Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Behind number 21

Several things accidently happened in my life that is connected to number "21" or 1 and 2.

At first I didn't pay attention to it, but as more and more things happened, wouldn't it be more than just "coincidence".......?

My birthdate is 21 February and Hiro's is 21 October.
I met Hiro on 12 May 2003
Hiro went back to Japan last 2 years on the 21 July- first time we got separated.
Hiro went back to Japan after spending 9 days with me last 21 January
My visa to Japan last time was stamped on 21 March, would be expired on 21 June
In Japan we stayed at East 21 hotel
Our hotel room in Bali last weekend was 9021
Just got my re-newed passport. Issued on 21 April, and would be expired on 21 April 2010

Interesting, huh? The coincidences always surprised us and made us laughing. Hmmmm I'm wondering what other 21 will happen next? Let's wait and see (^_^)

Do you believe in such coincidence, friends? (^_-)


Carla said...

superstitious girl.. :)

Sheila said...

Jangan gitu La... sapa tau abis gini dia bangun pagi dan kembali muda, segar bugar singset jelita... kembali ke usia 21 taon lagi!! hehehe. *ngayal, gitu loh!*

imoet said...


Kali aja bener2 jadi umur "21" lagi!!!

Hmmmmmmmm tapi kalo aku balik ke umur 21, hiro gimana? u know what's in my head kan guys?! hihihi