Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year

Time runs so fast, huh...
It's new year again tomorrow. It's 2007. It's no longer 2006!

Today, on the last day of 2006, we celebrate Iki's first birthday. I baked cake and was so happy that everyone loved it.

And now, as the clock ticking slpwly, leaving 2006, I am thinking of what I am now. Some scenes of my life this year flashed back and forth. What had happened, and what can be predicted would happen. Some brought me into smile, some into tears, and some into laugh. But most of all, I realised 1 important thing tonight.

That since last new year; after Iki was born, for exact; I am no longer Shierly. I am a mother. JUST a mother. Not a Shierly anymore. Not a woman anymore.

Just a mother.

I've got to "kill" Shierly and woman in me, since they have wants and needs that're not suitable for a role as a mother.

I'll be a better mother. That's it. My only new year's resolution.

Happy new year, everyone. I wish you a wonderful prosperous year and a never ending happiness (^__^)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our first Christmas

I made lots of plans for our first Christmas.
I wanted it to be unforgetable, with georgous food, cakes, wine, and laughter.

But Iki was sick!!!
His flu was getting worse. Harder cough, runny nose, and over 38.5 Celcius degree fever. He felt so bad so he just wanted a hug, or a companion while weakly playing on the floor :(

My heart sank. Both seeing my boy sick, and thinking of my broken-into-pieces plan. But as we put Iki into sleep last night, Hiro said that this is the best first christmas. That we're all together. All the good thing can be postponed. After Iki recovered, we will celebrate Christmas, Iki's birthday and New year altogether.

Indeed he's right. Being together is the best. Perhaps Iki also wanted to celebrate his first christmas this way. Being clingy to his mama and papa, spending the whole day inside his parents' arms.

And I wish all my friends Merry Christmas. Hope you also had an unforgetable moments this christmas. May all the Joy brings you a great New Year (^____^)

Just read Hiro's blog in weird Indonesian about our first Christmas. Terharu deh :p

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Read: Aku sudah pulang...!!
(As translated in Doraemon series).

Yes, we're home (^___^)
Last friday Iki's tube was removed already. What a strong boy. I'm so proud of this little monster.

He got a bad cough now, so it was not an easy journey at all to go back to Korea. I brought 3 luggages with me, so I had to tied Iki at the cart like a dog when I had to take my luggages from the luggage belt. Everyone around was looking at me as if I were a terrible mother, but no one had any heart to give me a hand. Blah!

Anyway it was such a big relief to see Hiro waiting outside.
We're home, Iki. We're home....!!

As we went out, Hiro rushed hugging Iki: "Okaeri Ikiiiiiiiii"

And Iki?!
He looked at Hiro as if he's a perfect stranger, and...HUAAAAAAAAAAAAA (>__<). He cried panicly. Poor papa-chan :p

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Out of hospital

At last I got the chance to write something here...

Last Thursday Iki was out of hospital already. Only 2 days after operation??? I was as surprised as you. But seems that home is the best place for Iki to get well. Hospital's circumstances doesn't support baby mentally hahaha.

We stay at Hiro's sister house instead of my parents' in law's. It's closer to the hospital. However, I must sleep with my mother in law. Hiks...godd byw privacy. I can't even get the chance to scratch my back using coin on the bed as well as spending my free time at night chatting. So guys, if you see my online mark but didn't give any reply to ur messages, it's because I couldn't. I'm so sorry.
But anyway Iki is really happy because his cousins here love to play with him. He plays a lot, he eats a lot, he is getting better. He rarely cries. Only during diaper change, tube cleaning and stool cleaning for he feels painful.

Yesterday I brought Iki to the hospital. Doctor said he's good, just a small stitch opening problem. But generally after the tube will be removed this friday (hope no more problem occurs), we can go back to Korea as planned on 24th.

Thank you for the supports, emails and instant messages friends....Sorry I haven't got the chance to drop you any replies.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Room 4203, 20:01 p.m

I laid beside Iki and let him fell asleep inside my arm. His cheeks and eyelashes are still wet of tears, but his regular breathing sound comforts me. It was such a hard day for him.

Iki was taken into the operation room at 7:45 a.m, left me and Hiro in front of the door. Waiting is sucks, especially in front of that red operation room. I can't stop watching that sliding door, expecting doctor's familiar face would pop up with great news.

The operation took 4.5 hours, plus minus 30 minutes anestheasy time before and after operation. So we waited for 5.5 hours in front of operation room. Thanks's finished!!! Iki now must face the post operation pain, but I will take a good care for him.

Iki cried most of the time after that. Tightly tied on the bed, tired, pain mixed up. He terribly wants a hug but he must not move for at least 36 hours. Poor Iki....I want to save him....

Lucky he still ate and had milk a lot. More than I had expected. He's now fighting with hbis pain but I believe my boy will be able to manage!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

First day

Today is Iki's first day at the hospital.
He is such a good boy during this trip to Japan. He rarely cried, he enjoyed playing with his grandparents and he ate really really a lot.

Also today in the hospital he made me proud of being such a sweet good baby. He looked happy and enjoyed his stay (because there're lots of toys in the playroom or because the nurses are ppretty?!). He ate a lot as well, and slept early. Perhaps he wanted to give his mama and papa chance to have a dinner date? heheeh

And tonight....
Is my first night sleeping without Iki.
I wonder if he sleeps well.
I wonder what if he woke up midnight and found no mama around?
I can't wait for the sun to rise so that I can meet him again.

I terribly miss him now.......

Saturday, December 09, 2006


This afternoon I got a package from Indonesia.
Batik and blangkon as early christmas gifts for me and Iki from Uti, birthday present for Iki (interesting story books and DANGDUT CD!!! hahaha) from Emmy, Excellogix photos' CD from Boo, and my favourite Clara NG's novels.

Really really thanks. I am so happy, and so is Iki. I want to write more. I do. But I've got to continue packing since tomorrow (oh no! this morning!) we're leaving to Japan.

Miss you, guys. Again, Thanks!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Abon cakalang pedas

Last week I got package from my mother. Most of all, I was very very happy to see a big pot of abon cakalang pedas (hot dry-fried skipjack tuna). It's like a TREASURE for me.

So almost everyday last week I add some of my abon in my lunch. Got terrible stomach pain at the first days since my stomach is not getting used to "very spicy" food anymore. But thanks, mama. This food reminds me of home. And this probably is the only favourite food my mother can send me since other food have quite a strong smell (T_T).

Look at the abon pedas onigiri I made for my lunch :p. Eating Indonesian food in Japanese style hahaha. Well, it was good!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


This morning as I opened the curtain I saw thin white snow covered the city.
Beautiful....first snow of this winter.

It would be very cold outside. I remember last year I slipped many times walking on the ice.
And as I'm typing this, the snow is falling again outside. A quite heavy one.
It's been cold these past two weeks, but today as I saw this snow, I got this strong feeling that "winter has really come"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Indonesian traditional medication

Hiro DID NOT believe Indonesian traditional medication. He always said that I did stupid things scratching my back using coins, that I used stupid dirty black paste on my body and drank disgusting drinks after I gave birth, that I used smelly oil (telon oil or kayuputih oil) as warming oil or massage oil, and that I took smelly tablets whenever I caught a cold.

But In fact, he must admit that all of those medications works best in this house.

I used Indonesian traditional medication to cure myself after giving birth.

The result?!
I got 7 kgs weight reduced a week after delivering a baby, and within 3 months I got my normal body weight back. Without any food diet since I was breastfeeding at that time. I also got no stretchmarks at all. OK, for body shaping I wore wacoal's garter he bought in Japan, but I believed the Indonesian traditional medicine helped a lot.

Indonesian warming oil works best for me. Hiro never used it, fine. But this so called smelly oil also works for Iki. If he got constipated and stomachache, I just applied some oil on his stomach and voila!! he can finish his stool business ;-).

And now? still Hiro doesn't believe Indonesian traditional medication?!

Once he got all his body painful, I insisted scratching his back with coin. He felt much much better right after that.

These two weeks Hiro got flu. And yesterday he got fever and felt very bad. I made him drink ANTANGIN I my mother just sent me. Of course he did complain when he took the medicine. That it was so smelly, that the more he drank the more he can feel the smell, that the medicine left yucky taste in his throat bla bla bla... BUT....He got his flu fully recovered!

Still don't believe Indonesian traditional medication? (^_-)

Going to Seoul

Last Saturday we went to Seoul. Actually we only wanted to go to Duty Free Shop in Lotte Department Store and then directly go to wedding party, but at the end we couldn't manage to arrive at the reception on time, so we just decided to stay in Seoul.

Christmas decorations can already be seen. Iki was very happy, pointing here and there, screaming and laughing.

I couldn't find what I want in DFS, so after getting Louis Vuitton bag for Hiro's sister, we went for a short walk in Myeongdong.
Now Iki likes to explore all places. He doesn't want to sit quietly on my lap anymore. So most likely in restaurant, he always disturbs us by crawling around (@_@). So either Hiro or I must watch him closely.

crawling in starbucks

I don't know if this is right or wrong, but we let him do what he wants as long as it's not dangerous. Of course he becomes dirty and invites other people's curious eyes. But he's very happy and active and satisfied!

After Hiro got a new handphone (again) for him, we went back to Incheon.

The trip was exhausting, but when I looked how happy was Iki and Hiro, it's not a tiring day anymore (^_^)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Handphones in our house

Hiro is soooo crazy about technology. He can spend hours in front of computer reading information about latest technology on earth, spend nights setting all computers in our house (there're 5 here), and now setting mobile phones.

Sometimes I just can't understand. For me, 1 computer and 1 handphone is more than enough. But for Hiro?!

Look at the handphones in this house:

8 Handphones!!!
And I'm afraid the number will increase as technology is a never ending process (@_@)


Today when we went shopping I screamed as I saw big durian displayed in the supermarket.
Waaaaa durian! durian! durian!! Durian in Korea!!!!

But then I screamed louder as I saw the price:

WTF!!! 110,000 Won = 110 USD = 1.000.000 Rupiah!!!!
My mind was like: "Ancik!!! Durian sejuta pekkk!!!"
Though I wanted it badly, OF COURSE....I didn't buy it (T_T)

Thursday, November 23, 2006


According to Wikipedia, ofuro is a type of bathtub commonly used in Japan. Ofuro are part of a Japanese ritual of bathing. They are not used for washing but for relaxing. Washing is carried out separately outside the ofuro. The water is usually approximately 39 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Ella's comment on my previous post inspired me to write about this Japanese ritual that i still find hard to do in JAPAN.
In Japan only? in JAPANESE HOUSES for precise. I can enjoy hot tub bath in my own house, or hotels, but not in Japanese houses. No matter in whose housewas. If I stayed in my parents in law's house, my mother in law always reminded me EVERYNIGHT to get into ofuro. That also Iki-chan MUST be put into ofuro. She said that Iki's a Japanese and that he must get used to this habit (meanwhile I put Iki into ofuro more for "cold temperature" reason). Sometimes to make her satisfied I said "yes" but just took a "long" hot shower instead (well, she wouldn't know if I really get into ofuro or not, right? :p)


In Japan, everybody in a house gets into the ofuro everynight, using the same water. Yes...same water. They install kind of device that can keep the temperature as wished (usually around 40-41 degree Celcius) so that everyone can use the water in warm condition. But still, THE SAME WATER. Before getting into the tub, one must take shower first, to clean their body perfectly so that the ofuro will remind clean when they get into it. SAME WATER?! :p

Yeah, right. SAME WATER matters here for me. I don't have to explain it here, but I guess you can guess what I mean. I can't share same water for bath. Well, definitely OK sharing it with mu husband and son, but not with other people. It about something private.

Honestly I feel like becoming dirty again after getting into ofuro hehehhe. Well...SAME WATER!!
One example, once when I was inside ofuro and looked into the water around me, accidentally I captured 'hair' right in front of my nose. I jumped out in a second!

But I guess next month I can't get rid of ofuro. It's winter and would be very cold there (T_T).

I think I'll just take another shower to clean my body again after getting out of ofuro :P.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas tree

It's still November but I already got the mood to decorate my christmas tree hehehe.
This time I put it in veranda to avoid Iki's little hand's touch there. From downstair, I can see our aparment is decorated with colorful lights at night, though I can't see the tree from there :p.

Hope next month Iki and I can manage to go back to Korea on time so that we can spend Christmas together with papa-chan at home (^__^) ===> My Christmas wish hehehe

My smartphone, my smart friend

I will spend almost the whole next month in Japan. To let me stay connected with the world (I'll stay isolated at my in parents in law's house), Hiro bought me this smartphone: HTC X01HT

A palm size phone with lots of features:

Network GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 / WCDMA
Dimensions 58 × 112.5 × 21.95 mm
Weight in g 176
SAR in W/kg
Display Type TFT
Display Size 240 × 320
Touchscreen Yes
Memory in MB 64MB SDRAM ;128MB ROM
Card Slot mini SD Slot
Connectivity Bluetooth
Flight Mode No
inbuilt Handsfree No
Messaging SMS
Videocall No
Camera 2MP
Audio poly Ringtone
Applications Sync
others Windows Mobile 5.0
Standby/ Talktime 250/3h
Office Applications Calendar
Pocket Office(Word, Excel, Outlook)

How much? For 2 years contract, we have to pay 0 Yen. Yes, true. "0" = zero = free!!
It was locked only for Japanese softbank's SIM CARD, but Hiro successfully unlocked it. So Now I can use it as a phone anywhere in the world, except Korea.

I can use this device as a phone (of course!) and organizer. And also most important that I can use the internet for 2 months for free. We had to buy Agile Messenger software so that I can chat with my friends for 15 euro, but it worthed.
And most of all... it uses windows mobile so I can install skype there and make a mobile phone call to anywhere in the world for a very cheap price. Nice, huh?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm sorry, my boy......

Last monday I took Iki to hospital for final check up before operation. This time I travelled to Japan without Hiro so I drove whole my in laws family worried. They were afraid if I couldn't reach the hospital. If Iki was crying, If I couldn't get seat in the train because it was Japan's rush hour, if I couldn't get taxi and so on and so on. I assured them that I would be OK, that I'd travelled all the way from Korea to Japan only with Iki, so they shouldn't be worried that much.

And indeed they shouldn't. The journey to the hospital was surprisingly smooth. I got seat in the train, I got taxi soon after I went off the station, and so as the journey back. God really blessed me (^__^).
Iki was also such a good boy. More than a half way in the train to the hospital he was really a quiet boy. A beautiful young woman was standing in front of us and he just sat nicely while watching her :p. And on the way back home, he slept well the whole journey.

But as we arrived at the hospital, he became very naughty. Taking out all the stuffs from my big bag and throwing them away to the floor, pulling people's hair sitting behind us, screaming and crying if he couldn't get what he want. We still had to wait for 1 hour there so I felt so fed up trying to calm him down.

But then as we entered the doctor's room and Iki had to start his examinations and health tests there, I felt so helpless watching. Iki cried cried and cried. I could feel that he felt so painful from his cries. He cried until he became very weak and had no power. Just stared at me, squeaking helplessly. His eyes were asking me to help him.
During his 3.5 hours examinations. I didn't see him smiling at all. All were tears.

When we're home. He didn't want anyone taking him from me at all. He was just there inside my arm, hugging me tightly. I knew he was trauma. Whenever someone took him from me in the hospital, he would be in pain.

My heart broke. I wanted to but I couldn't cry. In front of him I must smile and be strong. For they were the only supports I could give him.

I felt guilty that he had to get through all of that pains. It was not even the operations yet. And was not the post-operations pain that according to doctor would make him suffering.

I felt guilty.
It was all because of me. It was because I didn't take much care of myself during my pregnancy that I had to give birth to him prematurely.
If only I let him stayed inside me until all of him perfectly developed.
If only....if only.....

And now as I'm watching him sleeping, I want to tell him that if possible I want to take all the pains from him. That I want to lay on the operation table for him.
That I am so sorry.......

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sudden cold

Last couple of weeks the weather was still really really friendly here. Let's say it was still about 20-23 degree at the highest. Korean news said that it was the warmest October since 1973. I still enjoyed lots of outdoor activities with Iki.

But yesterday, the temperature suddenly dropped. It was 5 degree celcius at the highest, and this morning it was -1 degree celcius. Eastern part of Korean peninsula even had heavy snowfall yesterday.

What an extreme weather (>_<).

So....I guess we have to welcome this sudden winter. Time to wear my new coat then :p

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Following up some comments on my previous post about being too tired, I planned to have 2 hours refreshing this weekend.
Going to nail salon was on my top list. So after shopping and finishing some houseworks, I was thinking to go out alone.
But then after all the works done, and Hiro brought Iki out to the park, I can't resist not to lay on the bed. Especially when suddenly total silence came into the house and I found myself alone. All alone in my house.
So I did have my resfreshing. 2 hours nap instead of going out alone =)).
At first I thought that my "refreshing" means going out alone and have some time away from all the works at home. It's not true, huh? :p. Sleeping can be a great refresher as well. Nap is something I can't do on weekdays anyway :p.

I feel good now. Ready for another "challenging" week with Iki (^_-)!

Custom made shoes

I have small feet that it's very difficult for me to find shoes at the right size. When I was in Indonesia, though not easy, the possibility to find one was not as difficult as trying to find one in Japan. Especially women's shoes. Last year I had to buy shoes at the children corner -with children's style (@_@).

I was in a need of new pair of shoes. As guessed, it was difficult to find simple shoes of my size. We almost gave up that I was thinking to buy any low first heels shoes with my size we could find, until I found this pair of shoes. Simple yet elegant. Suitable for various occasions. But again....the smallest size was too big for me.

Surprisingly the shopkeeper said that I could order my size's shoes, and would be ready in a week. At first we just thought that the smaller size stocks will come in a week, but he asked me to open my shoes and measured my feet. OH!!! I was surprised and happy. Shoes of my size!!!

One English speaking customer then explained to us, that in all Korean's Department Stores we can find these order made shoes shops' counters. Really good for people whose feet are too small or too big, right *wink*

That pair of simple order made shoes costs us 138,600 won after 30% discounts (about 140 USD). Hmmmm I hope the quality won't be dissapointing :p

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A day out

Next week I will go to Japan. This time Hiro won't go with us, so there will only be Iki and me. To train myself going on a trip hugging Iki by a cuddler while bringing a big heavy bag, we went to Seoul last Saturday. was not easy :p. Somewhat Iki and the bag were getting heavier. As we arrived Seoul, I gave up and put Iki on his baby car, and handed Hiro the big bag (@_@). God will help me next week :p

Iki likes to see aquarium. Whenever I took him to his doctor, he doesn't want to go back home quickly because of the small aquarium in the waiting room. Therefore in Seoul we went to an aquarium, seaworld in 63 building.
As predicted Iki was very very very happy. He got really excited and screamed a lot to express his happiness :p

In front of penguins

Then we went to Gyeong Bok Gung, one historical palace in Seoul. We just walked along the park surrounding the palace because Iki was sleeping (the palace's floor was too rocky for the baby car). The leaves are turning red and yellow. For a girl from a tropical country, well, this is a very beautiful view!

Then we ate samgaetang, and rushed to Yongsan st. where I could change Iki's diaper and feed him.
Bringing Iki on a trip, the 6 hours trip planned turned into 10 hours :p. Exhausting yet exciting.
That trip was such a refreshing for me, eventhough I had Iki with us. Going away from a routine was what I needed.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Poor time management

These days I feel so tired.
As Iki grows up, he begins to have such a big curiosity towards many things. And as he has this high demands on my presence beside him (read: almost all of his wake up moments), I lost my time management. Once I stand up quietly (even only for taking a drink), he will yell "MA!!!!!", and that means I have to go back playing with him in a second.

Sometimes I feel like I got my patience tested. You know, I WAS one of the most unpatient persons. I could blow up for a small matter that doesn't fit my expectation. But now.....I can't blow up just like that. I must struggle controlling my emotion, and put a smile on my face instead.
When Iki doesn't want to eat, when he throws away food on my face, when he can't stop crying for no reason, when he doesn't want to let me go even for having lunch, when he doesn't want to sleep, etc etc, and the list will go on and on...

Besides taking care of my small boy, I have to take care of our house. I also want to have some time and "needs" for myself that I can't fullfil. I don't want to list them here, but in short, I feel so tired. Physically and mentally.

I want to be able to manage my time. I want to be able to manage my self. I want to be able to control my emotion.

These three days Hiro's helping me out with the dirty dishes, I'm happy yet guilty for having him in my kitchen after working for a whole day. If it's one of the solutions, then may I know other possibilities?

Hello mothers all over the world. How would you manage your time.....?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Supposed-to-be Midnight surprise

Tomorrow is Hiro's birthday.
I'd been thinking for weeks what kind of surprise I could give him.
Then I came up with a plan to bake a small heart shape cake and a simple greeting card to be given to him on the birthday eve. Hiro only knows that I will bake him a cake (he chose the cake from the recipe book) for birthday present tomorrow afternoon so that he could help watching Iki for me.
I planned to manage baking the surprise cake this afternoon during Iki's sleeping time and hide it until midnight.
So then I browsed here and there for the cake, until then Yunita gave me the Banana chocolate cake recipe. We still have some bananas here so it would be a perfect choice :p. I already imagined his smile on his birthday eve getting that surprise cake.

But then....
Yesterday I GOT the surprise for him!!
"Shierly, tomorrow I'll drink with my colleague"
I was like: WHAT?!?!?!?!
OK....So he'll not be home on his birthday eve!!! Huaaaaaaaa
I felt like my knees lost power. Bye bye midnight surprise plan (T_T)

Yet the plan must go on. I don't want to waste my "weeks thinking time" hehehe
So I baked the cake, put it on his desk with a greeting card. Plus a note written that he MUST eat the cake tonight, even only a bite while saying a birthday wish.
I'll sms him at 00:00 wishing him birthday and asking him to take a look at his desk before sleeping.

Happy birthday, dear Hiro.
Hope you like my supposed-to-be midnight surprise :p

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tahu Tek Tek

Because of reading about "telur petis" (omellete with shrimp paste chilli sauce) posted by yun, I missed Tahu tek tek (beancurd with shrimp paste chilli sauce).
Tahu tek tek is one of hawker food from Surabaya. One of the cheapest food with thick incredible taste I've ever known. One of my fave food that reminds me of Surabaya.

Remembering that I still have shrimp paste brought by Pei last time she came here, I browsed here and there for the recipe. I had to use peanut butter instead of roasted peanut, silk tofu instead of fried indonesian "hard" tofu, and Indonesian shrimp crackers (kerupuk getoo) instead of garlic crackers. But the taste was sooooooooooo incredible (hehehe at least for me), that it could kick me out of reality. That I was in Surabaya, ordering a plate of Tahu Tek Tek at a hawker beside my former office CDU. What a food orgasm :p

Tahu tek tek ala imoet

Indonesian traditional way of making chilli sauce

Monday, October 16, 2006

Which one?

Ever since Iki was born, this "which one" question is often raised in our home.
Like last night, when I forgot to prepare Hiro's night wear after he's bathing Iki.

Hiro: It's OK. I know you ONLY love Iki
Me: Soorrryyyy. I love you both. It's just you've finished bathing him when I was about to take your cloth from the closet.
Hiro: Hahaha what an excuse :p. If both Iki and me got drown, which one will you save?
Me: Of course both of you! I can't choose one
Hiro: Really?
Me: YES. Hmm what if Iki and me got drown? which one will you save?
Hiro: Of course Iki hahahahaha

[My mind was: WHAT?!?!]

What a blunt answer! (_ _o)
But eventhough he saved me, I'll definitely ask him to save Iki instead

I will give my life for him, if needed.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Electric Fryer

We both like to eat fried food, but unfortunately there're always "little" accidents happened whenever I cook fried meal. One fatal example was when I broke the oil temperature meter. Since then our fried meal were so messy. Therefore to minimize unexpected errors, we bought this electric fryer.

Today for the first trial, we tried to make koloke. I can say...W.O.W.
The result was far beyond expectation. The oil temperature was so stable, no oil dirt anywhere in my kitchen, time saving, the koloke were not oily at all and were oh-sooo-crispy!!

Lots of fried food are on my menu list now hehehe. I give two thumbs to this fryer. Really recommended for a busy housewife who wants to serve delicious, not oily, and crispy fried food in just a few minutes.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Home sweet home

Am back from Japan yesterday night.
And so the holiday finished, back to real life again.
Home sweet home.
No matter how much fun did I have during holiday, it's always good to be home ;-)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chusok Holiday

Long holiday is coming in Korea. The whole next week will be holiday.
The supermarkets already display the holiday greeting packages, all wrapped beautifully. Reminds me the Lebaran dan Christmas greeting packages in Indonesia. Han Boks (Korean traditional cloth) are also everywhere. It seems that during that long holiday, lots of people will wear Han Bok during family visit and reunion.
We bought one for Iki. For a memory of staying in Korea. Still a lot too big for him tough :p

How do the Koreans spend their long vacation? Well, I'm not sure. They probably will visit family and friends. I thought the overseas tickets would be sold out, but we could get ticket to Japan pretty easy. Till then Hiro told me that he read in Korean newspaper that all the plastic surgery clinics are fully booked in holiday season. is that how many of them spend their long vacation? Shaping their nose, eyes, or any other parts of their bodies? :p *interesting*

And how would we spend our holiday?
We're off to Japan this Saturday. Already make a long to-do and shopping list. Will make our holiday busy shopping, eating delicious food, and meeting some friends. Ah....going away from routine. How I'm waiting forward to it (^_^)

Monday, September 25, 2006

One day trip, one day lessons

Last Saturday, for the first time he went to Seoul for a one day trip. Hiro wanted to buy some computer's spare parts, and I wanted to meet one of my Indonesian friend from JS mailing list.
We started just after Iki finished his lunch by subway. It took about one and half hour to reach Yongsan station, the electronic centre in Seoul. Hiro got memory card, hard disk and SD card for himself, and I got a pair of Women's Secret's lingerie. Both of us only needed about 20 minutes to finish our business there. But we had to stay in Yongsan St. for about 3 hours!!! - waited for Iki to wake up, changed his diaper and feed him-. Gosh...

Lesson number 1: Always spare extra (at least 1 hour) time if you're travelling with a baby!

Then we went to meet Pak Noviar at Anguk station. Hiro decided to take subway instead of taxi to avoid traffic jam. But indeed....travelling by subway there also took perhaps even more time. Walking in a crowded bringing a baby during transfer time was killing our feet, breath and time. Some stations have no elevator. Anyway we could manage to meet Pak Noviar and had dinner together (and sadly we had dinner at the wrong samgaetang restaurant (T_T)).

Lesson number 2: I'd prefer taking taxi than subway in Seoul

We separated with Pak Noviar after dinner since I thought it would be better to go back to Incheon early. We decided to take taxi to Seoul station, and Pak Noviar took subway home. Unfortunately we got no taxi! so we had to take subway instead to Seoul station. That night we thought it would be better to take bus to Incheon. We would definitely get a seat (in subway, we sometimes had so stand up). We said goodbye to Pak Noviar at about 7 pm, but leave Seoul at 9 pm. Why?? hahaha of course Mr. Iki needed a change and milk. So we had to look for a department store to find diaper change room and feed Iki there. (well, it's because the toilet in Seoul station was not dirty. It was VERY VERY dirty!)

Indeed we got a seat in the bus. But Iki suddenly became very active and made a lot of noise and movement. The bus driver drove badly too. I was struggling not to vomit there. Then half way to Incheon Iki cried very loudly. The unstoppable one. It was about 11 pm and almost all the passangers were asleep. Argghh...So we had to get out of the bus with some "irritated" eyes following. Finally we took taxi home. Double price than the bus' ticket hahaha.
When we were in a bus, we were wondering. Why there was no parents bringing a baby in a bus? And then we got the answer right away hahahaha.

Lesson number 3: Avoid bus during long journey trip with a baby!!

What an exhausted day (_ _o)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No social life

I just realised, I don't have any social life now.

My life here is about Iki, Hiro, and never ending households.
I tried to make friends with some people here, but mostly ended up with their pushy attitude asking me going to their churchs (and they are pretty aggresive!!). I did had a quite intense relationship with my neighbour (we did hang out for several times), but then both felt tired because of this language problem. Then she stopped coming by, and so did I. We still met by accident for few times, but the conversation goes no further than a short small talk.

It also happens to my virtual worlds. Since my free time is different with my friends', I lost the chance to chat with them. Say Yunita, Ella, Valens, Mariza, Pei. Finding 5 minutes chatting time is so hard now. I did miss the time to share and laugh with them, though virtually, through yahoo messenger.

At first I thought that I am OK. It's hard to spare my busy time for making friends, for sometimes I felt that I need more that 24 hours to finish all my work. But now I realised, am not OK. I'm a social person.

I remember when I was still single, my life was sooo surrounded by lots of friends. I spent 90% my time with my friends. In the office, boarding house, shopping mall, cafe, pub. I rarely went anywhere alone (except during my travelling time).

Hey it doesn't mean that I regret my moving here hahaha, I just miss my friends. Where are you, guys? Am I forgotten already? :p

Now my bestfriends, my sharing partners, my laughing partners, and my crying partners are only Iki and Hiro. I am now living in this tiny circled world in this Woosung APT.

And what do you think would help me?
So far only 1 thing came to my mind, and for that I got my phone bill raised this month :p
Any other idea?

Indonesian food supply :p

I got package from Indonesia yesterday. Millions thanks to Uti .
My food supply!!!!!!

Look look look!!

From abon, dendeng, fave instant noodles, shrimp snack, chilly, sambal terasi, Indonesian soy sauce, rendang spices, fave black tea, to minyak telon and antangin (hehehe my body is still Indonesian body that I need them esp. for facing winter).

Yummmm....which one to eat first?! *drooling*

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yesterday evening, when I was preparing dinner, i got my finger cut.
I was panic seeing blood flowing out of the wound. I felt all my fingers trembling, felt like vomitting, and started to lose my consiousness.
How to stop this blood??!!
I put my finger under running water but it hurted like hell. Grabbed tissue, towel, whatever I could find, still it did't work.
Hiro!! I thought I must call Hiro and ask him. So I went to the living room to make a phone call. (At that time I realised how far it was the telephone table from my kitchen!!).

me: Hiro...busy?
Hiro: no...what's up?
me: I got my finger cut. How to stop this blood?
Hiro: ee? ee? are you allright?
me: am OK, just how to stop this? i feel like i'm going to blackout
Hiro: ee? blackout?? ashtma??
me: no!! finger cut 3 mm. how to stop blood?
Hiro: ee? finger cut?? emergency car??
me: no!!! just 3 to stop blood? quick i felt like going to blackout
Hiro: 3 mm finger left?? i'm going home now
me: no need....stop blood only...just got cut...

-the phone line was cut-

Oh man...was it a mistake to call him? now he's panic? didn't he get what i mean?!
But as I looked down on my finger and saw the blood, I felt even worse. I felt like I lost my power. Slowly I crawled to take the safety box trying to find something to stop the blood there. aid. This would help. So I put it around the wound and just then the phone rang.
Again I crawled to the phone and answered it.

Hiro: shierly, are you ok?
me: ya ok
Hiro: now I'm on the way. wait for me
me: hmmm
Hiro: shierly??
me: hmm ok
Hiro: shierly!! wait a minute ok?
me: hmmm ok

And then...BLACK....

*As Hiro got home, he found me on the floor. The phone was hanging with one of my hand grabbing it. He turned my body and saw my eyes were only the white part (hiii....). He called my name loudly several times while shaked my body till finally I opened my eyes.*

I remember....
I heard Iki's crying. Oh he's hungry, it's dinner time, so i opened my eyes. I found Hiro hugging me with panic face, and told me that we're going to hopital right now.
I asked him to feed Iki instead. I told him that it's ok. I just cut my finger.

hiro: it's ok...i saw in ER drama, when someone got his finger's cut, the doctor there can repair the finger
me: nooo....not as u imagine. i just got it cut 3 mm (i remember because i set the cutter to 3 mm thickness)
hiro: did you use the big knife?
me: no!! i used cutter. i set 3 mm. that's it, hiro!
hiro: heeee??!?!?! cutter?!?! so it's only 3mm cut??
me: oh, FINALLY you understood! Look at this!! ( i showed him my finger)

hiro: WHAT?!?!?!?!??! This is it?!?!?!
me: speechless
hiro: shierrrllllyyyyy!!!! wahahahahahahahahahahahha


Monday, September 18, 2006

Autumn has come

Not only that the temperature is getting cooler, the leaves are getting red and yellow. Strong heat from the sun is replaced by dark cloudy day, and strong winds start blowing for some typhoons are approaching.

So here autumn is coming. In spite of those temperature's changing, autumn's food and fruit are now can be seen. Here I tried my first peach (which will disssapear from the market soon) and the latest is marron. Actually I've tried this marron or chestnut last year in Japan, but truthfully this time I can really understand that it's one of the sign of autumn.

Yesterday we bought marron at the supermarket, we also found the famous autumn fish sanma (sword fish) . Thus we had Japanese autumn dinner menu with kuri gohan, roasted sanma, kimpira gobo and asari miso soup. TOO BAD I didn't take photo of the whole dinner set (T_T).

Sunday, September 10, 2006


By accident I watched this video at YouTube


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Maid look?!

This afternoon, in the elevator.
Conversation between an around-50-y/o-korean-woman and me
*that woman of course talked in korean. I didn't understand perfectly but generally i knew what she said*

she: azuma? (maid?) *looked at me with raised eyebrows*
me: no
she: how much is ur salary a month?
me: i am not azuma *Damn*
she: how much....salary...a month *tried to explain slowly*
me: hangulmal mollayo (i don't understand korean) *i also raised my eyebrow*
she: why?!? how month...*started yelling at me*
me: mollayo...mollayo (dunno!!) *with raised eyebrow and ignorant face*
she: hey!!! where are you come from?! *loosing her patience*
me: mollayo *didn't even bother to look at her arrogant face*
she: blah...blah...blah...*i wasn't listening to her shit anymore*

*then i talked with Iki in Japanese*

she: ooooo ilbon saram?!?! (oooo Japanese?!?!) *with wide friendly smile*
she: ur baby is sooooo cute *trying to reach Iki*
me: hangulmal molla. mian yo (sorry, don't understand korean) *with arrogant face while pulling Iki away from her*

Cih.....I was not interested making any conversation with such woman.

I got this kind of discrimination here for like hundreds of times. People here are so unbelivably fussy. Always staring at me from top to toe, trying to judge how much salary does this "ajuma (maid)" earn a month working in their country. WTF!! well, even if i were a maid, they didn't have any right to ask my salary at the first place.

I don't give a damn to their judgements. indeed i look down at them, on how a sucker they can be once they THOUGHT i'm a japanese. Yet.....they would see me as low as dust on their shoes by looking at my skin color and appearance.

Hmmmm just a sudden thought now: do i look or have any potential look of a MAID?!?!?!?! hahahaha *bitter laugh*


I miss home huu huu huuuuu

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

May you rest in peace....

This evening I got an email from my brother
My uncle, Om Ventje, died this afternoon
Lung cancer took away his life
May you rest in peace, Om Ventje....
All things about you are safely kept in my childhood memories

Hopefully your family would be strong without you

All my prayer is for you tonight

(_ _o)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Culture or habit?!

I don't know if this story is about culture or simply someone's habit.
There's a park nearby our apartment. Usually every late afternoon I bring Iki for a walk there. We can see many children playing, old people sitting on the bench, or couples having romantic chit chat. Around 4.30 pm, the big fountain is usually started. Then many children will play under it. Seems that in this hot summer weather, that fountain becomes one of the children in the neighborhood's favourite.

2 days ago I brought Iki to the park again. As usual, when the fountain was started, lots of children start to run under it. At that time there was an old woman as well. That granny was playing happily with the children. Quite a nice view actually.
But then, perhaps tired, she left the fountain to the bench beside me. Opened her wet clothes JUST LIKE THAT, and changed it into the clean one. I gasped. She really was naked in front of me. Though the view was not good for my eyes, I can't help not to watch :p

The other day, I sat together with some mothers at the same bench. I was just watching Iki talking in baby language with some other babies (we, mothers, just kept silent while our babies were chatting while holding hands hahaha). Suddenly 1 baby cried because of hungry. The mother soothed her and asked her to wait a second. I thought that mother would take a bottled milk for the baby, BUT she just sat down on the bench, pull out her left fully breast and fed the baby instead. I also gasped. This time the view was pretty good for my eyes so I can't help not to watch :p

Is it culture? or simply someone's habit?
I remember in Indonesia I also saw similar views several times, though I think I don't see much of them in higher level society.
That park, where I saw such views, is located at the highest society level in this city. Therefore I was wondering if it's about culture or habit....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our summer holiday

Just finished. Now back in Incheon again.
It was an exciting yet exhausting holiday. Long trip with a baby was not an easy journey after all hahaha

We went to Fukuoka first by plane from Incheon. From that city then we went to Hagi by renting a car. There's a baby seat available there, but was not a comfortable one. Poor Iki must sit there for 2.5 hours journey. It's so understandable that he was squeaking almost the whole trip.

Hagi, an old city located almost at the corner of Japan's main island (in Yamaguchi perfecture), is an old city with castles and histories. This small city is facing Japan sea with greenish hills at the surrounding. Really was a refreshment for my eyes after having tall apartments view in Korea for months.

Hagi from the hill

We visited a Hagi Yaki shop, feeding fishes near Mt. Kasayama, Interesting Yukawa Family Resident, a splendid stalagtit-stalagmit cave Akiyoshi-do, Tsunoshima island with its beautiful scenery, and joining the thousand lantern festival of Mukaebi Okuribi in Tokoji Temple.

Overall, I enjoyed our holiday. We had a great fun with Miyamoto's family. I learnt many new things as well. We shared great food, bottles of beers, and tons of laugh. It was just so nice to be welcomed in that family.

Another good thing, I got this HERMES watch as a present during this holiday. For sure it did complete my holiday hehehehehehehehe

Thanks for the wonderful holiday.
I enjoyed it TOO much that I gained 3 kgs (>_<)!!!!!


On the way home we went to Tsunoshima island. Connected to Japan mainland by a bridge. The scenery there was really breathtaking.

It was Iki's first time visiting a beach. Too bad he's too sleepy and it was too hot for him to enjoy :p


The other day the whole Miyamoto family guided us to Akiyoshi-do. It's a splendid stalagtit-stalagmit cave, known as the biggest in Japan. It's really really really big (covers almost all underground of one hill). Another God's amazing creation.

Mt. Kasayama

We visited a dormant volcano of Mt. Kasayama, called Kazaana. The area surrounding it was surprisingly cool. Only the surrounding of the kazaana. 10 steps out of it, back to hot humid weather. It's so mysterious how nature can arrange such a phenomenon.

Nearby, along the way to the kazaana, we can feed fishes and birds with bread at a beautiful seawater pond. Those fishes were so fat of bread hahaha. The view here was also amazing. Mt. Kasayama on my left hand and seawater pond on my right.

feeding fish

Yukawa Family Resident

During our visit in Hagi, we also spent some minutes at Yukawa Family Resident, now it's kind of museum. It's a samurai-mansion style architecture.


It has an old style yet high technique utility to take river water into the mansion, called Hatoba. This type of water utilization is typical in the households along Aiba river.


The Aiba river itself, in front of the house, has very clear water. There many Koi fishes can be seen swimming around freely. It's public place, but no one take it. Hmmm I can't imagine what happened to those fish if they're swimming in Indonesian's river? =))

Koi fishes along Aiba river

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hagi Yaki

Hagi is very famous for its pottery, known as Hagi Yaki. There're several famous artist (maker) known widely throughout Japan, and we were so lucky to meet one of them, Hamanaka Gesson, and had a visit to his splendid house and shop. A teacup made by his hands costs about 150 USD (and we got 2 for free!! Thanks to Miyamoto's mother-she works there). The pottery from this city is different from those of other parts of japan. More about Hagi Yaki can be read here. We brought back some pieces of this Hagi yaki. Two long fish plates, 2 small unique plate, 6 small round plates, and 2 tea cup made by Hamanaka Gesson. All for free hehehee. Thanks for Miyamoto family.

hagi yaki we got

Friday, August 11, 2006

I know....

Last night I saw it by accident did promise me,
can't believe you're still doing it.
No need to say anything though,
I just want you to know that I know :(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Out of sudden I wanted to watch this drama series again. FRIENDS.
It can be said an old series, but I never can get enough of it. No idea how many times have I watched it already and how well I know every episode by heart, I just can't stop laughing at every scene of its every episode.

Last time I watched the episode when everyone just knew that Rachel's pregnant. It really made me laugh out loud. Any of you like this series and remember the story? ;-)

I heard a rumor that there will be a special episodes of FRIENDS?!
If so, really waiting forward for it then!

I miss the self centered Ross; the unique and sometimes-innnocent phoebe; sloppy but pretty Rachel; empty-headed Joey; cleaning-freak and perfectionist Monica; and one-who-claims-that-he's-the-funniest Chandler.

Today I found about this game
Want it badly huks huks huks. Anyone from Indonesia wanna send me a copied PS2 one? (^_-).
Original CD is so expensive hiks hiks....or...anyone kind enough to give me one? hihihi

Friday, July 28, 2006


Welcoming summer in Korea, besides facing hot sunny day with high humidity, you'd also find long queeing at restaurants serving Samgaetang. Samgaetang, or in other words, Ginseng Chicken Soup, is known as the food for welcoming Summer in Korea. Korean believe that this soup can give cool effect to your body, and give energy to prepare body's stamina along the whole hot summer. It was what I read in Korean newspaper.
At first I was confused. Eh? eating hot soup in hot weather? giving cool feeling? All I could imagine was sweating all over my body :p

But anyway, being in Korea, I'd like to experience it. Besides samgaetang is a delicious food, I also wanted to prove if I really get this cooling effect.

So 2 days ago we decided to have dinner at samgaetang restaurant. It's not early summer anymore (in fact its rainy season!), so I guessed I won't find long queeing at restaurant.

5 minutes after we ordered 2 portions of samgaetang and a bottle of beer, small plates of kimchi came. There were normal kimchi, radish kimchi (can't remember the name), sweetened peanut, a plate of fresh vegetables, white kimchi (not hot one), mashed garlic and kochujang (Korean chilli sauce)

The kimchi was hot, so Hiro didn't even think to try. But it was delicious. Inspite of the hot taste, I can feel the combination of sour and salty taste, mixed with fresh vegetable. The radish kimchi even richer in taste. I can feel sweet among hot, sour and salty taste.
The peanut was not special. It's just a usual sweetened peanut. I passed mashed garlic for sure, and thought of mixing the kochujang with the samgaetang later on.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, finally what we're waiting for was coming. Two bowls of very hot soup. I can see whole chicken drowning inside the soup, decorated with a lot of leek. The aroma instantly went into my nose, produced a lot of water inside my mouth :p.

Samgaetang is a whole chicken stuffed with korean sweet rice (chap sal), that was already mixed with spices. It was then boiled until all the ingredients are well cooked and the chicken's soft.

I poured salt and black pepper into the bowl, a big spoon of kochujang, then tasted it. Hmmm perfect. Then I tore the chicken's breast with my chopsticks. Strong ginseng smell came out. I found the rice with big ginseng inside. First spoon, awwwww HOT!!! But was sooooo delicious. I can feel thick taste of ginseng mixed with garlic. There besides ginseng and garlic, I found ginger, chestnut and jujuba. Mixed with the soup, was a perfect korean dinner!!

Total damage of 2 portions of Samgaetang and a bottle of beer was 23.000 Won (about IDR 230.000). Not expensive for such a delicious food in this expensive country (^__^)

Monday, July 24, 2006


Monday is the busiest day of the week.
Somehow I feel that I need more than 24 hours, only for this day :p
Every monday I prepare Iki's food for one week. For one week, so that I cook them all and put them in small containers and ice trays to be frozen. So everyday I only need few minutes preparing. Just TINGGG, and ready :p. (except for some food like egg yolk and tofu -fresh one is better, means no freezer). But because he eats different menu everyday, I have to prepare quite a lot for him.

So everyweek I have to cook okayu (porridge), dashi jiru and vegetable soup for basic meal. All other food will be mixed with these basics. Other vegetables are boiled one by one and then mashed. I just realise that this week is the last week I will cook this type of food. Next week, Iki will be 7 months, his menu will be different again!

This cooking thing takes more than 3 hours every monday. With Iki's higher demands of my presence lately, and a must to clean the whole house (well, he starts exploring things on the floor - so it be clean all the time!); I feel time just flies away. Suddenly it's almost 6 pm, haven't finished all the housework yet must start cooking dinner for Hiro's coming any minute. *sigh*

Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer holiday

Summer holiday is coming.
We spent this few days discussing the best way to spend it.
We want to go out of town for sure. Some places came into consideration:

Jeju Island, located at southern part of Korean peninsula. Well, some of you must have heard it from the famous "Winter Sonata". It is about 1 hour by air from here and I heard it's one of korea's must be visited tourist attraction. But the famous food there is sashimi!! Well, for me might be OK, but for the perfectionist Hiro, nothing can be more delicious than Japanese sashimi hahaha. As we gathered information about the island, then we found out that it would be very very crowded there during summer holiday. Beach, our main destination, will be full of people. It won't be a relaxing place anymore, right? :(

Resort at Hainan, China. Never heard about this though, what I know about Hainan is only "Hainan chicken rice" (slurrrp). Recommended by Hiro's friend. Kind of tempting, BUTTT...I need VISA. And there's no way to go to Seoul during working days with Iki. So.....we just have to forget it this time :(

Taipei. This idea was objected at once. Again, the visa problem. uuuh uuhhhh

Hokkaido. Hiro's family will spend summer holiday there. And as Hiro's mother dream is going on a trip for the whole family, we were thinking of realising it.'s high season in Japan, and there's no direct flight to Sapporo from here. Guess what? the air ticket only will cost us about 1700 USD. Bah...!

Then out of sudden Hiro got the idea to go to Wakayama, his friend's house. There's beautiful white sand beach nearby, and we can meet his friend's family and have fun. We just have to fly to Osaka and go there by train.
But apparently his friend won't be in town!! He's going diving at his hometown, a city called Hagi. Didn't ring a bell for me hehehe. It came out that he invited us to join them, and.......then it's decided that we're going to spend our summer holiday there!!
We'll fly to Fukuoka from here, and rent car to Hagi. It will take 3 hours by car, but we can stop and take a rest anytime.

Waiting forward for it \(^_^)/. we come!!

What's ur plan for summer holiday, friends?

To you, my dearest friend.

Last night I couldn't sleep
The news I just heard disturbed my mind
I can't believe what happened to my friend
Sorry I can't keep it for myself,
I need to release my feeling so I'm writing something here.

I'm so sorry to hear that,
But I didn't dare to say that.
I pity you of what happened,
But also don't want to say that for it doesn't make you stronger.
I wanted so say comforted words,
But I don't know any that can heal your pain.
I'm so speechless yet I have lots to ask.

I don't want to remind you of that,
Yet I can't help not to write anything here.
For this what I feel I want you to know.

Be strong, I know you are.
Whatever had happened, it must be for a reason.
For a better "you", it must be.
For a stronger "you", it must be.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy birthday

Today is the birthday of my father and my brother, Yosis.
Again, as already happened for like 9 years, I can only send my love by phone call.

But somewhat I feel different this year.
My dad cried on the phone.
Life is not easy anymore for him, he's been struggling hard for his two last children. To finish my brother and sister's education. To make his two last children doctors as he has always dreamed of.
And this year my brother will be. What a best birthday present he got.

I know he cried because he's full of proud.
Yet I know he cried because he feels so tired,
somewhat he felt that he failed being a good father.
In fact, he's not.
He's done his best.
And he's the best father!

Yosis, my little brother.
One egois creature that is now getting matured.
Well, life gave him a lot of lessons, and continously will.
Congratulations for your graduation.
Hope you'll be a good doctor after all.

Papa, Yosis,
I love you and terribly miss you (something I can't say on the phone :p)
Happy birthday....

Friday, July 14, 2006

Our small garden

Living in an apartment almost lost our dream of having our own garden and growing our own plants. But again, if there's a will, then there's a way.
So we bought some pots and vegetable seed, and arranged them at our veranda.
It may not a perfect garden that we've imagined, yet it satisfies us.

Look what we have in our small garden:

Mini tomato. Now we can already enjoy our first "harvest" hehehe. Looks yummy, right?! They're not "very sweet" indeed, but they tasted sooo good. Perhaps because we've been waiting for so long, watering and wondering?!

And then we have edamame (japanese green soy bean), asparagus, and kabu (turnip).
Look at those asparagus (i think u can guess which one!). I've never imagined that young asparagus would be like that. Just like the asparagus I've usually seen in supermarket, just in short and very thin form hahaha.

And last we have mitsuba (one of japanese leaf spices), stringbean (buncis), parsley, italian herb, and of course chilli.
Our chilli trees are like stop growing . They're not dead anyhow, but they don't get any bigger *sob sob*

My rose is dying (that's why I don't put the photo here :p), but I hope there'll be miracle to save it hahaha. And we plan to expand our garden by buying one more pot for morning glory flower ;-)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iki's menu planning

Providing Iki good and balance food is likely my main job recently. Especially after he started having meal twice a day.
I have to manage so that in a day he could have meal contained enough carbohydrate (Category I), protein (Category II), fat (Category III), vitamin and mineral (Category IV). Or at least 3 categories out of four per day.

That's why now I'm working on excel sheet for better plan :p

Iki likes to eat all food I introduced him so far. Only one kind caused allergic on him, but basically he likes, hmmm LOVES to eat all kinds of food. It really encourages me to prepare delicious meal for him. It satisfies me to see him opening his small mouth widely and eating the food enthusiastically.

Yet too bad that he doesn't like milk now. He prefers solid. The delicious meal his mom plans and prepares everyday ;-)