Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Once I was invited to an arisan (gathering) of wives nearby. I think it
would be nice to get to know each other so I did attend it. I came 10
o'clock sharp as what the invitation said, but until 11:30 it was not
started yet. Almost everyone brought brochure of their business and
wanted me to buy something. The thing is, the goodie is not cheap!!!
most are kitchen gadgets (well, like what else does wives crazy about?!
:p), and the price range from 100 USD to 700 USD. Even the cheapest
curtain cost 500 USD (>.<). When I got interested to one item, another
women would come and told me to buy hers too....hhhh...

When one woman then ask me to introduce her to my husband so that my
husband could hire him at the office, I couldn't stand it anymore. I
told them that I had to feed Iki so I must go home before 12. The host
told me to pick Iki up and came back to the gathering, but well.....I
don't think that kind of gathering is my cup of tea :)

And as I guessed, when I showed Hiro the brochures, he was not
interested at all. We will only live here for few years. Those
electrical gadgets couldn't be brought back to Japan anyway. And most
of all.....he didn't recognize the brand ahahaha.

I MIGHT still come to such arisan anyway, but next time I will tell in
advance that I'm not buying anything here :)


benova said...

Hmmm.......jadi takut nek ikut arisan di indo.
Males aaah, yang ada kalau ndak jual menjual, eh daku jg penjual hihihihi, trus klow ndak hati2 deh Mut, jgn smp kamu dirasani yg enggak2 hihihi karena enggak mau beli dagangannya..sombong amat huekekekek.
Huaaduh soro bgt ya...arisan emang buat sosialisasi jg, tapi wait..aku males yang beginian, dan musti lihat2 jg brp biaya bulanannya, klo kecil sih ok, tp klo gede klo anggota gak pada kenal perlu pikir2 dah.
Trus itu curtain kok cek larange 500US?? emang curtain apaan.....secara kamu pny husband org Jepang kah ..jd bisa dimanfaatin hihihihi.
Duh...sekalian kamu jg jualan ajah gih huekekek.

kajiankomunikasi said...

Salam kenal yah

The Diva said...

hahahaha medeni Mut, arisan ala Indo, biasa, cari mangsa. Dodolan, nggosip, ehhh buntut2nya harus ngenalin ke bojo dan minta kerjaan, huahahahhhaha.

Eniweis, bukan menghina sih, tapi kadang mikir, ada nggak ya, sincere and honest things in Indonesia, as in "pure friends" and "pure gathering" seperti di luar negeri?

Vivi said...

hm...when I read it, it's like as if they can smell "new blood" from afar...aku jadi mbayangno kamu ditengah lautan diatas kapal kecil en dikelilingi hiu pemangsa...

hihihihi....imajinasiku berlebihan ya??