Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Silitku sakit :(

Tulang ekorku sakitt.....

Kirain ambeien, jadi kemaren dulu pergi ke dokter buat periksa.
Malunya setengah mati harus pamer silit ama dokter, dan ternyata bukan ambeien. BAH (nek ngerti lak aku gak perlu buka-bukan gitu seeeh).
Ternyata tulang ekorku. Ama dokter dipencet disana, aku langsung menjerit kaget.
Agak bengkak dan membiru. Aku langsung dituduh dokter abis jatuh tapi boong gak mau bilang.
Suwerrrrr aku gak inget kapan aku jatuh or kejeduk dipantat dalam waktu dekat ini.
Dokter takut kalo retak ato ada apa-apa sih.....tapi gimana coba? aku hamil gini kan gak mau ambil resiko x-ray. Dikasih obat pain killer gitu akhirnya....CUMA HARI INI AKU LUPA BAWA!

And so....seharian silitku sakit. Bad mood banget. Gak tahan duduk lama, makanya pulang kerja pengen langsung makan trus pulang.

Jadi bukannya aku gak mau ikut muter-muter makan tahu campur!!
Bukannya aku gak mau ke AJBS beli buku yang emang udah kuincer!!
Bukannya aku maksain kehendakku minta dibikin seneng terus!!

Aku gak masalah nunggu dikantor sampe selesai, trus baru makan soto banjar yang emang udah dijanjikan dari minggu lalu. Nunggu sampe jam 8 juga gak apa-apa, asal aku gak dibawa muter2 jalanan surabaya yang banyak bolongnya dengan pantat sakit gini!!!

MENGERTILAH!!!! silitku lorooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

In the Netherlands with CDU

Just now I got an sms from arief:
"Shier, I'm now in Damrak. So ironique remembering we used to be together with all CDU people, and now there's nobody with me here. Whatever my feeling is, I'm just hoping the best for everyone. Sorry for being this sentimental"

I forwarded the sms to Tina right away, felt sure that she would understand my feeling completely.

I feel sad. Sooooo damn sad. I couldn't help the tears rolling down from my eyes. So I grabbed my phone and cried my feeling out to Hiro. Feeling better, the memory in the Netherlands with CDU staffs flashed back like a movie....

I visited Netherlands first in 2002 for my job training. At that time, I knew no one in CDU except Carla (since she's my friend from uni). I went together with the first group of students, assisted by Arief. I didn't know much about him, but at that time he seemed so busy with his task that he left me, the new staff, minggled with the students. I spent my first several days with the students, and treated as one of them, until then Carla and Tina arrived with other group of students. After one meeting to another with INHOLLAND people, I started to hang out with the staffs and got to know them better. I spent most of the time with Tina, Carla and Baby Mariza (internee), and sometimes also with Arief. I knew it, at that time, that working at this company would also be a fun. The boss, the staffs, and the internee were such a perfect combination of a nice working atmosphere and unique personalities team.
We browsed the shops in Amsterdam, looking for nice discounted stuffs that perhaps could be bought. Well....Euro brain couldn't stop calculating the rate hahaha. We were having tight schedules with international offices and programme managers too, with of course business lunch or dinner -which were so plain for our indonesian tongue. We shared many jokes and stupid mistakes. We took lots of pictures. I followed Catholic mass in Dutch with Tina. We went to red light district and got amused. We spents some evenings at cafes along Leidseplein, watched once an old man's naked attraction. Went to uitmarkt, experiencing Dutch's yearly summer art festival. And having the best and cheap dinner, Moksi Meti, at Albina restaurant nearby Albertcuip; and also introduced to Shoarma - food from Morroco.
As the August ended, we got separated. Carla continuing her Europe trip with her past boyfriend, Tina and Arief to Italy (Of couse separately), and me flying back to Indonesia.

Then after spending a year working and knowing the people more, I visited the Netherlands again in 2003. It was Carla's last visit, but I were introduced to Nina at that time. I spent most of the time with Tina and Arief. Browsing Amsterdam for shoes and souvenirs, meetings, uitmarkt and having meals together -Moksi Meti and shoarma were must-be-eaten food. Walking down the streets till we almost broke our legs. Arief spent his time more with us already. He even took me to the bus station at Amstelveen with my heavy luggages when I was about to leave to German.

2004 was already a sad year. No more Carla with us, and Nina was resigning. She was still going to Holland with us, but it was like a farewell. Tina was not going with us also, she visited the Netherlands a month after. I spent most of the time with Nina and Arief. Nina was a shopalcoholic, so it was a great fun with her. Kalverstraat was out favourite spot. We had my favourite shoarma and Moksi Meti as well, and of course Shoarma at the shop at the corner of Damrak. I knew also at that time that it would be my last official visit to Holland. My bond with CDU people was very strong already.

And this year. I am not going because of my pregnancy. Tina will go a month later for other project. No more Carla and Nina. Arief is there alone now. If I were Arief, perhaps I would cry flying there with the students alone, walking down damrak alone, browsing kalverstraat alone, eating shoarma alone, waiting for trams and metro alone, running to catch the train alone, visiting schol and having meetings with people there alone. Doing things that were used to be done together with other CDU people alone.

So sad, huh...? or....Am I just being sentimentil?


I feel lonely in the office now as my colleague left to Holland. Feel empty, feel sad, feel heavy. I only have less than 2 weeks to clean my desk, to pack my things, and to throw away my "garbage"; but I just don't know where to start. I work in this company only for 3 years, but feel like ages. This office is like a second home for me.

I hate saying goodbye again!!!!!!!!!!! (T_______T)

Not only my working contract at CDU will end this month. I will also have to close my pages of living in Surabaya. Leave my friends, leave my works, leave my routines, leave my family, leave my crazy adventurous life. ALL.

But this is what I've decided as well. This is one of the consequences.

After the party, I will go to Japan. To learn Japanese cooking from my mother in law, to get myself used to communicate in Japanese, and to gain some knowledge on Japanese custom and habit. I feel like I have to learn all of these, before I move to Korea and have the "real life" with Hiro. Up to this time, I get used to have a freedom life; with me myself as the center. Always follow my heart and my ambition. Go where the wind blows my spirit. Now I want to learn that later on I could have more devotion to my husband and family. Just wish me luck, friends hehehe. I'll take this as a new challenge.

Again, life is a matter of hello and goodbye. I will say goodbye this time, to say hello again. Someday in near future (^__^).

Thursday, August 18, 2005


A friend, a colleague, a team, and surprisingly a loved one also.

The few hours working this morning, was our last moment of working together. He's leaving to Holland already, and when he's back here, he will find nothing but my empty desk.

I hate to admit this. But I do feel lonely.

He is one unique person. Not a gentleman as what he admitted. But to him I can be truly myself. I love every single jokes we shared, including the implicitly vulgar ones. I love the way he expresses himself. Though if I mention his characters I hate, this would be a very long blog, he is my dear friend. And I love him the way he is.

Sometimes I hate his working style and late response towards important stuffs. Just like now, when he's soooo irritating. Become invisible when people need him. I got lots of phone calls from the students. They couldn't find arief at the meeting point, and his mobile can't be reached!! wahahaha this is sooooo arief, the invisible man.

But I know. As this lonely waves hit me right on my chest, that I do miss him.


My colleague and students will depart to Holland today. I can take a deep free breath now, after went through this busy-noisy-messy month in the office.

So......welcome me back in this blogging world!!!