to see large bottom of it hahahahaha.

Tragic huks huks....I went to Mt. Fuji, but the Mt. Fuji was hidden by the thick fog.

Anyway, I had a great time. To experience that Mt. Fuji area was not cold during autumn. It was FREEZING (^_^). Everyone said that it's for my training to experience how cold Korea wuld be hahaha....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy mother

I was so happy...

I went to doctor last week. Saw my baby again after a month, at a maternity clinic at Takashima Daira. Well, it was not so easy to find an English speaking doctor here, so I was so thankful finally I could find that clinic. The clinic is owned by a couple of obs-gyn, and both can speak English fluently because they stayed at the USA for quite a long time.

At first she showed me the baby's heart beat. I was almost jumped of happiness. Well, that it the SIGN that my baby is ALIVE!! strong and fast, sounded loud to my ear.

Then she showed me the baby. Woa.....already much bigger now. Not as tiny as I could remember. The head is perfectly round, completed with brain, eyes and nose bone. The heart is beating strongly. The back bone has a perfect shape. Fat already covered the baby, so I could see the fatty hands and thighs already. Cute cute cute!!!!! I can't describe my feeling here. It was just so wonderful to see him moving around. To see the baby opened the palms and shows the complete fingers. Especially to see how the legs opened and showed me the gender. Huehehehehehe!!!

I screamed. hihihi the doctor was surprised, but she said that the reaction could be understood.

I will be mother soon. Woa....unbelieavable!!!!

I went home still full of happiness, and in the full train, for the first time someone stood up and gave the seat for me!!! Hehehehe really a mother day.

Then last weekend Hiro came from Korea. So happy to meet him again. And most of all, my baby showed the movement already to him. The father could feel the baby kicking.....

Hmmm....waiting forward to see you again, kid!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sloppy bitch

At last my sloppy habit came after being careful not to show it to anybody here these past few weeks (_ _o)

I lost my new ID CARD axdcwiezxawlkzfnwaezefj;ld GRRRRRRRRRR


Damn, I'm a sloppy bitch!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I miss Indonesian food!!!

It's almost dinner time now. Been more than two weeks eating these Japanese food already. Now guess what's in my mind? all kinds of cheap 'warung' food from indonesia are jumping around. I can't help not to drool right now.

I just read my maternity book. There written that during these few weeks, pregnant woman of my age will want some unbelievable food badly. But....these are not weird food. All I want now are those cheap Indonesian food I used to have. Help help help. Really want them badly now!!!!

Siomay at Widya Mandala University Kalijudan
Pentol seribu-an also at Widya Mandala University Dinoyo
Bakso and Pangsit Mie Pak Salem
Mie rebus at a warung nearby Lempuyangan station at Jogjakarta
Soto banjar at a warung on Jl. Kedungdoro
Nasi Padang near CDU office
Kwetiaw siram babi - without vegetables- at Apeng
Nasi bebek Canggih
Nasi Kuning Banjar in front of KONI
Pangsit Mie Ujung Pandang on Jl. Kertajaya Indah
Bakmi Goreng + telor penyet of Depot Lestari
Lele penyet at warungs along Jl. Dharmahusada
Cakalang pedes made by my dear mom
Kangkung pedes made by Pei's mom
Pindang pedes made by mbak Parti
Bakso bakar at Malang
Soto ayam Pucang
Cocofrio icecream with Valens
Nasi Goreng ikan asin at Bima
Lo Mie at Pasar Atum
Cakwe Isi udang at Pasar Atum
Tahu tek tek that moves around Dharmahusada area
Mie dok dok pedes that passes nyo's kost every 10 p.m
Nasi Korned at canteen of Widya Mandala Kalijudan
Indomie goreng made by Pei
Indomie kaldu ayam + telor made by Valens
Cah baby corn + bakwan puedess made by Tina's maid
Babi rica made by my mom
eRWe aka spicy dog of Manadonese restaurant nearby Bratang

GOD!!!! I'm really drooling now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (>_<)
And my baby just kicked my stomach right now = "MAMA!!! I WANT THOSE FOOD!!"

Thanks to Mariza that lead me to imagine these foods!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nori Spaghetti?!?!

I spent last weekend in Yokohama. Stayed over at Hiro's sister's house and visited the famous Yokohama harbour. We had the last lunch togeher at a small Italian Restaurant nearby their house. As I walked inside the green-decorated restaurant; I already can feel the thick Italian atmosphere surrounding me.

We ordered some food in a second since we're starving, and (two thumbs for the service), all came out as fast as shinkansen!

I had my carbonara spaghetti. Really was delicious. There I thought that this restaurant was really keeping the quality of Italian food. But then I got amazed as the meal ordered by Miku-chan arrived.


Spaghetti with tarako (small fish eggs) as the sauce, and lots of nori as the topping.

Nori Spaghetti

Wahahahahaha....I really didn't expect this! Everybody said that that food was delicious but I didn't dare to try any. I didn't want to break the image of italian food in my mind.

I was even more amazed when Hiro's sister said that there's Natto Spaghetti available. NATTO?!?! the weird smelly sticky food that is unbelievably loved by those Japanese people?!. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Hmmmm so this is how people adapt foreign food into their traditional taste? Last night Hiro said that in Korea there are Kimchi Spaghetti and Kimchi Pizza! (@_@)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I got this book as a gift from Nyo, in her car, when she sent me to airport last time. I screamed for happiness. I was longing for this book since it first published last July, but kept postponing buying it. Hoping that the price would be lower and lower.
But got it as a present?? Big kiss for nyo! Thanks for completing my English version of Harry Potter.

I started reading it on Monday, and due to my idle time in Japan, finished the whole 607 pages story last night.

As usual, Ibu Rowling was able to hypnotize me and put me into the book. I love her way of describing things, and I admire her imagination. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was able to raise my curiosity, following Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts school of Magic. Revealing his adventure in a more mature phase of his life, still together with his best mates: Ron and Hermione. But.....


How come Professor Dumbledore died?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? HOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

What would happen to Hogwarts???

The next book would be the last book of Harry Potter (as far as I believe?), but from the latest story, Harry has still far way to go to be able to kill Lord Voldemort. Still 4 Horcruxes to be found, and his enemies could be at around any corner of the world.

Well Rowling is driving me crazy. Can't wait for the next Harry Potter. Hurry up writing, Rowling!! Hurry up!! There's one muggle out here waiting forward for your next outstanding piece of writing.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Between Imoet and kids

I used to think that kids are irritating. They're just cute when they're sleeping or laughing, and I felt like throwing them when they start to cry with their very high pitches.

I remember if I saw kids playing in the shopping malls, I always wanted to bug them, especially if their moms were not around.
If some kids played hide and seek, I would kindly tell the kid where his other mates are hiding. Or if they're just walking while sightseeing, I would kindly walk beside them and covered their sights with my bigger body.
And I hate them most if they must sit around me in the airplane. They would just be the most irritating creatures ever, and everybody was forced to understand just because they're kids.

I also never wanted to lose from kids. Though people said I win because I am an adult already, I still enjoy the satisfaction of beating a kid. Let's say Nando, Vei's little brother. Whenever I met him, at least we have 1 quarrel, and trust me, I did my best to win from that monster.

But lately I just can hang around with kids so easily. Weird. Few weeks before I moved here, I could communicate well with Nando. We could watch Cartoon Network together while talking. We even ate and sometimes slept together.

Moreover, I spent last weekend with Hiro's sister's children. They came and stayed over the weekend, so we were always together almost the time. I just found out that it was so easy to communicate with them though we understand different languages. We played the game Hiro and his sister used to play when they were children. Again and again. And surprisingly I COULD HAVE FUN!! hahahaha. Am even now waiting forward for the coming weekend, to meet them again and go to Yokohama together.

Do I change because I'm expecting a baby now? Is it what people called motherly sense?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Email

This morning I got an email that brought me into smiling.....

Hi there

I think you are a very passionate and sensitive person. I am too and I think I understand you ... to an extent.

I love your pictures ... and your eyes. There is something enigmatic about them ... and they look honest, with a touch of melancholy.

Well ... may be you should check out my profile and then may be write back to me??

Hope you will write back.
Take care

ps. You are very beautiful ... I love the complexion and color of your skin. Take care and have a nice day :-)

Wehehehehehehe...sapa sing yang gak seneng dapat pujian????? [blushing mode: ON]

Saturday, September 10, 2005


After those horrible messy and busy yet happy last weeks I spent in Surabaya, here I am now in Tokyo. Hiro had flied back to Korea two days ago, but surprisingly there were no more tears running from my eyes when I sent him to Haneda airport. Maybe because as what he said, that this hopefully be our last "bye-bye at the airport"?

Time flies so quickly. I feel like it's just yesterday I spent my days in Surabaya. Going to the office every morning, having meals with friends (esp. Pei and facing the annoying question: hmmm what to eat today?), talking for hours, walking around TP and Supermall till we broke our legs, drinking like there's no tomorrow at Excelso, and most of all planning my wedding party at the previous three months. Not to mention how excited I was waiting forward for the time to meet Hiro again, everyday phone calls, and curiosity over the baby's development.

And now.....?
The party was held successfully already, the honeymoon was over, I had several farewell with my beloved friends, I went to Japan together with Hiro and my parents in laws, Hiro went back to Korea, and I am now in front of computer in Hiro's parents' house alone with my runny nose. Oh yeah.....time runs unbelievably fast!!!

Do I feel alone? Nope.
Do I miss Hiro? stupid question. Of course yes, as usual.
Do I miss my friends and times in Surabaya? Yes, terribly. Vitria, Carla, Valens, Emmy....But I've decided to start my new life here.

So how exactly do I feel now?

I miss Vebby the most......more than I've ever thought, more than I've ever missed anyone else -including Hiro.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Silitku sakit :(

Tulang ekorku sakitt.....

Kirain ambeien, jadi kemaren dulu pergi ke dokter buat periksa.
Malunya setengah mati harus pamer silit ama dokter, dan ternyata bukan ambeien. BAH (nek ngerti lak aku gak perlu buka-bukan gitu seeeh).
Ternyata tulang ekorku. Ama dokter dipencet disana, aku langsung menjerit kaget.
Agak bengkak dan membiru. Aku langsung dituduh dokter abis jatuh tapi boong gak mau bilang.
Suwerrrrr aku gak inget kapan aku jatuh or kejeduk dipantat dalam waktu dekat ini.
Dokter takut kalo retak ato ada apa-apa sih.....tapi gimana coba? aku hamil gini kan gak mau ambil resiko x-ray. Dikasih obat pain killer gitu akhirnya....CUMA HARI INI AKU LUPA BAWA!

And so....seharian silitku sakit. Bad mood banget. Gak tahan duduk lama, makanya pulang kerja pengen langsung makan trus pulang.

Jadi bukannya aku gak mau ikut muter-muter makan tahu campur!!
Bukannya aku gak mau ke AJBS beli buku yang emang udah kuincer!!
Bukannya aku maksain kehendakku minta dibikin seneng terus!!

Aku gak masalah nunggu dikantor sampe selesai, trus baru makan soto banjar yang emang udah dijanjikan dari minggu lalu. Nunggu sampe jam 8 juga gak apa-apa, asal aku gak dibawa muter2 jalanan surabaya yang banyak bolongnya dengan pantat sakit gini!!!

MENGERTILAH!!!! silitku lorooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

In the Netherlands with CDU

Just now I got an sms from arief:
"Shier, I'm now in Damrak. So ironique remembering we used to be together with all CDU people, and now there's nobody with me here. Whatever my feeling is, I'm just hoping the best for everyone. Sorry for being this sentimental"

I forwarded the sms to Tina right away, felt sure that she would understand my feeling completely.

I feel sad. Sooooo damn sad. I couldn't help the tears rolling down from my eyes. So I grabbed my phone and cried my feeling out to Hiro. Feeling better, the memory in the Netherlands with CDU staffs flashed back like a movie....

I visited Netherlands first in 2002 for my job training. At that time, I knew no one in CDU except Carla (since she's my friend from uni). I went together with the first group of students, assisted by Arief. I didn't know much about him, but at that time he seemed so busy with his task that he left me, the new staff, minggled with the students. I spent my first several days with the students, and treated as one of them, until then Carla and Tina arrived with other group of students. After one meeting to another with INHOLLAND people, I started to hang out with the staffs and got to know them better. I spent most of the time with Tina, Carla and Baby Mariza (internee), and sometimes also with Arief. I knew it, at that time, that working at this company would also be a fun. The boss, the staffs, and the internee were such a perfect combination of a nice working atmosphere and unique personalities team.
We browsed the shops in Amsterdam, looking for nice discounted stuffs that perhaps could be bought. Well....Euro brain couldn't stop calculating the rate hahaha. We were having tight schedules with international offices and programme managers too, with of course business lunch or dinner -which were so plain for our indonesian tongue. We shared many jokes and stupid mistakes. We took lots of pictures. I followed Catholic mass in Dutch with Tina. We went to red light district and got amused. We spents some evenings at cafes along Leidseplein, watched once an old man's naked attraction. Went to uitmarkt, experiencing Dutch's yearly summer art festival. And having the best and cheap dinner, Moksi Meti, at Albina restaurant nearby Albertcuip; and also introduced to Shoarma - food from Morroco.
As the August ended, we got separated. Carla continuing her Europe trip with her past boyfriend, Tina and Arief to Italy (Of couse separately), and me flying back to Indonesia.

Then after spending a year working and knowing the people more, I visited the Netherlands again in 2003. It was Carla's last visit, but I were introduced to Nina at that time. I spent most of the time with Tina and Arief. Browsing Amsterdam for shoes and souvenirs, meetings, uitmarkt and having meals together -Moksi Meti and shoarma were must-be-eaten food. Walking down the streets till we almost broke our legs. Arief spent his time more with us already. He even took me to the bus station at Amstelveen with my heavy luggages when I was about to leave to German.

2004 was already a sad year. No more Carla with us, and Nina was resigning. She was still going to Holland with us, but it was like a farewell. Tina was not going with us also, she visited the Netherlands a month after. I spent most of the time with Nina and Arief. Nina was a shopalcoholic, so it was a great fun with her. Kalverstraat was out favourite spot. We had my favourite shoarma and Moksi Meti as well, and of course Shoarma at the shop at the corner of Damrak. I knew also at that time that it would be my last official visit to Holland. My bond with CDU people was very strong already.

And this year. I am not going because of my pregnancy. Tina will go a month later for other project. No more Carla and Nina. Arief is there alone now. If I were Arief, perhaps I would cry flying there with the students alone, walking down damrak alone, browsing kalverstraat alone, eating shoarma alone, waiting for trams and metro alone, running to catch the train alone, visiting schol and having meetings with people there alone. Doing things that were used to be done together with other CDU people alone.

So sad, huh...? or....Am I just being sentimentil?


I feel lonely in the office now as my colleague left to Holland. Feel empty, feel sad, feel heavy. I only have less than 2 weeks to clean my desk, to pack my things, and to throw away my "garbage"; but I just don't know where to start. I work in this company only for 3 years, but feel like ages. This office is like a second home for me.

I hate saying goodbye again!!!!!!!!!!! (T_______T)

Not only my working contract at CDU will end this month. I will also have to close my pages of living in Surabaya. Leave my friends, leave my works, leave my routines, leave my family, leave my crazy adventurous life. ALL.

But this is what I've decided as well. This is one of the consequences.

After the party, I will go to Japan. To learn Japanese cooking from my mother in law, to get myself used to communicate in Japanese, and to gain some knowledge on Japanese custom and habit. I feel like I have to learn all of these, before I move to Korea and have the "real life" with Hiro. Up to this time, I get used to have a freedom life; with me myself as the center. Always follow my heart and my ambition. Go where the wind blows my spirit. Now I want to learn that later on I could have more devotion to my husband and family. Just wish me luck, friends hehehe. I'll take this as a new challenge.

Again, life is a matter of hello and goodbye. I will say goodbye this time, to say hello again. Someday in near future (^__^).

Thursday, August 18, 2005


A friend, a colleague, a team, and surprisingly a loved one also.

The few hours working this morning, was our last moment of working together. He's leaving to Holland already, and when he's back here, he will find nothing but my empty desk.

I hate to admit this. But I do feel lonely.

He is one unique person. Not a gentleman as what he admitted. But to him I can be truly myself. I love every single jokes we shared, including the implicitly vulgar ones. I love the way he expresses himself. Though if I mention his characters I hate, this would be a very long blog, he is my dear friend. And I love him the way he is.

Sometimes I hate his working style and late response towards important stuffs. Just like now, when he's soooo irritating. Become invisible when people need him. I got lots of phone calls from the students. They couldn't find arief at the meeting point, and his mobile can't be reached!! wahahaha this is sooooo arief, the invisible man.

But I know. As this lonely waves hit me right on my chest, that I do miss him.


My colleague and students will depart to Holland today. I can take a deep free breath now, after went through this busy-noisy-messy month in the office.

So......welcome me back in this blogging world!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005


See the effect of having clumsy friends like Carla and Valens?!?!

Last night I washed my face using nipple cream (>_<)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

About Promise and Trust

When I was small, I used to complain to my father if he had to work late.
I remember he always smiled and said "Papa had to make a living. If Shierly waits, everynight papa will go to your room, bring candy and listen to your story of the day".
It happened for years. I believe him and his promise. Little Shierly was a little girl with high hope, expectation, and belief on promises.
But of course it couldn't happen forever. I grew up, and many things happened. Life changed, I changed.

Once a friend said, that from me he learnt not to trust someone easily. I got insulted at that time. Am I that bad? But then I tried to put some of my life pieces together. A friend won't say such thing without any reason.

I got dissapointed for many times. Because of one sweet word called "promise", and one determination called "trust".
From my work where my eyes opened that business world is not a clean world. No easy trust to a promise if you want to fight your life there.
From some friends to whom I gave my trust but taking every aspects of me for granted.
From love that broke my heart several times yet keep giving me promises.
From my family to whom I did my best yet got no understanding back, but expect more and more from me. Without realising that I have my own life and had done enough to make them happy.
Even from myself, from my own acts, emotions, and unbelievably way of thinking.

Small promise is a big matter for me, but seems that for some people now promise is only some good words accidentally said to give me temporary good feeling. Since then I couldn't trust someone easily. I live in a world full of 'if' and 'if'

Anyway, I want to change. I want to learn to trust again. I want to forget the black spots in my heart. To those dark memories I said I've already put in a locked box but infact keep haunting me.

Therefore I still put this little hope on promise. I know from my experiences that a promise is so easy to say but not to realise. I want to have a hope again. So anyone who read this, please don't just give me the damn word. Don't break my effort when I'm just starting to try to trust people again.

If a small promise couldn't be kept, how can I rely on big promises? How can I build my trust again?

Monday, July 11, 2005


I went to Desperados last Saturday night with Arief, Carla and Vitria. It's been quite a while for me not hanging out at night. And indeed it's already different for me.

I have to order only AQUA since I'm not allowed to drink alcohol nor soda. And I only can sit down somewhere behind and watched my friends having fun on the dance floor.

It was my first time spending time sitting inside Desperados for a long time. The music was nice, but for me the satisfaction was not complete. And because I sat alone, some "aged" guys came and "offered" me either drink or bed. HUH. It ruined my mood a bit.

I used my time to look around me. To the stage where the band played the music and the singers sang attractively. To the dance floor where my friends danced crazily with happy smiles. To the bar where crowds of men drinking with each hugging a girl. To the table on my left hands where a chinese couple talked intimately. To my right table where an Indian kissing a girl in passion. And to the two Japanese guys in front of me with several girls touching them here and there.

Well well well. I laughed myself.

Men and Drinks and Women and Intimate touches, that probably ended in a hotel room. As far as I looked around, no single man sitting alone drinking. All with girls in their hands.

Is this how men having fun? I bet none of them remembered their wives and kids at home while they're in their own heaven there. And none of them would listen to any complaints from their wives hahaha.

What if a woman do the same? Want some fun by looking for a guy in a bar? Eventhough she only thinks that it is for FUN (as what men do), men will judge her negatively.

Another type of discrimination towards female! World is so unfair.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Make out with Brad Pitt

Since last Friday, I was a lone-and-horny pregnant woman. Well, I guessed hormonal thing was responsible for this.
I spent my bed rest time sleeping, eating and watching TV; and still drama comedy Friends came to my greatest interest. They just can make me laugh easily. The day before, I watched the story when Brad Pitt appeared as a guest actor. And then last Friday the story was when pregnant Rachel got her hormonal urges. Got horny on every guy she met -including Ross and Joey. It was sooo sooo funny.

I guessed then that story strengthen my mind that this happens to every pregnant woman. That during this time their needs is even bigger on this matter. I told my husband about this, but alas, he's just so far far away to satisfy me. So this thing was going around inside my head for several days.

But this morning I woke up with satisfied smile. Hohohoho. I got a very very satisfying dream. I made out with Brad Pitt!!! His face was so clear in my mind, his smile is haunted me the whole day, even I still can feel him in my arm. His face was fresh as seen in Friends, but was as sexy as seen in Troy and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In my dream he was a perfect combination of a gorgeous, strong, smart, hot and sexy man. It was the best dream I've ever had for sure hahahahaha

Oh I feel sooooooo goooood (^__^).

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Being punished yet feeling beautiful

Can't believe I have to go through this. Being punished to stay ON MY BED - except for toilet urges - for 5 days!!! This is the first day, and I feel like dying already. Being pregnant and being active are two contradictive things. I'd love being active pregnant woman yet my baby seems doesn't like the idea.

Hiro said that our baby is just being naughty. Hmmmm...maybe she's just dancing inside listening to HIP HOP music I love to listen to? hahaha. But today I didn't listen to any of those noisy music. Just lying on the air-bed in front of TV. Or the pain in my stomach today was her laughing badly while watching the-funniest-ever Donald Duck on Disney channel?!

I know I'm complaining a lot and fussy about lots of unnecessary things. Sometimes I feel thats it is sooo difficult carrying a baby. That my body could probably not be able to manage. That I couldn't do things I love as much as before. That I couldn't eat my favourite food and drinks but stick to the healthy eating habit rules. That I have to face lots of "Don't"s. That even I have to reduce my walking speed. That I have to drink those smelly milk. That made me wanting RAMBUTAN badly but can't have even one at this season. That forbids me satisfying myself using squating toilet (hehehe...u know what i mean here). That changes my world and habit upside down. That now I become more sensitive and emotional than ever. That makes me now sitting helplessly on my bed alone the whole day.

But...Those negative feelings were gone in a second I saw the USG monitor. Watching my baby's heart beat blinking. Watching how life already can be seen on the tiny little thing there. 37 mm long now.

Amongst those tiring complaints written is indeed beautiful having something alive inside me (^__^)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Last technical meeting

These two days I was responsible for handling the technical meetings for enrolled students in Surabaya. Students from Surabaya and Malang came to our office together, being introduced to each other. Suddenly my office became crowded of highschool students with happy and exciting faces, looking forward for their experience to the Netherlands.

I got this strange feeling when I was being in the middle of those students. I dont know.....somewhat my "teacher" feeling came strongly out of sudden. It been quite a while not interacting directly with the students in a group, and by my surprise, I found out that it's still as EXCITING as always. With high school students and their unique characters, with their naughty comments and also their shy smiles. I'd always love to talk in front of them, watching the bright and blinking eyes focused on me.

This would be my last technical meeting with the students. I won't even got the chance to meet some other students from other cities in Indonesia because my inability to fly now. I do talk with them regularly by phone or email, but I always want to meet them in person; and give them the best suggestion for their further life in the far far country. This year also I won't accompany them to the Netherlands. I won't see those happy yet sad faces leaving their homeland country. Still clear in my memory, the sight of international airport with the students crying to their parents and friends, saying goodbye to each other.
I also won't accompany those kids exploring Amsterdam streets, exploring their first days in colleage, facing Holland's strong winds together, running out of breath catching the train or metro, or trying some new foods.

It was my last technical meeting. Once it finished it left me hard feeling inside. Sometimes I laugh for some silly questions from the students, but these silly questions made them special in my heart. Unique Indonesian high school students.

Well, these are the last months for me to do things I love to, and I am good at. Then I won't be able anymore........(_ _o)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bad Taxi Day

Since I knew about my pregnancy, hopelessly I had to say goodbye to my motorbike, and count on taxi as my main transportation mean. Expensive, but I don't want to risk my baby by moving around Surabaya using motorbike.

So as usual, this morning I went to the office by taxi. Unfortunately, I got a bad driver. He drove recklessly, made me want to vomit and lost my appetite as I arrived at the office.

And then after work I have to go to doctor. Again I got a wrong taxi. The AC was freezing that I can move my finger badly. I asked the driver to raise the temperature, but the maximum temperature was still freezing.

After doctor, I called a taxi again. I wished I got better taxi, but the taxi came was the same taxi I rode before. So....must be patient again being in a freezing taxi until Tunjungan Plaza. Phew. the title of this posting. The taxi we took from TP is even worse. The worst of the day. The AC was freezing as well, and the driver drove really really bad. At first Vei and I planned to go to Cafe Pisa first to reserve a table for our Saturday night dinner, but we changed our mind. Go home directly was the best decision. My head was spinning, and my stomach was really awfull. As I arrived at the apartment, I vomitted all the the dinner I had in TP before. HOEKK.

And because of that taxi, I'm still awake this late in dizziness. Just finished watching DVD "Racing Stripes" and now could manage connecting to internet from home for the first time.

Once I laid on the bed, my world will spin even worse, and I would feel like vomitting again.....Huks huks huks. Bad Taxi Day....

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rm. Yohannes vs Brad Pitt

Last week my aunt and my cousins kept pushing me to attend the adoration lead by Rm Yohannes. Rm Yohannes is a famous figure of Catholic Charismatic church in Indonesia. When I was in my early year at uni, I was pushed to believe, and regularly went to Tumpang (kind of sacred place nearby Malang). I was still so young and weak and too afraid to say no. It was long long time ago. I still believe in GOD. Of course I praise him for blessing me whole of my life, but my way is just already different than how I used to be. I may not a good Catholic, but I believe GOD in my own way.

Unfortunately those fanatics people couldn't just let me be this way. That's why they kept urging me to join them. I've tried to explain them softly, failed. I did decline strongly, failed. So at last i have no choice than RUN AWAY. *grin*

The adoration was held last night. I told my aunt and my cousin that I had lots of works in the office. That I had to work overtime. Great. They stopped contacting me. Then I felt free last night to go to Supermall to see movie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

SURPRISINGLY. There I found out that the adoration was taken place at Supermall, just nearby the cinema!!!! So I had to do this hide and seek to avoid meeting my aunt and cousins accidently. It started just before the movie began, and finished almost the same time with the movie. I ran ran and ran to avoid those people coming out of the ballroom from the adoration. Hiiiii Couldn't imagine if I got caught!!!

Well....If I have to choose between Rm. Yohannes and Brad Pitt...?! You know my answer. I hate being hypocrite. That's why I write it bluntly here. I couldnt stay in that room, looking at people crying, falling down on the floor, screaming, talking in so-called-god language, sometimes wildly act like animals. I'm scared. SCARED. If you guys have DIFFERENT opinion here, please keep it for yourself. Coz' I have the right to have my own opinion about this kind of service to God, or ceremony, or mass -whatever you call it.


Anyway, the movie was super. Four thumbs for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Akhir-akhir ini

Aduh akhir-akhir ini aku kok jadi super malas ya.
Bangun tidur malassssnyaaaa ampun2. Tapi kalo diranjang gitu matanya udah melek. Ini pasti karena kerjaanku tinggal satu deh. Penyakit malas jadi kuat banget.
Bukan cuma malas bangun tidur. Juga malas ngomong, malas duduk, malas jalan, malas baca, malas kerja, malas ngeblog, apa lagi lihat barang2ku di apartment baru. Malas banget buat ngebongkar n nyusun2 lagi. duh...

Baru tadi pagi aku bongkar tas gede n nyusun2 baju2 di lemari. Buku-buku beserta pernak pernik dan dokumen penting masih didalam kardus. Gak tau kardus yang mana. Jadi satu semua. Kumasukin kedalam gudang. Setidaknya setelah barang2 itu masuk gudang, apt-nya jadi tampak sepeti real apt hihihi.

Oh yaaa....aku udah pindahan. Sedih juga pas ngosongin kamar kostku yang mini itu. Banyak kenangan juga disana, dan sebenarnya aku udah feel nyaman dikamar yang khas bauku itu -bau bedak bayi campur minyak telon hehehe. Tapi yah, udah merit. Pindahan ke apt ini salah satu perubahan dahsyat dalam hidupku.

Aku sekarang tinggal di Puri Darmo. Ditemenin si Vei. Rumah pertamaku. Minggu lalu abis shopping besar2an buat ngisi keperluan2 rumah. Hihihi jadi ibu rumah tangga nih. Cuma ini belum dengan kewajiban ngurus n masak suami.

Hummm ngantuk. Tuh kan...malasku kumat. Udah ah, mo siap2 pulang.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I got diarrhoea today. Kept me awoke last night. Ruined my mood the whole day. But didn't dare to take any medicine because of my home tester result.

So I decided to go to doctor (the one recommended by ella: her father). Accompanied by Vei.
He gave me prescription, and suggested me only to have white porridge with soy sauce for my meals, till the diarrhoea stopped.

Then....I told him my case...bla...bla...bla....till he lead me onto the USG table. guys won't be able to imagine how I felt when he pointed to one tiny black object. 13 mm size. I couldn't stop my happy tears when I told Hiro by phone about this.

There.....our baby is...... the tiny black spot on the printed USG result

our tiny baby

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Boring free time

I got used to work about 12 hours a day. I enjoyed my busy time very much. Well, beside being busy and got pretty good amount of salary, I don't have much free time left. Free time = money spending.

But now that I already stopped working at Excellogix, I have 8 hours extra free time a day!!!!!!

Maybe you guys think that it would be nice just relaxing at home. BUT I was dying already yesterday. At my FIRST day of working only for 4 hours per day. Really don't know what to do.......

It's almost 4:00 pm right now. But don't feel like going home. I know I have to pack my stuffs for moving out this weekend, but the lazy virus is soooo strong. And I can't concentrate to read some novels. Also not interested to the TV programmes. Plus I couldn't sleep that early.

So....pity me just laying on the bed. With my mind flying here and there. BORING GITU LOOHHH

Monday, June 06, 2005

Masih malu

Sekarang lagi pengen posting pake bahasa Indonesia ah.....

Sesuai judul, sekarang aku lagi tersipu-sipu abis baca imel dari mertua nih hehehehe
Terus terang aku masih kerasa aneh banget. Tiba-tiba ada orang-orang baru dalam hidupku. Lebih-lebih aku kudu panggil mereka ama panggilan akrab papa-mama. Hueeeeee

Tiap kali baca or ngetik kata2 itu, jadi malu sendiri. Mukaku rasanya panas, dan warnanya pasti udah merah deh. Rasanya aneeeh gitu lowhhhh. Kaku banget mau bilang papa-mama ke mereka. Waktu ketemu di Jepang aja aku gak nyebut mama-papa sama sekali. Rasanya kata-kata itu nyandet di tenggorokanku. Gak sopan amat yah. Baru trus di imel aja aku berani nulis. Dengan jari berat (dan hati beraatt karena malu). Tapi ternyata reaksi mereka yang seneng banget bikin aku tambah tersipu sipu. Campur aduk seneng ama malu hihihihi.

Ada mama-papa baru, ada sodara2 baru, keponakan2 baru. Juga punya nama baru. Bayangin betapa merahnya aku pas tadi siang Hiro bilang: "kamu istriku, shierly kondo ne..." hihihi (kyaaa sekarang jadi merah lagi nih!!)

Hmm...entah kapan aku terbiasa.....


Lately I feel so moody
Something always goes wrong
In a second I could be very happy.
but at another second my mood ruined already.

I feel pain all over my body.
Also feel tired, feel sleepy, feel lazy.
Where's the ambitious imoet?
Today everything goes even worse in the office.


What's going on with me?
I want to scream
I want to cry loudly
Yet want to laugh badly
My head feels like blowing up

Huks huks huks....

I dont like this

Friday, June 03, 2005

A week ago


Still can't believe it. I'm married already!!!! Exactly a week ago.

The process was so fast and so easy. I still feel weird. Really I do!! I feel no difference, but indeed it is different now. I'm no longer for myself. I belong to somebody else. All the actions and decisions made must have consideration for my other's half. I couldn't behave as what I used to be. I'm married. MARRIED. Look at our wedding rings!

wedding rings

But......deep inside I feel so happy. And so touched because I felt so welcomed in Japan. Hiro's boss arranged a small party for us with his colleagues. Surprisingly unexpected. They welcomed me, happy with our marriage, and spoilt us with lots of presents. After the party Hiro warned me: "Don't cry Shierly! or I will!"......It was such an unforgetable moment ever....

And I met his family too. Such a warm family. His mother cooked a special red bean rice -only eaten at special occasions like wedding-. She is such a great cook. Dunno if I could cook that way (^__-). At first I felt worried to see them, but they DID welcome me in a very nice way. I was really touched. They are even learning English now!! Hehehe I do hope next time we could communicate better.

I'll do my best for my new family. I'll give all my love for my husband and my future kid. That now we're still separated, I'll use the time maximally with my friends and family. After I move out from Indonesia, everything will be even more different. I have to be ready. But I'm so sure. With Hiro by myside. Nothing can scare me away.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Today I felt so touched

Suddenly my kadiv gave message through YM. "Come downstair now. we'll have meeting".
I closed my computer and walked slowly downstair. But W.O.W!!!.........everybody was clapping hands, gathering around a big table with complete set of Javanese tumpeng.

I was speechless. I didn't expect this on my first working day back here. They were celebrating my wedding.......and also my farewell.

Oh yes. After 4.3 years working at Excellogix aka. Alto, starting from next Monday I will resign. Another surprise for my boss and colleagues here, so sorry, but life is full of surprises, and I always love to be one hehehe.

Thank you for the "farewell words" from all of you. I know I have this "spcial negative trademark" here, but hehehehe no problem guys. I always love to be different. I'm proud of being "mesum imoet". I'm sure you won't forget me in that way.

I won't forget those time we spent together here. Really......

Thanks for the gift. I will bring it wherever I go around following my husband.

I'll still be in Surabaya for several months, so I'd love to meet you again. And when I send my invitation later on, I DO expect to see ALL of you at my party!! [ngancam mode: ON]

Hiks hiks.....feel so touched. feel like crying......

Sunday, May 29, 2005

[Narcist mode: ON]

Imoet from behind


at the church

That's all for now.....
From Tokyo with love

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

doain gue ya!

Teman teman semuanya...

Mo pamit en minta restu nih
Besok sore gue ke Jepang nikah

Doain biar gue; imoet yang super sloppy, berantakan, egois, bermulut kejam, tapi cakep banget; nanti bisa jadi istri en ibu yang baek hihihi

PS: Kado, angpao atopun karangan bunga diterima dengan senang hati kok (^_^)

Bye single... the time comes.....

I couldn't sleep for the whole week. My mind brought me back and forth, to all the things that have happened in my life. I'm in my 25 years old, and (inspired from my boss, Vera) will change my status from a "ms" to a "mrs". Oh this real? am I dreaming? everything just happened in a blink. Still can't believe this.

Am I satisfied already with my single life? with all the achievements, failures, lessons of life, and adventures. Also for all the stupidest and craziest things I've done. Am I satisfied already? Am I ready for the new life almost every girl dreamt of with the love one? Could I be a good wife? Could this sloppy girl be a good mother later on?

With wide opened eyes in my dark room, all the things happened in my life flashed back like a film...
  • I can say I have a strange happy childhood, with strangely close relationship with my brother and sister.
  • I've experienced a spoilt life. With my parents trying to give me whatever I want.
  • Also experienced the hard one. Sometimes with no money at all left in my pocket.
  • But there I saw and learnt. How my parents worked hard day and night, struggling to provide their children the best they could.
  • I've given my parents my best achievements in school. The only thing I could do to pay them back. Their proud smiles motivated me most to keep the yearly gradelist on the top ranks.
  • I've experience studying at two universities with two different major.
  • I graduated cum laude from uni, with predicate of best active student. Brought my parents to come in front of Widya Mandala's 700 graduates. It was the gift for my expensive tuition fee.
  • I've experienced the active school and uni life. With lots of friends, and lots of activities.
  • I've experienced uni's busy and active organization life. There I developed myself and learnt about responsibility.
  • I've experienced the busy part-time workings.
  • I've experienced the adventurous last minute travels with Mariza. Thing I wouldn't consider to do again now hahaha
  • I've experienced a 4-year relationship with a nice but conventional guy, and how it was to be welcomed in his family.
  • I've experienced also a 1-month wild relationship with my junior in uni.
  • I've cheated guys and flirting and playing around with their hearts. Well, I promised not to do these anymore.
  • I've dedicated myself working for two companies days and nights.
  • I could help my parents supporting my brother and sister's education. Hope they could be good doctors in the future.
  • I've satisfied myself eating soto Banjar at a warung on Kedungdoro street.
  • In 3 years I've visited Holland for three times, German for twice, Paris, Belgium, Singapore twice, India, Malaysia also for three times and Japan twice. My great interest in travelling cleaned my savings and bonus.
  • I've nude-photographed by talented-Carla. Thanks, girl. Your art opened my eyes of how sexy I am hahahaha.
  • I've met lots of wonderful friends with whom I spent my colorful single life.
  • And I've met my soulmate. Been through ups and downs together, till now we decided to step further into a marriage.

And many many other lists couldn't be written here.
Oh...yes I'm satisfied. I've had passionate single life. Always following my heart, and never regret of what I've decided. Take them all as lessons in my life.
Some may say I'm crazy. I'm naughty. I'm stupid.
But I'm satisfied with my wild single life. With the life I've earned with my own hands.

So for now....bye bye single world......(^_^)v.

I'll open a new page of my new life.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bit relieved

So little time so much to do....

It's me now. I have little time only left yet lots of things to be done before mid of next week. Only God knows whether I can manage all or not.

But today, I feel a bit relieved.
I managed to submit all the paperworks to the consulate.
I talked to my boss in Excellogix, and got days off for next week.
I got positive response from my boss in CDU.
I talked to my parents about my plan - hmmmm their reactions were unbelievable, yet make sense.
I talked with Hiro about other stuffs and he could understand (^_^).

Every day until next week is important. I wish I could still have a month or so, but other side of my heart is counting down. Can't wait for the time. also scared actually *nail biting*

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I'm scared...

Don't know what am i supposed to think now. or feel. or plan.
I was stunned by the fact I saw last night. not sure whether it's really true or not though.
But still this opened my eyes the whole night thinking. What should I do. What will I face. What will be the explanation.

I don't want to say this as a mistake. This should be a thing I thank you. This is the thing I've been longing for. Though now it still confused me a lot. Am I really ready? ready for all the consequences? Well I have to. I chose this path already, and I have to go on.

But please help me to go through this. I have no power. I can only ask for help. And you're the only one who can help me.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Crab "eggs" or "shits"

Lately I love to eat crabs. Especially those served with the "eggs".
Reni, my colleague at CDU, introduced a nice "seafood warung". Not so expensive, and delicious. I love the sweet and sour crabs, with the "eggs".

Once I like to eat something, I will eat it again and again and again. And so this new crab-eating hobby. Since that first crab dinner with CDU colleague, I still could taste the crab in my mouth. Therefore when I went to Bali last weekend, I proposed one crab dinner to Hiro. Then when I got back to Surabaya, I had another crab dinner with Valens. That time, I enjoyed it so much because I got lots of eggs in the crab. slurpppp. that time I was bit irritated by Valens. He said that what I ate was not "crab eggs", but "crab shits". BAH!!!!!! The crab is too delicious for such a comment.

All the CDU's staffs were so crazy of crabs. That's why last Saturday, we decided to have crab as the menu during our office's dinner. We invited Carla and Vitria also to the dinner (they're both ex-CDUers), but UNFORTUNATELY Carla couldn't make it. Tina also finally couldn't come due to family's outing, so the "nice" CDU's saturday outing was attended by Arieftje, Reni, Vitria and me.

Arief then bought the carb and brought it to the office. We planned to have dinner first before karaoke. The crab was a bit cold already (_ _!), but still nice for me. So greedily, I ate 2 crabs. Both with lots of eggs inside. Oh....what a nice dinner!!

But then today I read Vitria's blog about the crab dinner. She said that:
1. The crab's eggs supposed to be orange. Not green-yellow like last Saturday
2. The crab's eggs have quite solid textures, not liquid.
3. The crab's eggs are located inside the crab's shell, not nearby the crab's anus.
That's why she lost her appetite, but preferred to silent so that others' wouldn't lose their appetite.

In other words.......according to her, what I ate were not crab's eggs, but crab's shit!!

Hueeeeee??????? How could you Vitria...?! Why didn't you tell me?? Huks huks huks....I ate crab's shits. Hmmmmm several times already!! So stupid.....just know Vei asked me "have you ever ate sushi with crab egg's?"
Yeah....I remember exactly now how crab eggs supposed to be.

HOEKKKKKK I ate crab's shits ~~~~>_<~~~~

Sorry, door!

Last night I couldn't enter my own bedroom. Got locked (>_<)

I tried to turn the key again and again, but got stucked. Nyo and Vei were helping, but the key really was stucked. Huks.....I couldn't enter my own room......

As we were so hungry, we decided to go out for a dinner first. I couldn't really enjoy the delicious soto ayam. My mind were in front of my bedroom's door. My friends knew this and started to blame me. It's my fault. It's because I always open and close my door harshly. Even Nyo said that she's surprised my door can last up to two years. Her prediction was not even for 1 year.

Vei: You know? no one in our boarding house produced that "BANG" sound while closing door.
Nyo: Everybody will know that imoet is at home from the "BANG" sound of her bedroom door.
Vei: Even in the middle of night, you often wake me up with your "BANG" sound when you go to toilet.
Vei: Ooooooo!!! Now I know why mbak Parti (our maid) always make noisy sound while cleaning your window every morning!!! Because her room is right under your's, and you always surprised her with your "BANG" sound. Maid's revenge...? hahaha
Nyo: should eat more now. You'll need it, because tonight you'll have to work with ur door.
Nyo: What you sow is what you reap (inspired by the bible)

Then I run straight to my room and tried to open the door again. But you know, I'm a very unpatient type. I said "sorry" to my door, but still the key got stucked. huks huks......
After sometime, when I felt so desperate, Vei's patient won the door's heart....xie xie Pei!!!!!

So....I just left my door unlocked this morning. I don't expect not being able to enter my room again tonight (^_-)

Again....sorry, door....

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Hari ini capekkkkkkk banget.
Badanku gak enak, perutku sakit the whole day (>_<), kepala juga cekot-cekot, bikin emosi naik ke ubun-ubun.
Di kantor banyak problems, ribuuut terus, tegang terus. Bossku sampe telpon beberapa kali dari Belanda. Bikin tegang n sumpek. HP sampe low battery, got too many phone calls dan semuanya can be said made me mad!!! and I have my sore throat too.....maybe because I talked in raised tone almost the whole day?!
Why they have to look for me for every tiny problem happened?! Didn't they pay ANY attention whenever I tell things? Can't they remember things?
Excuse meeeeeee!!!!! I'm also a sloppy one. A Super Sanguin one. Remembering all those stuffs is a BIG headache!! BAH! If this is how you guys testing my patience, hell!! You've won.

Huuuu huuuuuu [Crying mode: ON]......sebel sebelllllll *nangis sambil nendang-nendang*

Hmmmmmm...brb, phone call!


Waaaaaaaa leganyaaaaaaaa abis ngomel puanjang lebar sama Hiro. Yayangku emang Te O Pe banget buat bikin kepalaku dingin. Selalu available kapanpun dibutuhkan. Dia bersedia bayar pulsa telpon buat jadi trash bin-ku kapanpun aku bilang sumpek. Bisa bikin tenang sama kata-katanya dia (yang menurut teman2ku gak bisa dimengerti...kayak kumur-kumur). Dan gak pernah push me or paksa aku memutuskan sesuatu. Kebebasan memilih selalu di tanganku. Cieeee...demokrasi pekkk. Dia cuma kasih beberapa pilihan, semuanya INDEED kalo dipikir-pikir baik buatku. Nah lo...bikin tambah bingung gak sih?! Tapi emang CINTA kan membingungkan yaaaa???????

Kangen ama hugs hugs nya. Nanti malam telpon ahhh, minta big hug ama wet kiss. Hari ini mulai lagi deh......menghitung hariiiiiiii

[counting down mode: ON lagi]

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Angels and Demons

Remember the famous Da Vinci Code?

This novel titled Angels and Demons belongs to the same writer, Dan Brown. I got it as a birthday present from my bestfriends actually, but I didn't really have time to read it. Until last weekend, when I got plenty time to finish this novel while sunbathing.

This novel amused me more than the Da Vinci Code -since I don't like Da Vinci Code's ending. Still bringing up topic related to Christianity, combined with high technology equipment; the novel then invited my curiosity more about Catholic ancient history plus the secret brotherhood against it, never ending conflict between science and religion, widely description of Catholic most sacred place, analitical thinking to break ancient code, and the thrill while following Robert Langdon's adventure throughout the story. Really really interesting!!! Two thumbs up!!!!!

I read some reviews.......again some controversials were written regarding the content of this novel. Especially because the novel has something to do with Catholic, its history and assets. Maybe it's good being a POOR Catholic like me hehehe. Not religious enough to fight this marvelous literature yet enjoying and believe every fiction written there.

Today I spent my free time browsing about Path of Illumination and the tombs, Vatican's secrets, Rome's best churches and tombs, the Swiss Guard, and Galileo and Bernini's art. Also about CERN and its technology, including the antimatter. Thanks to Dan Brown (^_-), without reading his books I won't have any clue to these amazing facts. Bit regret I didn't go to Rome last year huuuu huuuu.....

Behind number 21

Several things accidently happened in my life that is connected to number "21" or 1 and 2.

At first I didn't pay attention to it, but as more and more things happened, wouldn't it be more than just "coincidence".......?

My birthdate is 21 February and Hiro's is 21 October.
I met Hiro on 12 May 2003
Hiro went back to Japan last 2 years on the 21 July- first time we got separated.
Hiro went back to Japan after spending 9 days with me last 21 January
My visa to Japan last time was stamped on 21 March, would be expired on 21 June
In Japan we stayed at East 21 hotel
Our hotel room in Bali last weekend was 9021
Just got my re-newed passport. Issued on 21 April, and would be expired on 21 April 2010

Interesting, huh? The coincidences always surprised us and made us laughing. Hmmmm I'm wondering what other 21 will happen next? Let's wait and see (^_^)

Do you believe in such coincidence, friends? (^_-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Personality


Your #1 Match: ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller!

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

Your #2 Match: ENTP

The Visionary

You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.
You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.
Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.
You're very clever, but not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

You would make a great entrpreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

Your #3 Match: ESFP

The Performer

You are a natural performer and happiest when you're entertaining others.
A great friend, you are generous, fun-loving and optimistic.
You love to laugh - and you like almost all people equally.
You accept life as it is, and you do your best to make each day fantastic.

You would make a good actor, designer, or counselor.

Your #4 Match: ESTP

The Doer

You are adventurous and risk taking. You act first, think second.
You love being the center of attention. Chances are you were the class clown.
Competitive, charming, and charasmatic - you have your own code of honor.
You live a flexible life, bouncing between a series of activies that interest you.

You would make a great salesperson, marketing director, or entrepreneur.

Your #5 Match: ENFJ

The Giver

You strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and usually succeed.
Articulate and enthusiastic, you are good at making personal connections.
Sometimes you idealize relationships too much - and end up being let down.
You find the most energy and comfort in social situations ... where you shine.

You would make a good writer, human resources director, or psychologist.

Wooohoooo this is soooo true!!!
Uhm...Pei and Ella.....we share the same number 1 personality type wehehehe
Perhaps that's why we could understand each other well *wink*

I'm back and happy and tanned...


I'm Back......!!!!!
Back to my messy desk, back to my dusty lap top, back to my cold office, back to never-ending-phone-calls, back to REAL-BUSY-LIFE. Came to my crowded office right from the airport, beautiful in my tanned skin, and never feel so alive like this.

Hiro flied back to Japan yesterday night. I felt so damn lonely as I got back to the hotel after sending him to airport. Saying good bye would always be the hardest thing, and being lonely will always be the feeling left behind. But this is the risk of having long distance relationship. Being positive is a must. I learnt from my experiences. Now I will re-call the nicest memories spent together whenever I feel lonely. And so I can smile again, and so he can feel it, and so both of us will have our brightest smile (^_______^) or loudest laugh.

Love is beautiful in its own way. I'm happy to have the feeling. And I'm happy to be able to express it freely. Being with each other is the best moment -when we can share our ideas, debate our opinion about ANYthing, talk about plan and dream and future, watch DVDs and play PS2 together, walk along the beach, play with wave and sand and tiny crabs, sunbathing and read novels and comics together, watch our first sunset together, fight for our favourite sandwich club, brush our teeth, do all the stupid and wild things, laugh and laugh and laugh.

Dear dear dear Hiro....being with you is the most precious moment.

Hontou ni arigatou *hugs hugs*

Hihihihihiihi imoet lagi romantis nih [blushing mode: ON]

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pagi hariku

Ya Tuhan....blom jam 10 pagi, tapi mataku bueraaatttttttt buanget huks huks huks. Inilah nasib kalo harus kerja di hari libur. Disaat orang2 masih bobok2 manis.

Tadi pagi dibangunin alarm jam 4:15. Time to wake Hiro up. Orang itu kan bermasalah banget kalo bangun tidur. Biasanya sampe gulat n seret2an, belum lagi kalo kumat manja minta digendong. Padahal berat badannya 1.5 kali ku. Penyiksaan di pagi hari. HUH....meskipun jauh, tetep aja nyiksa nih. Bayangkan aku harus bangun sepagi buta itu. Even earlier dari Mbak Parti!! Tapi yah...berhubung aku gak mau dia telat sampe airport, di rela relain deh....hihihi. Eeeee.....begitu ditelpon dia malah ngomel2 ama suara yg beratnya se-ton. Kalo gak for the sake for our holiday, pasti udah aku maki balik tadi!!

Trying to continue my sleep sih....tapi GAK BISA. Sampe muter kanan, muter kiri, dan akhirnya terjebak dalam selimut kusut (kebanyakan dipake muter-muter). BETE. Eeee....pas akhirnya bisa tidur sekejap, bangun kaget kena mbak Parti bersihin jendela kamarku. Huaaaaa.....orang ini kalo bersih2 kok kayak lagi penuh dendam gitu sih?! Mungkin dia bete sama anak2 kost yang semuanya lagi ngorok while dia kudu bersih2. [kesimpulan orang bete dipagi hari nih].

Then aku lihat jam...jam 05:00. Hmmm masih ada sejam before the second alarm rang. Tapi ya itu....udah terlanjur susah tidur. Hhhhhhh sedihnya......Then lagi2, baru tidur paling 10 menit, alarm udah ber tut-tut-tut. Pengen kulempar rasanya tu HP. Untung sadar kalo mahal! Then kuputuskan snooze 10 menit lagi. Eeeeee.....baru 4 menit ama nyo udah di miskol!! (>_<)
Tapi ya untunglah......coba kalo enggak, snooze bakal berlanjut sampe jam setengah delapan deh kayaknya, dan project tadi pagi bakal gagal.

So....abis mandi kilat n nyelesein packing tadi malam yang kepotong tidur; Aku, Vei ama Nyo berangkat ke rumahnya Gie. Mo kasih birthday surprise buat dia. Benerannya sih maunya tadi malam......tapi ngantuk n capek banget. Lagian variasi lah...masak bdae surprise selalu midnight. Sekali2 di early in the morning dong. Lagian Gie kan juga bermasalah kalo bangun tidur. Pasti seru hihihi *iseng laugh*

Sampe rumahnya Gie dan ngintip kamarnya, dia lagi bobok ngadep tembok dengan posisi "vulgar" wehehehe LUCU banget. can't help myself not to laugh out loud. Ama Nyo udah mau didokumentasikan pake handycam. Untung ama Vei dilarang. Inget2 si Gie paling anti publikasi macam gitu hehehehe. Amukan ibu hamil itu scary pek!

As guessed, dia ngomel2 gak karu2an. Kalo bangun tidur n gak sadar gini, logat maduranya jadi kental banget hahaha. Lutukna.....anak ini emang hiburan semua orang. Polooooos siiiiih.

Wish her happy birthday.....dan nanti siang dia mo anterin spaghetti ke kantor buat lunch. Cik acik....buatannya dia sih...agak menakutkan gitu sebenernya. Tapi lumayan lah, gratis (^_^)

Oh...kopi buatan Mariza udah datang. Udah dulu ya....

huhuhuhuhu ternyata nulis pake bahasa indonesa raya lebih expresip ya teman-teman....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Several good things happened recently...

Gie will have a baby boy, as expected by everybody in her family. Congrats congrats. Hopefully will be as handsome as Ardi hehehehe

Heard this morning, that Caroline, is pregnant already. I feel like just yesterday, we went to Malang to attend her wedding. Tok cer pekkkk hahahaha. Congrats juga, friend. Hope the baby will fulfill your happiness.

Ella will have her 4th year anniversary tomorrow. Congrats congrats. Your sincere love is the best gift for Eri. Trust me (^_-). We are expecting your wedding next year.

This morning I made quite a big decision. I refused a job offer. I refused good career and good income. For the sake of my dream (^____^). It's always hard for me to decide kind of important thing. And I feel soooooo good afterwards. After I clicked the "sent" button, and let the offer flying away to the Netherlands.

And tomorrow, I will meet Hiro and spend few days together. What a perfect thing to end this blog, eh?

Monday, May 02, 2005


I'm in love!!! so much in love with Patrick (^______^)

Patrick is a bestfriend of nowadays-famous-cartoon-character, SpongeBob Squarepants.
Gee...."who are they??"
For you who doesn't know yet about this cartoon....kasihan deeeh hihihi

Ok well, let me tell you shortly about this cartoon.

SpongeBob Squarepants lives deep down in the Pasific Ocean, in the city named Bikini Bottom. He is a cute square yellow sea sponge, lives in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary. SpongeBob's bestfriends are Patrick the starfish and Sandy Cheeks, the squirrel.
SpongeBob is the main character of this cartoon, but I just fell in love at once I knew about Patrick. He has no occupation. He enjoys doing everything that SpongeBob does. According to the story, Patrick is the dumbest creature under the sea. That's why he could attract my attention best.

See my patrick doll!! birthday gift from sweet Yendy, my colleague.

Being the dumbest, Patrick's life is so simple. He is innocent, and sees all aspect of lives in a very simple way. If you see his physical appearance, maybe you can conclude a brief summary. He's so dumb because he has a very small brain (see the size of his head comparing to his stomach!) hahaha.

Sometimes I think....maybe it's nice being so dumb. You won't bother thinking about how complicated your life is. You won't have any tiny idea about politics and dirty games in life. You will just believe at once whatever people say. Your mind won't be bothered with "if...." and "if.....". Your life would be about black and white. You will just smile widely, raise your eyebrows innocently and flow wherever the faith brings you.

Being Patrick...being simple....

Yet Am not.

[Happy mode:ON]

KREKKK KREKKK KREKKKK *stretching sound from my hips*

I can hardly open my eyes this morning. The sunshine entered my room through the window even urged me to cover my head with blanket. Hmmmm Monday already. I slept for two days in a row!!! I forgot when was the last time I slept this much. Perhaps when I got hospitalized last year...? (^_-)

Good to know that I feel much better this morning. Though I still haven't got my cute voice back, I can already look at my monitor for hours; concentrate to finish the left target and manage to submit the first quarter report to Juz few minutes ago.

(^______^) see my wide smile?! .....and OH!! What month is it today? May..May...May.....Got my salary transferred. What a nice morning, huh?

*dizzy imoet is happy*

Thursday, April 28, 2005


I HATE FLU!!!!!!!!!

BAH BAH BAH!!! Why should I get it this time??
This is end of the month. I'm facing targets and deadlines. How can I concentrate if my nose keeps running, my head is spinning around, and my cough is like barking?! And my voice.......oh my cute's like a guy's voice right now!! Whoever called me thought that they dialled the wrong number....hiks hiks hiks. Even hiro laughed for about 30 seconds on the phone grrrrrr

This time I'll do whatever to get my health back. Take medicine, vitamins and healthy drink. Whatever. Next week will be even busier, and when I meet Hiro, I want to be fit. Don't want to transfer the virus to him hehehe

YAAYYY!!! 7 days to go \(^_^)/

[Counting down mode: ON]

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Virginity topic

Valens' story about virginity today aroused many comments and opinions from some friends. Though some prefered to be passive audiences due to the heavy topic and language he used [read: Indonesian]

I will try to put myself at the girl's position.
She had a boyfriend. Loved him deeply that she trusted him and gave him her virginity.
But the boyfriend cheated on her by having affair. Broke her heart, lost her courage to face reality.

What would I do?

I would cry. I got hurt. I would hate the guy that he couldn't be trusted. I would hate myself of not be able to keep my boyfriend's love. I would lose my confidence. I would lose my trust to men. I would lose my trust to love.

BUT.....I won't cry for the virginity. I won't hate myself of not having that anymore. It's not a rape case. I won't regret such a thing. If I did that, meant it's only my excuse to blame him. But in this case he is not the only one to be blamed, right?

Life is about a game. All you need is confidence to take the control, to choose the path; but be ready with whatever the result is. Be the gone be by gone. Future is the more important thing to be faced. It takes time, but time will heal the pain.

The girl loved the boy deeply, but the boy didn't respect her by doing such affair. So NOW, it's time for the girl to love and give respect to HERSELF. Show the boy the he was being so stupid by leaving such a precious girl.

Hhhhhh...actually.....It is easy for me to say this for you to think of, but still I didn't have such a courage. Love is blind and I am. But trust me....if this happened to me again, then I WOULD.