Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At last!

This morning we got our shipped luggage. At last!!!
58 boxes in total. Seems that I'll be busy for a couple of days :p

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ruined morning

I went to the gym this morning after having a bad morning at home. I
was thinking that exercising could refresh my mind. As usual it was
quiet there. There were only me and Fino, a woman who always spends her
morning time at the Gym. Until then a man came, a talkative one. At
first he just talked to Fino while I enjoyed my exercise. I was not
interested to his kind of show off talking.

Then Fino finished her exercise and said goodbye. He came to me and
started to talk to me.

Him: I like exercising. Good for health
Me: Yeah..
Him: Do you know the previous woman?
Me: Yeah, my friend
Him: She is pretty and sexy
Me: *smiling*
Him: If I don't do exercise I couldn't have enough power to fuck (while
making fucking sign with his fingers)
Me: Ha? (left him and moved to other exercise machine)
Him: I heard you're from Manado
Me: hmm
Him: Do you have friend? I live alone here
Me: Sorry?
Him: My wife lives in Palopo. I live alone. Please introduce me to your
Manadonese friend. Manadonese are usually pretty and sexy
Me: Sorry. My friends won't be interested on you (Stop exercising and
walked away)
Him: I'm rich. Very rich. If you're alone in the afternoon, I can come
to your place
Me: I'm not interested. Look at yourself at that big mirror behind you.
And anyway I'm richer than you! (Very angry and packing my stuffs)
Him: No one is richer than me in Old camp hahaha
Me: You ugly old bastard!! Take care of your wife and children!!
(leaving the Gym)
Him: Hahaha all men are the same. So is your husband!! .........
BANG!!! ==> I slammed the door and walked away

Damn old (very) ugly fat bastard. He ruined my morning exercise.

I didn't feel better at all when I left the Gym this morning (>.<)

Friday, November 14, 2008


There's a gym here!!! Well facilitated by INCO. The funny thing is, member can enter it anytime, with a special key. My friend lent me her key while she's away for a month so this morning I could have an hour exercise without being exposed to the sun hahaha. Hope I could be a member and have my own key soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coffee Morning

Last Monday I was invited to an-every-Monday gathering for expatriate
wives, Coffee Morning. It is where the wives share what the plans of
the week over coffees and some sweets.

There are quite a number of expatriates living here, and it was nice to
meet some of them. There I could get some information I never thought
exists in this small city :)

There are some families with toddlers too. And there's international
pre-school as well. I still don't know if Iki's is elligible though,
since we are only contractors meanwhile the international school
belongs to INCO. I do hope he could enter it when he turns three :)


Once I was invited to an arisan (gathering) of wives nearby. I think it
would be nice to get to know each other so I did attend it. I came 10
o'clock sharp as what the invitation said, but until 11:30 it was not
started yet. Almost everyone brought brochure of their business and
wanted me to buy something. The thing is, the goodie is not cheap!!!
most are kitchen gadgets (well, like what else does wives crazy about?!
:p), and the price range from 100 USD to 700 USD. Even the cheapest
curtain cost 500 USD (>.<). When I got interested to one item, another
women would come and told me to buy hers too....hhhh...

When one woman then ask me to introduce her to my husband so that my
husband could hire him at the office, I couldn't stand it anymore. I
told them that I had to feed Iki so I must go home before 12. The host
told me to pick Iki up and came back to the gathering, but well.....I
don't think that kind of gathering is my cup of tea :)

And as I guessed, when I showed Hiro the brochures, he was not
interested at all. We will only live here for few years. Those
electrical gadgets couldn't be brought back to Japan anyway. And most
of all.....he didn't recognize the brand ahahaha.

I MIGHT still come to such arisan anyway, but next time I will tell in
advance that I'm not buying anything here :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Lately I always ask Mina-chan to go to the market but this morning somewhat I missed that place so I asked Hiro to take me there (I still don't dare driving to the market. Maybe after a year? :p).

It was 10:30 am so the market was almost empty. I enjoyed my "window shopping" and the small talks with the sellers. Until I visited the veggies stall. The woman there told me that she was wondering why she didn't see me shopping lately, and said that I looked really really happy living in Sorowako. Which confused me.

How could she say that? how would she know?

And she answered: "yeah....because now you look much much fatter"


So fat = happy?! huuuu huuuu I'm NOT if I'm fat (T_T)!!!!

I'll definitely double my jogging route tomorrow!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Telkomsel Flash


Well, I got it activated last Wednesday actually, but because my computer is still on its looooong way to Sorowako, I could only get online at night. When Hiro's computer is available and Iki is sleeping *sigh*. Actually I could use Telkomsel Flash from my mobile phone, but it just could not get connected AT ALL. Today at last I could use the internet but it is very very slow. I got disconnected a looot of times, and it pissed me off when I left comments at some people's blogs and they are all gone! (Sorry Sheila, Intan, Benova :p).

I hope this email could be successfully posted hahahaha

It might be different at other places in Indonesia though :). I actually am not surprised yet dissapointed :p. The mobile phone line got disconnected for many times especially during hard rain that I know I should not expect that much about the internet connection. Anyway, good to be back on the web. I hate updating blogs through my tiny cellphone hahaha

Friday, November 07, 2008


Today we started our vegetables garden at our back garden. At first Iki was excited but after he found out that gardening involves touching 'dirty' soil, he started driving me crazy. He wanted to plant the seed but didn't want to make his hands dirty. So Mina-chan must stand by beside him with wet towel to clean his hands (>.<).
We stopped when he fell down and made half of his body covered with soil hahaha. You guys should see his face!!
Anyway hope the veggies would grow. We brought the seed from Japan hoping we could grow some japanese veggies for Hiro.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

(_ _)

I'm sad :(

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Feel so good now. Had an hour massage at home this evening while Iki was sleeping. This is one of the good point of living in Indonesia. I only have to pay IDR 50000 for this relaxation at home :p.

Monday, November 03, 2008


And it's blackout here. Been in darkness for almost an hour. It's raining hard outside with thunder and lightning. No flashlight, no candle, not even lighter for we're using electric stove. Only this phone's screen light helps us. And papa-chan didn't answer the phone.
Iki is scared. I'm also scared.....we hate darkness!

I ate my dinner alone tonight. Roll cabbage that I prepared the whole evening, hoping papa-chan and Iki-chan would like it. It's a difficult meal for me, and takes long time to prepare. But suddenly papa-chan called that he's not having dinner at home tonight because a new game just arrived at the camp and he wanted to try it. A very nice surprise.
And Iki-chan refused to eat now because he's waiting for papa. Look at him. He doesn't want to touch his food at all. Great.
Just great.

I can drive!

Today was my first time driving all alone. I even went to Toko Baru (the only supermarket here?) for a bit shopping. I could park the car too though my car took the parking space of two cars hahaha. I was already sweaty when I picked up the driver to accompany me driving on crowded roads, and indeed driving there made me even more sweaty! There were lots of motorbikes and cars and chickens! All I need is more practice.
Tomorrow I will try driving with Iki on the child seat :p


Yesterday morning we went swimming in the lake with my new blog friend, yuni-chan, who surprisingly is one of Hiro's staffs (what a small world!). We went to the yacht club at Salonsa area and had some swimming when suddenly Yuni found out that we could rent canoes! Yay!
We went around the lake with two canoes. It was my first time, so I didn't know how to row. Iki kept disturbing papa-chan too so our canoe was a bit uncontrollable. We took a rest at Salonsa beach and swam there and Iki didn't want to get back on the canoe. He said that it was scary (>.<).....
So we had to put him on it though he was crying. Nila helped Hiro rowing while I hugged Iki who was frozen. Oh well.......
But I like canoe-ing! This morning I got muscle pain on my both shoulders and hands. I think it would be a good sport for my blabering hands hahaha. Next time l want to try it again (if Hiro doesn't mind just accompanying Iki swimming) - ehm, are you reading this Yuni? :p

Sunday, November 02, 2008


We are now following papa-chan playing golf. I planned to walk with him for exercising but end up accompanying Iki playing with a tree branch and some pines in the middle of the golf course. It's not too hot today but is enough to burn our skin.
Next time perhaps I would bring Mina-chan and the stroller so that I could also learn playing golf hahaha