Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy birthday

Today is the birthday of my father and my brother, Yosis.
Again, as already happened for like 9 years, I can only send my love by phone call.

But somewhat I feel different this year.
My dad cried on the phone.
Life is not easy anymore for him, he's been struggling hard for his two last children. To finish my brother and sister's education. To make his two last children doctors as he has always dreamed of.
And this year my brother will be. What a best birthday present he got.

I know he cried because he's full of proud.
Yet I know he cried because he feels so tired,
somewhat he felt that he failed being a good father.
In fact, he's not.
He's done his best.
And he's the best father!

Yosis, my little brother.
One egois creature that is now getting matured.
Well, life gave him a lot of lessons, and continously will.
Congratulations for your graduation.
Hope you'll be a good doctor after all.

Papa, Yosis,
I love you and terribly miss you (something I can't say on the phone :p)
Happy birthday....


Yunita said...

Wahh lego yah Papamu Mut...akhire tuntas juga tugase "nggedein" anak-anake :) Kamu ya enak lego pisan wes..adek2mu podo gede-gede kabeh.
Aku sik mikirin adik-adiku mut..masih kecil2.. yang paling kecil cowok satu-satunya pisan masih umur 10 th!

imoet said...

Iya yun...
1 adek mari. sek 1 lagi ngantri :p
hueee...sek ada yang 10 tahun! perjalanan masih panjang ya yun. aku ngerti rasanya jadi kakak tertua yang punya tanggung jawab juga mikirin adek2 :p