Monday, November 03, 2008


And it's blackout here. Been in darkness for almost an hour. It's raining hard outside with thunder and lightning. No flashlight, no candle, not even lighter for we're using electric stove. Only this phone's screen light helps us. And papa-chan didn't answer the phone.
Iki is scared. I'm also scared.....we hate darkness!


The Diva said...

Lesson of the day, Imoet: when you're in Indonesia, ALWAYSSSS HAVE CANDLES in the kitchen. As in, ALWAYS. Buy candle holders, lots of them. Preferably the ones that hold the candle entirely, so that the candles can't fall or stumble, you know, the holders in a form of a VASE. Quite safe for kids.

Buy BIG fat candles, not thin ones (ada nggak ya???)

ALWAYS have matches.

And FLASHLIGHTS, torches, whatever.

It's Indonesia. Prepare for the worst when it rains...!

Btw you can also buy a small radio. Or a tape with battery power, so that Iki can listen to songs or sounds when it's dark. He might need to get used to this fact for the next 2-3 years in Indoensia.

mamanya Rui said...

Kebiasa di Jepang gak pernah mati lampu ya, Moet. Aku juga paling sebel kalo di Indonesia mati lampu. Gak bisa ngapa ngapain.

Eh, tapi Rui malah seneng kalo mati lampu. Soalnya bisa mainan niup niup lilin "hepi besdai" (happy birthday) katanya. Hehe.

val said...

paling suka denger hujan deras dan guntur... suara alam yg menyenangkan :)