Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa-chan!!

It was Hiro's birthday last Wednesday. He surely had an unforgettable morning since we were awoken by earthquakes, three in a row at 3:30 am - and he had his first birthday wishes from us right after the earthquake :p

I prepared Sekihan, traditional Japanese food for celebrating something, and apparently his family's traditional food for birthday too. I say "his family" here because ALL my Japanese friends are surprised to know that I have to cook Sekihan for birthday too!!!

Anyway this year's sekihan would be unforgettable for him too. I used Indonesian "beras ketan" instead of Japanese mochi rice. Where the hell could I find mochi rice here, right?! Better than nothing, I still have to celebrate papa-chan's birthday in Japanese way.

He could hardly eat it (>.<). Thanks God, Iki loved it. He has Indonesian blood hahaha

I didn't prepare any birthday dinner for him. Usually every Wednesday, the expatriate community in Sorowako has dinner together at the TAB. The food SUCKS, but it is an important time for socializing so people still come anyway. I sent message to Hiro that we're going to TAB that night too. He might be dissapointed. TAB dinner for his birthday.......?

Once he came back home, Iki sang happy birthday (again) and gave him his handmade present. A big basket of junks hahaha. Hiro looked dissapointed to find I didn't seem to make any cake or give him any present too. Feel sorry for him :p

Then we went to TAB. After Hiro finished his dinner, I gave sign to all my friends there. I took the cake I baked before from the bar (Thank you so much for bringing it to TAB and helping me preparing it, Mariko!!!). People stood up behind Hiro and started to sing Happy Birthday song.

There was my lovely husband. Surprised but gave me his biggest smile.

Happy Birthday, papa-chan. Boy, I really don't want to remember your age hahhahahaha

PS: Huge thanks to all my friends for this successful birthday surprise (^____^)


LadyinRed said...

Awww... How lovely...

Happy birthday Hiro!

Please note that your wife does much more effort than many wives out there do on their husbands' birthdays... Especially me, ask my husband he can't remember I did anything really special for him :p

imoet said...

woooohoooo baca tuh hiro!!
thanks intan :p, jadi tambah semangat nyiapin buat birthday2 selanjutnya

The Diva said...

Happy birthday Hiro!!!! You do have a special wife...!!! (I have only baked a cake ONCE in our 3-year relationship with Martin hahaha, and I don't cook either.)

all the best wishes throughout the year and enjoy a happy and successful life!!!

vini said...

hahaha...i am no diff from sheila. by the way imoet, i dont think you are SO tanned. its just perfect. just dont forget your bling2 when u get out of the house :)

benova said...

Happy Birthday Hiro...

I did nothing for my husband's birthday, even special foods!! hihihi.
No cake, no dinner hahahahaha.

imoet said...

diva: thank you!!!! iya tuh, gitu kemaren masih ngomel katanya aku jarang bikin dessert lagi sekarang. aih tambah tua tambah cerrewet haha

vini: really? hihi thanks. orang suka lihat penampilan deh, sebel banget. pokoknya sekarang kalo keluar rumah kudu necis haha

nova: wadohhh...aku iso dipecat nek ngono hahaha