Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ruined morning

I went to the gym this morning after having a bad morning at home. I
was thinking that exercising could refresh my mind. As usual it was
quiet there. There were only me and Fino, a woman who always spends her
morning time at the Gym. Until then a man came, a talkative one. At
first he just talked to Fino while I enjoyed my exercise. I was not
interested to his kind of show off talking.

Then Fino finished her exercise and said goodbye. He came to me and
started to talk to me.

Him: I like exercising. Good for health
Me: Yeah..
Him: Do you know the previous woman?
Me: Yeah, my friend
Him: She is pretty and sexy
Me: *smiling*
Him: If I don't do exercise I couldn't have enough power to fuck (while
making fucking sign with his fingers)
Me: Ha? (left him and moved to other exercise machine)
Him: I heard you're from Manado
Me: hmm
Him: Do you have friend? I live alone here
Me: Sorry?
Him: My wife lives in Palopo. I live alone. Please introduce me to your
Manadonese friend. Manadonese are usually pretty and sexy
Me: Sorry. My friends won't be interested on you (Stop exercising and
walked away)
Him: I'm rich. Very rich. If you're alone in the afternoon, I can come
to your place
Me: I'm not interested. Look at yourself at that big mirror behind you.
And anyway I'm richer than you! (Very angry and packing my stuffs)
Him: No one is richer than me in Old camp hahaha
Me: You ugly old bastard!! Take care of your wife and children!!
(leaving the Gym)
Him: Hahaha all men are the same. So is your husband!! .........
BANG!!! ==> I slammed the door and walked away

Damn old (very) ugly fat bastard. He ruined my morning exercise.

I didn't feel better at all when I left the Gym this morning (>.<)


mamanya Rui said...

Huh, mbencekno. Ojok dianggep Moet. Lho, aku kok melok mangkel, hihi.

LadyinRed said...

What a f***** bastard!!

Be careful, Moet, don't get caught alone with him in the gym or everywhere. Men like that, especially in Indo, won't hesitate to do inappropriate things. They think because they have some money the are above the law.

I hate those kinds, given a chance I honestly would be happy to shoot them in the balls so they won't be able to f*** ever again!

The Diva said...

and that conversation took place in BAHASA INDONESIA?? Is he an Indonesian or a Japanese??? (I was trying to translate all the while reading and was imagining what kind of ugly words he could have said in our language)

Just be very, very careful ya Moet.
They're all bastards and perhaps addicted to Viagra coz they're incapable anyway, but I now understand that there are things you can't buy with money, e.g. MANNER.

Vivi said...

No, don't shot him in the balls...

Cut the balls off, put some salt and pepper on the wound, give the balls to the stray dogs in front of his eyes...

Hm, then again, that may mean you actually have to touch him. Okay, just shoot him in the balls as LadyinRed suggested.


Carla said...

we never lack men of that kind, do we? motherarsefuckingbastard.