Saturday, August 20, 2005


I feel lonely in the office now as my colleague left to Holland. Feel empty, feel sad, feel heavy. I only have less than 2 weeks to clean my desk, to pack my things, and to throw away my "garbage"; but I just don't know where to start. I work in this company only for 3 years, but feel like ages. This office is like a second home for me.

I hate saying goodbye again!!!!!!!!!!! (T_______T)

Not only my working contract at CDU will end this month. I will also have to close my pages of living in Surabaya. Leave my friends, leave my works, leave my routines, leave my family, leave my crazy adventurous life. ALL.

But this is what I've decided as well. This is one of the consequences.

After the party, I will go to Japan. To learn Japanese cooking from my mother in law, to get myself used to communicate in Japanese, and to gain some knowledge on Japanese custom and habit. I feel like I have to learn all of these, before I move to Korea and have the "real life" with Hiro. Up to this time, I get used to have a freedom life; with me myself as the center. Always follow my heart and my ambition. Go where the wind blows my spirit. Now I want to learn that later on I could have more devotion to my husband and family. Just wish me luck, friends hehehe. I'll take this as a new challenge.

Again, life is a matter of hello and goodbye. I will say goodbye this time, to say hello again. Someday in near future (^__^).

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PitPit said...

well.. here's from me:
"Goodbye Mut! Wishing you the best of luck! And I hope we'll meet up again someday!" =D

Of course, kalo kata2 ini aku ucapkan secara live pasti gak akan sedatar ini. Cuman mau kasih comment blog kamu aja.. hehehe