Monday, May 02, 2005

[Happy mode:ON]

KREKKK KREKKK KREKKKK *stretching sound from my hips*

I can hardly open my eyes this morning. The sunshine entered my room through the window even urged me to cover my head with blanket. Hmmmm Monday already. I slept for two days in a row!!! I forgot when was the last time I slept this much. Perhaps when I got hospitalized last year...? (^_-)

Good to know that I feel much better this morning. Though I still haven't got my cute voice back, I can already look at my monitor for hours; concentrate to finish the left target and manage to submit the first quarter report to Juz few minutes ago.

(^______^) see my wide smile?! .....and OH!! What month is it today? May..May...May.....Got my salary transferred. What a nice morning, huh?

*dizzy imoet is happy*

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