Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Angels and Demons

Remember the famous Da Vinci Code?

This novel titled Angels and Demons belongs to the same writer, Dan Brown. I got it as a birthday present from my bestfriends actually, but I didn't really have time to read it. Until last weekend, when I got plenty time to finish this novel while sunbathing.

This novel amused me more than the Da Vinci Code -since I don't like Da Vinci Code's ending. Still bringing up topic related to Christianity, combined with high technology equipment; the novel then invited my curiosity more about Catholic ancient history plus the secret brotherhood against it, never ending conflict between science and religion, widely description of Catholic most sacred place, analitical thinking to break ancient code, and the thrill while following Robert Langdon's adventure throughout the story. Really really interesting!!! Two thumbs up!!!!!

I read some reviews.......again some controversials were written regarding the content of this novel. Especially because the novel has something to do with Catholic, its history and assets. Maybe it's good being a POOR Catholic like me hehehe. Not religious enough to fight this marvelous literature yet enjoying and believe every fiction written there.

Today I spent my free time browsing about Path of Illumination and the tombs, Vatican's secrets, Rome's best churches and tombs, the Swiss Guard, and Galileo and Bernini's art. Also about CERN and its technology, including the antimatter. Thanks to Dan Brown (^_-), without reading his books I won't have any clue to these amazing facts. Bit regret I didn't go to Rome last year huuuu huuuu.....


Sheila said...

Shut up, shut up, shut uuuuppp!
Am just beginning to read the book, now in page 15, though it had been on my bookshelf for ages.
And yeah, I suppose it is interesting, esp. for us the POOR Catholic/Christian people... the so-called Jesus followers yet have no idea of what our religion and what's beneath or surrounding it.

I personally hate Dan Brown coz everytime I read his book, he'll attract me sooo much that I desperately want to visit the places / the cities made as the setting in his story. Last time he made me completely BOKEK coz I insisted to go to Paris, Louvre and everything, and I have a bad feeling he's gonna make me DIE FOR ROME and GENEVA after this! Uuuuhhhhh... (>_<)

imoet said...

Jadi tambah iseng pengen cerita!!!!!

Iya iya...suka banget ama Dan Brown. Aku browse sitenya dia....hmmm disitu ada foto2 tempat2 yg diceritain di novel. Waktu Da Vinci Code udah bisa bayangin coz dah pernah ke paris, lah ini........jadi pengen ke rome.....

Kalo agustus aku berangkat lagi, mo nemenin aku pergi gak la? hihihi. Kita ikuti Path of Illumination wuuuuuuuuuu *ketip ketip*