Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iki's menu planning

Providing Iki good and balance food is likely my main job recently. Especially after he started having meal twice a day.
I have to manage so that in a day he could have meal contained enough carbohydrate (Category I), protein (Category II), fat (Category III), vitamin and mineral (Category IV). Or at least 3 categories out of four per day.

That's why now I'm working on excel sheet for better plan :p

Iki likes to eat all food I introduced him so far. Only one kind caused allergic on him, but basically he likes, hmmm LOVES to eat all kinds of food. It really encourages me to prepare delicious meal for him. It satisfies me to see him opening his small mouth widely and eating the food enthusiastically.

Yet too bad that he doesn't like milk now. He prefers solid. The delicious meal his mom plans and prepares everyday ;-)

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