Sunday, November 09, 2008


Lately I always ask Mina-chan to go to the market but this morning somewhat I missed that place so I asked Hiro to take me there (I still don't dare driving to the market. Maybe after a year? :p).

It was 10:30 am so the market was almost empty. I enjoyed my "window shopping" and the small talks with the sellers. Until I visited the veggies stall. The woman there told me that she was wondering why she didn't see me shopping lately, and said that I looked really really happy living in Sorowako. Which confused me.

How could she say that? how would she know?

And she answered: "yeah....because now you look much much fatter"


So fat = happy?! huuuu huuuu I'm NOT if I'm fat (T_T)!!!!

I'll definitely double my jogging route tomorrow!!


Carla Chanliau said...

BWAHAHAHHAHAA.... sudah lupa ya, shier... kalo di indo ini happiness is measured from how "wide" your hips are. lol. i think i'm well considered happy, too. super happy! hahaha...

ok, gotta swim tomorrow.

The Diva said...

This comment just came from Martin so I have to write it down:

"So now Imoet is not only kucil, but kucil gemuk ya?"


anyway, if it helps, Martin calls me cempluk all the time, and Hiro tells me that I'm gendut everytime he sees me, so what. They're stuck with us anyway, hahahaha.
as long as you're happy, right???

Benny Suryanto said...


Maybe,,klow aku bakal dikatain "ya tambah gembroot"..lbh besar dr gendut bwehehehe.

Abis dikatain gitu pengin ngejitak gak...hhihihhi.

Aku ajah napsoe makanku bertambah. Apalagi disini wes adem bgt rek. Malas keluar tp pengin ngunyah trs jadi malah ga ada aktivitas diluar huehuehe.

LadyNoor said...


Setiap aku pulang dibilang kurang makan & gak happy, only because I'm too skinny to standar orang2 happy di Indo :D