Monday, July 10, 2006


One thing I used to see on TV only for years. Yet now I experience it here.
I had no idea that today typhoon would hit Korea, so I planned to go to hospital for Iki's immunization after lunch time.
But then around 10 a.m I got sms from Hiro about this typhoon. That probably the wind will get stronger in the afternoon.
So I got ready, woke Iki up (sorry :p), called taxi, and off to hospital.

Downstair it was raining a little, but I didn't think that the wind was strong. So I spoke to myself "bah....exagerrating. It's only little shower here"

So did when I left the hospital.
But then when I opened my taxi door in front of my apartment, I was shocked.
It was not little shower anymore so I MUST use umbrella to protect Iki.
Man....the wind was sooooo strong. The strongest I've ever experienced in my whole life.
I just needed to walk about 10 metres from the taxi to the apartment building but it was like walking 100 metres. I felt like I'd be blown up by the wind. And with Iki and umbrella in my hands I felt so hopeless. So while struggling to reach the apartment door, all came from my mouth was this long and loud "TOLOOOOOOOOONG" scream. Of course no one understood and helped me hahahaha.
Apparantly native language will come automatically in panic situation :p
Iki was so scared, clearly seen from his face.

Well dear Iki...
So this is our first typhoon ;-)
Next time I'm not stepping myself out during typhoon!!!!!!!!!!!


Sheila said...

Hahaha, that's why you don't come out in the wind when you're THAT SMALL, little girl.

I've never experienced typhoon before, but YES, you and I should know (being english teachers we are) that mother tongue is the only language available for ANY multi/bilingual speaker -- in certain UNCONTROLLABLE circumstances such as : panic, spontaneous reflex, pain, and even orgasm (don't laugh! ^__^)

It's just natural, that's why they called it mother tongue, it stays in your tongue even if you have amnesia or forget any other language, hehehehee...

*aku ngomong opo tohhhh yooo...*

imoet said...

*I did laugh!*
kenapa juga bawa2 orgasm?!?! wahahaha. kamu manusia paling ceplas ceplos yang aku tahu, LITTLE GIRL!

But indeed you're right. Mother tongue is the best way to express feeling in such circumstances. Lebih mantap gitu loh!!!