Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nori Spaghetti?!?!

I spent last weekend in Yokohama. Stayed over at Hiro's sister's house and visited the famous Yokohama harbour. We had the last lunch togeher at a small Italian Restaurant nearby their house. As I walked inside the green-decorated restaurant; I already can feel the thick Italian atmosphere surrounding me.

We ordered some food in a second since we're starving, and (two thumbs for the service), all came out as fast as shinkansen!

I had my carbonara spaghetti. Really was delicious. There I thought that this restaurant was really keeping the quality of Italian food. But then I got amazed as the meal ordered by Miku-chan arrived.


Spaghetti with tarako (small fish eggs) as the sauce, and lots of nori as the topping.

Nori Spaghetti

Wahahahahaha....I really didn't expect this! Everybody said that that food was delicious but I didn't dare to try any. I didn't want to break the image of italian food in my mind.

I was even more amazed when Hiro's sister said that there's Natto Spaghetti available. NATTO?!?! the weird smelly sticky food that is unbelievably loved by those Japanese people?!. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Hmmmm so this is how people adapt foreign food into their traditional taste? Last night Hiro said that in Korea there are Kimchi Spaghetti and Kimchi Pizza! (@_@)


lauteur=Vebby; lesite said...

yek! NATTO!!!!

Agustias said...

natto --> oishii... hehehehe...

sher... fotoku yg di weddingmu ada gak? bisa di email?

Ira said...

Wah... very interesting... :)