Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sloppy bitch

At last my sloppy habit came after being careful not to show it to anybody here these past few weeks (_ _o)

I lost my new ID CARD axdcwiezxawlkzfnwaezefj;ld GRRRRRRRRRR


Damn, I'm a sloppy bitch!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I miss Indonesian food!!!

It's almost dinner time now. Been more than two weeks eating these Japanese food already. Now guess what's in my mind? all kinds of cheap 'warung' food from indonesia are jumping around. I can't help not to drool right now.

I just read my maternity book. There written that during these few weeks, pregnant woman of my age will want some unbelievable food badly. But....these are not weird food. All I want now are those cheap Indonesian food I used to have. Help help help. Really want them badly now!!!!

Siomay at Widya Mandala University Kalijudan
Pentol seribu-an also at Widya Mandala University Dinoyo
Bakso and Pangsit Mie Pak Salem
Mie rebus at a warung nearby Lempuyangan station at Jogjakarta
Soto banjar at a warung on Jl. Kedungdoro
Nasi Padang near CDU office
Kwetiaw siram babi - without vegetables- at Apeng
Nasi bebek Canggih
Nasi Kuning Banjar in front of KONI
Pangsit Mie Ujung Pandang on Jl. Kertajaya Indah
Bakmi Goreng + telor penyet of Depot Lestari
Lele penyet at warungs along Jl. Dharmahusada
Cakalang pedes made by my dear mom
Kangkung pedes made by Pei's mom
Pindang pedes made by mbak Parti
Bakso bakar at Malang
Soto ayam Pucang
Cocofrio icecream with Valens
Nasi Goreng ikan asin at Bima
Lo Mie at Pasar Atum
Cakwe Isi udang at Pasar Atum
Tahu tek tek that moves around Dharmahusada area
Mie dok dok pedes that passes nyo's kost every 10 p.m
Nasi Korned at canteen of Widya Mandala Kalijudan
Indomie goreng made by Pei
Indomie kaldu ayam + telor made by Valens
Cah baby corn + bakwan puedess made by Tina's maid
Babi rica made by my mom
eRWe aka spicy dog of Manadonese restaurant nearby Bratang

GOD!!!! I'm really drooling now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (>_<)
And my baby just kicked my stomach right now = "MAMA!!! I WANT THOSE FOOD!!"

Thanks to Mariza that lead me to imagine these foods!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nori Spaghetti?!?!

I spent last weekend in Yokohama. Stayed over at Hiro's sister's house and visited the famous Yokohama harbour. We had the last lunch togeher at a small Italian Restaurant nearby their house. As I walked inside the green-decorated restaurant; I already can feel the thick Italian atmosphere surrounding me.

We ordered some food in a second since we're starving, and (two thumbs for the service), all came out as fast as shinkansen!

I had my carbonara spaghetti. Really was delicious. There I thought that this restaurant was really keeping the quality of Italian food. But then I got amazed as the meal ordered by Miku-chan arrived.


Spaghetti with tarako (small fish eggs) as the sauce, and lots of nori as the topping.

Nori Spaghetti

Wahahahahaha....I really didn't expect this! Everybody said that that food was delicious but I didn't dare to try any. I didn't want to break the image of italian food in my mind.

I was even more amazed when Hiro's sister said that there's Natto Spaghetti available. NATTO?!?! the weird smelly sticky food that is unbelievably loved by those Japanese people?!. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Hmmmm so this is how people adapt foreign food into their traditional taste? Last night Hiro said that in Korea there are Kimchi Spaghetti and Kimchi Pizza! (@_@)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I got this book as a gift from Nyo, in her car, when she sent me to airport last time. I screamed for happiness. I was longing for this book since it first published last July, but kept postponing buying it. Hoping that the price would be lower and lower.
But got it as a present?? Big kiss for nyo! Thanks for completing my English version of Harry Potter.

I started reading it on Monday, and due to my idle time in Japan, finished the whole 607 pages story last night.

As usual, Ibu Rowling was able to hypnotize me and put me into the book. I love her way of describing things, and I admire her imagination. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was able to raise my curiosity, following Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts school of Magic. Revealing his adventure in a more mature phase of his life, still together with his best mates: Ron and Hermione. But.....


How come Professor Dumbledore died?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? HOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

What would happen to Hogwarts???

The next book would be the last book of Harry Potter (as far as I believe?), but from the latest story, Harry has still far way to go to be able to kill Lord Voldemort. Still 4 Horcruxes to be found, and his enemies could be at around any corner of the world.

Well Rowling is driving me crazy. Can't wait for the next Harry Potter. Hurry up writing, Rowling!! Hurry up!! There's one muggle out here waiting forward for your next outstanding piece of writing.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Between Imoet and kids

I used to think that kids are irritating. They're just cute when they're sleeping or laughing, and I felt like throwing them when they start to cry with their very high pitches.

I remember if I saw kids playing in the shopping malls, I always wanted to bug them, especially if their moms were not around.
If some kids played hide and seek, I would kindly tell the kid where his other mates are hiding. Or if they're just walking while sightseeing, I would kindly walk beside them and covered their sights with my bigger body.
And I hate them most if they must sit around me in the airplane. They would just be the most irritating creatures ever, and everybody was forced to understand just because they're kids.

I also never wanted to lose from kids. Though people said I win because I am an adult already, I still enjoy the satisfaction of beating a kid. Let's say Nando, Vei's little brother. Whenever I met him, at least we have 1 quarrel, and trust me, I did my best to win from that monster.

But lately I just can hang around with kids so easily. Weird. Few weeks before I moved here, I could communicate well with Nando. We could watch Cartoon Network together while talking. We even ate and sometimes slept together.

Moreover, I spent last weekend with Hiro's sister's children. They came and stayed over the weekend, so we were always together almost the time. I just found out that it was so easy to communicate with them though we understand different languages. We played the game Hiro and his sister used to play when they were children. Again and again. And surprisingly I COULD HAVE FUN!! hahahaha. Am even now waiting forward for the coming weekend, to meet them again and go to Yokohama together.

Do I change because I'm expecting a baby now? Is it what people called motherly sense?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Email

This morning I got an email that brought me into smiling.....

Hi there

I think you are a very passionate and sensitive person. I am too and I think I understand you ... to an extent.

I love your pictures ... and your eyes. There is something enigmatic about them ... and they look honest, with a touch of melancholy.

Well ... may be you should check out my profile and then may be write back to me??

Hope you will write back.
Take care

ps. You are very beautiful ... I love the complexion and color of your skin. Take care and have a nice day :-)

Wehehehehehehe...sapa sing yang gak seneng dapat pujian????? [blushing mode: ON]

Saturday, September 10, 2005


After those horrible messy and busy yet happy last weeks I spent in Surabaya, here I am now in Tokyo. Hiro had flied back to Korea two days ago, but surprisingly there were no more tears running from my eyes when I sent him to Haneda airport. Maybe because as what he said, that this hopefully be our last "bye-bye at the airport"?

Time flies so quickly. I feel like it's just yesterday I spent my days in Surabaya. Going to the office every morning, having meals with friends (esp. Pei and facing the annoying question: hmmm what to eat today?), talking for hours, walking around TP and Supermall till we broke our legs, drinking like there's no tomorrow at Excelso, and most of all planning my wedding party at the previous three months. Not to mention how excited I was waiting forward for the time to meet Hiro again, everyday phone calls, and curiosity over the baby's development.

And now.....?
The party was held successfully already, the honeymoon was over, I had several farewell with my beloved friends, I went to Japan together with Hiro and my parents in laws, Hiro went back to Korea, and I am now in front of computer in Hiro's parents' house alone with my runny nose. Oh yeah.....time runs unbelievably fast!!!

Do I feel alone? Nope.
Do I miss Hiro? stupid question. Of course yes, as usual.
Do I miss my friends and times in Surabaya? Yes, terribly. Vitria, Carla, Valens, Emmy....But I've decided to start my new life here.

So how exactly do I feel now?

I miss Vebby the most......more than I've ever thought, more than I've ever missed anyone else -including Hiro.