Friday, July 21, 2006

To you, my dearest friend.

Last night I couldn't sleep
The news I just heard disturbed my mind
I can't believe what happened to my friend
Sorry I can't keep it for myself,
I need to release my feeling so I'm writing something here.

I'm so sorry to hear that,
But I didn't dare to say that.
I pity you of what happened,
But also don't want to say that for it doesn't make you stronger.
I wanted so say comforted words,
But I don't know any that can heal your pain.
I'm so speechless yet I have lots to ask.

I don't want to remind you of that,
Yet I can't help not to write anything here.
For this what I feel I want you to know.

Be strong, I know you are.
Whatever had happened, it must be for a reason.
For a better "you", it must be.
For a stronger "you", it must be.

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Your dearest friend said...

Thank you.