Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin carving

Yesterday I had my first pumpkin carving ever here. It was sooooo much fun

Look at my first carved pumpkin ever (^__^)

AS cute as Iki haha!

Halloween for kids

Was celebrated yesterday because 31st of October is Saturday = no school. And mostly because there will be adult's big party tonight hahaha

Iki went to school in Teru Teru Bozu costume, little Japanese traditional handmade doll which is hang to wish for good weather. I fell in love with this little doll when my niece and nephew in Japan made and hung some by the window to pray for good weather for a trip to Fuji mountain the next day. Our family's halloween theme this year is Teru Teru Bozu. Because I am SCARED of ghost so I don't want to decorate or dress up in scary stuffs :p

All the kids wore costumes yesterday morning. They were all very cute or 'scary'.

And they had Halloween lunch together. I brought this salad and spent the whole morning carving the pumpkin and carrot hahaha

Late in the afternoon they went trick or treat. I walked with Iki meanwhile my maid stayed at home giving out treats. Some Indonesian kids also joined, they were all dressed up too.

And most of the kids cried at Bobby's house, the last house, because they got really scared.

At first Iki was not scared at all. He tried to scare the people there with his teru teru bozu costume. But then he realized that they were really scary so he backed off, and started to cry hahaha

This is what was left when I got back home. Teru Teru Bozu lollipop :p. My maid got her treat too then haha

Iki got a looooot of treats. Now his small refrigerator is so full I believe I won't need to buy him any treats for 6 months haha!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Formula or UHT

I couldn't go to the milk run this morning because Iki is still not feeling well. I just met the ladies to give the special milk for Abrar (the milk run patient from wasuponda). We give him milk recommended by hospital, mentioned as the best one that can help him gained his body weight. Which is a very expensive milk: Pediasure. I was very shocked when I bought it for the first time. It is 189,000 = about 20 USD for 1000 gr can! I didn't know that there's such an expensive milk in Indonesia! ==> I mean, who would buy it?!?!?!

I bought it anyway, because I thought it is a special milk for BABIES with malnutrition problem.

And this morning, having a small talk with the ladies who went to the milk run about how surprised they were that I gave the expensive milk for poor little Abrar. There I found out that Pediasure, that expensive milk, is for rich family (well, of course!!). One lady told me that her son spends 6 cans for 1 month! 20 USDx6 = 120 USD!! wow.....and I was so shocked because her son is like 6 or 7 years old!!

But they were also very shocked to know that I DO NOT give Iki-chan that expensive milk. They were even more shocked when I told them that my Iki drinks UHT milk. Which for them is an INSTANT MILK. Other lady said that a growing kid needs GOOD milk that can fulfillthe nutrition he needs. But for me, a growing kid needs GOOD BALANCED FOOD - with milk as an additional need.

This reminded me of what a doctor told us when we brought Iki to the ER one day. "UHT milk is an Instant milk. You should give your kid formula milk based on his age"

One lady said just before I left, "You should think of your kid's need. I believe you can afford it. I can't believe that you give Abrar Pediasure milk but you only give UHT milk for your son!"

Oh well...I sounded like a horribly stingy mother!!

My question is: is it necessary???? that expensive milk????

Iki drinks milk once a day, but I try to give him balanced food that could cover all the calorie he needs. He is an active and healthy kid, well, he is not feeling well now but he catches cold only for like twice a year. And he only drinks the cheap UHT milk.

Is it necessary for him to drink the expensive Pediasure which for me is suitable for malnutrition kids?

Or is it necessary for those rich 6-7 years old BOY to drink that expensive formula milk and spends like 120 USD per month?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa-chan!!

It was Hiro's birthday last Wednesday. He surely had an unforgettable morning since we were awoken by earthquakes, three in a row at 3:30 am - and he had his first birthday wishes from us right after the earthquake :p

I prepared Sekihan, traditional Japanese food for celebrating something, and apparently his family's traditional food for birthday too. I say "his family" here because ALL my Japanese friends are surprised to know that I have to cook Sekihan for birthday too!!!

Anyway this year's sekihan would be unforgettable for him too. I used Indonesian "beras ketan" instead of Japanese mochi rice. Where the hell could I find mochi rice here, right?! Better than nothing, I still have to celebrate papa-chan's birthday in Japanese way.

He could hardly eat it (>.<). Thanks God, Iki loved it. He has Indonesian blood hahaha

I didn't prepare any birthday dinner for him. Usually every Wednesday, the expatriate community in Sorowako has dinner together at the TAB. The food SUCKS, but it is an important time for socializing so people still come anyway. I sent message to Hiro that we're going to TAB that night too. He might be dissapointed. TAB dinner for his birthday.......?

Once he came back home, Iki sang happy birthday (again) and gave him his handmade present. A big basket of junks hahaha. Hiro looked dissapointed to find I didn't seem to make any cake or give him any present too. Feel sorry for him :p

Then we went to TAB. After Hiro finished his dinner, I gave sign to all my friends there. I took the cake I baked before from the bar (Thank you so much for bringing it to TAB and helping me preparing it, Mariko!!!). People stood up behind Hiro and started to sing Happy Birthday song.

There was my lovely husband. Surprised but gave me his biggest smile.

Happy Birthday, papa-chan. Boy, I really don't want to remember your age hahhahahaha

PS: Huge thanks to all my friends for this successful birthday surprise (^____^)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Iki's Japanese

Iki was the only Japanese boy a year ago when we moved here, in Sorowako. He is still an introvert, shy and sensitive boy, but he is doing alright. He spoke Japanese for 70%, English for 25% and Indonesian for 5% when the first time he went to school. Since he goes to the International school, English then has become his first language. And his Indonesian is increasing too because he lives in Indonesian neighborhood. He talks in Indonesian with my parents and family, maid, and the neighborhood kids. Even I can say that his English AND Indonesian are much better than Hiro's :p. He refused to speak Indonesian to me though. If Iki, my maid and I (for instance) have a conversation, I talk to him in Indonesian so that my maid could also understand what I say. Iki replies me in English, but the explains his answer in Indonesian to my maid!!

On the other hand, his Japanese ability was decreasing. Hiro is working long hours here. He goes to work at 6 o'clock in the morning and comes back at least at 8 o'clock at night, which is Iki's bed time. So if Iki is lucky, papa-chan can read him a story before he goes to bed. His day off is only Sunday and (supposed to be) 6 days holiday every 3 months -(but sometimes after 5 mths!!), so Iki doesn't have that much chance to spend time with his father, the only one he could talk Japanese with. He got difficulty in expressing himself in Japanese, and uses english grammar in Japanese sentences. He refused to learn Hiragana (Japanese characters) meanwhile he is excellent with alphabets. He starts to spell every word. Anytime, anywhere!, but showed no interest at all with hiragana or katakana. He even doesn't want to watch Japanese TV programme and anime.

But then about two months ago a Japanese family with two children moved in. They are bigger kids but play with Iki sometimes. Iki talks mostly with them in English at first, but then started to use easy Japanese. Eventhough I don't see much progress on his Japanese, it was a good start :)

Then last week a new Japanese family came in town. With three children, one of which is a 4 years old boy, goes to Iki's class. Iki likes playing with them and yesterday I heard surprising things from him.

"Mom, I want to play with Japanese children only. I'm a Japanese, remember??"

I was like "what?!"

Since then he watches Japanese TV and anime. Listens to Japanese songs in my car. Talks to me in Japanese whenever he's upset, and is interested on hiragana and katakana. The japanese things in his brain was locked in a box until two months ago, and now suddenly burst out of that box after this new family coming.

He plays as usual with his other friends (thanks God), and just switch language from one to another easily. Eventhough at times I felt down to see how introvert he is compared to other kids, now I realize that every kid is just different. He is what he is. He needs time, but he surely will be fine :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Monday, October 05, 2009


Last week I went to the market with my Japanese friend, Suzuko, and a guy from one veggies stall thought I was Suzuko's maid. He said,"Hey!! tell your boss that I have a very good pumpkin. She doesn't understand me!!".

Yes, he gave me order! :))

I was so speechless I just looked at him for few seconds. And he repeated again. 'Hey, tell your boss!!". At that moment I put back all the veggies I was about to buy from him while saying,"I'm not her maid!". He said sorry though.....but still..!!!!!! I am not buying anything from him anymore. ever! :))

I almost forgot it until this morning, when I went to the hospital with Lynley to visit Abrar, a sick boy from Wasuponda we brought to the hospital last week.

As usual, a foreigner attracts so much attention. So when we waited patiently at the cashier, lots of people stood around Lynley, watching her every movement :)). Poor Lynley felt so uncomfortable :p. Then a guy asked me (while the other people cheering him), "where does your boss live?".


When I translated that to Lynley she asked me to tell him that she is my maid instead :))

Oh well, now that my skin is SO tanned, I think even in my own country people would think that I'm a maid or Iki's babysitter. Or is it because I actually look like a maid? Muka babu kah?! The trauma from living in South Korea still goes on hahaha

From now on I won't leave the house before dressing up. And let's see what will they say. Hmmmmmm tapi jangan2 kalo kelihatan keren ntar malah dikira "ayam" :))

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Oh yeah...this would be still about me wanting to go for a shopping holiday (#_#)

Which I think won't work now. Regarding my previous post that I couldn't leave Iki in Sorowako or bring him on a short tiring trip, Hiro at last offered to go with us. Isn't it great?!?! What a lovely husband :D :D. But instead of Surabaya we planned to go to Kuala Lumpur so that Hiro can shop at the Duty Free too. Oh I was so excited and started to browse here and there for information.

It was when I thought that we would go on a 6 days trip (he has 6 days holiday every 3 months). But no :(, Hiro said that he is so busy that he could only take 4 days holiday. He would disturb the office work if he takes more than that (>o<). Oh No...!!!!! I almost forgot that for most Japanese, work is almost everything :))

I can't go then. I'll be so egoist pushing my busy husband going on a 4 days shopping getaway! First, at least 24 hours would be spent for the return trip Sorowako-Makassar. And then there would be no "calming down" time at all for the whole trip because we would only stay (and shop) for two nights in KL. Iki would be too tired. And by the time we got back to Sorowako, my husband and my son will be exhausted! Just because "I" wanted to go.

No, no, no....I can't let them do that.

Jangankan ke KL, Surabaya. Mau ke Makassar aja gak bisa, harus nunggu Hiro dapat libur. Kalo masih gak ada Iki sih aku gak masalah bolak balik naik bis sendirian. Sekarang kagak bisa. Iki mabuk daratnya parah banget, bapaknya juga gak rela anaknya dinaikin bis. Padahal bis eksekutif!! huh!! Sekarang baru sadar rasanya, kalo kita sekarang tinggal bener-bener di pedalaman. Sudah gak mengharapkan lagi dapat seat pesawat, lah emang gak pernah dapat lagi.

So, forget about going away now, Imoet!!!! just wait until January. I could manage living in Korea for two years, I should be able to wait for couple of months in Sorowako!

Friday, October 02, 2009


Called the bus, checked the flight schedule, but my son doesn't want me to go....
Can't possibly bring him on a bus too, he has car sick problem. And 4 nights trip (two of which are inside the bus) would be too much for him. So all the plan is ruined now, I can't have my short holiday :(

Oh well, he is still too small for this. Even though I feel like stressing out here, I just have to be patient. I guess I have to learn more about my role :(

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Emotional day

I spent the whole morning at the milk run, Sorowako Community Volunteer's program to give milk to underweight children in Sorowako and surroundings (in this case, Wasuponda and Wawondula). Last month we found out about this deaf boy named Abrar. He is 18 months old but weighed only 3.5 kgs!!! He surely is dying of malnutrition, so we wanted to bring him to Sorowako's hospital to get checked. But the father didn't allow the mother to bring the baby to the hospital, for no reason. We couldn't believe it. The boy was really thin and small and dying, and obviously needs help. How could a father just watch his only son dying? because he is deaf? because he has developmental problem? why...?!

I think then the nurse from Wasuponda local clinic (puskesmas) talked with them intensely until then the father agreed to let us bring the son to the hospital. So this morning he signed the paper, agreed clearly that his son will be brought to the hospital in Sorowako for treatment. He looked happy too when we told him that we will pay all the hospital bill. We stated clearly that we're just trying to help Abrar, eventhough everything is again back in God's hand.

So then we brought Abrar and his mom to the hospital. Poor Abrar....he only has bone and skin!!! I could barely feel any other thing in between. They put tube from his nose to his stomach to feed him, and he cried. It was like a little squeak only. It was really heartbreaking to see him suffering. I was actually trembling, and my mind was on my 3.5 years old FAT boy......

I felt better to see color on his lips an hour after they gave him liquid. I hope he would be fine....I do really really hope.

I couldn't let him out of my mind the whole day, and talked about him with Iki too. Too bad when I wanted to talk with Hiro on how I felt about him today he felt disturbed. He was too busy playing pinball on his computer :(

I am so emotional now. I know. I need a break. I think I will go to Surabaya tomorrow night. I planned to go last Wednesday (I wanted to go this week because Iki will start school again next week) actually but Hiro said that I was invited to his ex boss' farewell party tomorrow night. I wanted to respect that old man so I cancelled my plan. But tonight Hiro told me that he doesn't want me to go tomorrow, so....Surabaya, here I come!!!! ;-)

I will eat as much as possible there :))