Friday, September 16, 2005

Between Imoet and kids

I used to think that kids are irritating. They're just cute when they're sleeping or laughing, and I felt like throwing them when they start to cry with their very high pitches.

I remember if I saw kids playing in the shopping malls, I always wanted to bug them, especially if their moms were not around.
If some kids played hide and seek, I would kindly tell the kid where his other mates are hiding. Or if they're just walking while sightseeing, I would kindly walk beside them and covered their sights with my bigger body.
And I hate them most if they must sit around me in the airplane. They would just be the most irritating creatures ever, and everybody was forced to understand just because they're kids.

I also never wanted to lose from kids. Though people said I win because I am an adult already, I still enjoy the satisfaction of beating a kid. Let's say Nando, Vei's little brother. Whenever I met him, at least we have 1 quarrel, and trust me, I did my best to win from that monster.

But lately I just can hang around with kids so easily. Weird. Few weeks before I moved here, I could communicate well with Nando. We could watch Cartoon Network together while talking. We even ate and sometimes slept together.

Moreover, I spent last weekend with Hiro's sister's children. They came and stayed over the weekend, so we were always together almost the time. I just found out that it was so easy to communicate with them though we understand different languages. We played the game Hiro and his sister used to play when they were children. Again and again. And surprisingly I COULD HAVE FUN!! hahahaha. Am even now waiting forward for the coming weekend, to meet them again and go to Yokohama together.

Do I change because I'm expecting a baby now? Is it what people called motherly sense?


pitpit said...

hahahaha.. sama mut.. samaa.. aku juga ga bisa akrab and paling dibenci ama anak2 kecil. pasti mereka iri karena aku cantik dan seksi!! hehehehe...

tapi untung deh kamu udah berubah jadi lebih mencintai mereka.. soalnya, aku ga bisa bayangin kalo kamu ga melatih dirimu untuk bisa terbiasa dengan anak kecil.. waduh, entah anakmu nanti kamu apakan kalo cengeng.. *ngeri hanya untuk membayangkan apa yang bisa kamu lakukan* hehehehe...

o iya, jangan lupa sering2 olah raga ringan. biar tetep sehat baik ibu, maupun janinnya! trus, coba deh mulai melatih diri untuk bersihin barang2 yang jorok.. kan kamu nanti harus bersihin popok gitu.

tapi, enjoy each moment ya! soalnya kerjaan2 "kotor" itu akan jadi rutinitasmu sampe anakmu udah bukan balita lagi.. wekekekeke.. take ur time!!

imoet said...

Iri karena kamu cantik dan seksi? makhluk2 polos itu? ngimpi kamu pit hahahaha

pekerjaan kotor. huaaaa....bayanginnya aja udah ngeri. aku kan jijikan gini. wish me luck deh