Friday, July 14, 2006

Our small garden

Living in an apartment almost lost our dream of having our own garden and growing our own plants. But again, if there's a will, then there's a way.
So we bought some pots and vegetable seed, and arranged them at our veranda.
It may not a perfect garden that we've imagined, yet it satisfies us.

Look what we have in our small garden:

Mini tomato. Now we can already enjoy our first "harvest" hehehe. Looks yummy, right?! They're not "very sweet" indeed, but they tasted sooo good. Perhaps because we've been waiting for so long, watering and wondering?!

And then we have edamame (japanese green soy bean), asparagus, and kabu (turnip).
Look at those asparagus (i think u can guess which one!). I've never imagined that young asparagus would be like that. Just like the asparagus I've usually seen in supermarket, just in short and very thin form hahaha.

And last we have mitsuba (one of japanese leaf spices), stringbean (buncis), parsley, italian herb, and of course chilli.
Our chilli trees are like stop growing . They're not dead anyhow, but they don't get any bigger *sob sob*

My rose is dying (that's why I don't put the photo here :p), but I hope there'll be miracle to save it hahaha. And we plan to expand our garden by buying one more pot for morning glory flower ;-)


Nina said...

waduh..mbak iki rek. wis n\bener2 jadi ibu yang baik ya... nyusun menu untuk anak, bercocok tanam..hihihi lucu en gak iso mbyangno...(bayangin dulunya waktu msh single..gubrakk)
i am so happy for you.

miss u


Yunita said...

Wahhh... boleh juga tuh mut.. aku sih ya pengen bikin kebun "portable" gitu, tapi aku sangat amat takut sekali ama cacing atau ulet, ya udah sampe sekarang masih menjadi cita-cita dulu :P
btw... kalo taneman di pot gitu bisa didatengin ulet gak yah??

Sheila said...

Hmmm, aku suka layout yang ini.
Kalem banget... :-)

Cocok dengan ibu kita Kartini satu ini... hahahaha. Bener2 udah jadi ibuuu... setuju ama Nina, bercocok tanam dan mengurus bayi, waaahhhhh.

Btw itu tanganmu dewe tah pinjem tangan-e orang? Tanganmu ngga mungkin sehalus dan se-seksi itu soale. HUAHAHAHAHAHA...

emmy said...

sayang bgt cabenya ga bisa tumbuh lagi ya!
tapi semoga aja bisa keluar cabenya ya!

Anonymous said...

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